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Azure cloud managed services Bronze Plan (security, networking, compute vm, databases, analytics, integrations) (pricing based on $20k annual cloud spend). Use this multiplier for higher cloud spends.


Why Vast Edge For Azure Cloud Migration?


To sync the on-premise and cloud infrastructure, Vast Edge extends the VMware environment in Azure through your pre-owned VMware tools. Your in-house team will require minimum training for being able to run native VMware environments at any scale with unified management.


Vast Edge ensures that the cloud infrastructure creates value for you by reducing the time and resources allocation on managing infrastructure. Our experts bring your web apps running .NET or PHP to Azure to ease out the migration process.


Our cloud experts ensure cost-cutting by designing a "pay-for-what-you-use" model with free extended security updates on your VMs in Azure Stack on-premise & cloud services.


Vast Edge migrates on-premises VMs based on Linux or Windows servers to take advantage of Azure and built-in security.


To ensure minimum downtime, Vast Edge encapsulates multiple database sources including SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL to Azure data platforms.


Vast Edge reduces your operating costs by a significant amount along with improving the QoS of software by migrating DevTest to Azure.

Azure & Oracle Cloud Interconnect Architecture

Oracle and Microsoft partnership enables customers to securely connect applications across the two cloud platforms. The direct connectivity across the clouds is secure (private), and fast (with low latency) providing customers with an optimized solution by seamlessly unifying the two cloud platforms.

  • Securely and quickly migrate applications across the two cloud platforms.
  • Federate users to seamlessly connect applications across azure and oracle cloud.
  • Build and deploy cloud applications that leverage hybrid cloud platform services such as .NET apps on Azure and autonomous database on Oracle.
  • Federate users to seamlessly connect to applications with unified SSO across azure and oracle cloud.
  • Enable High availability (outside 100 mile radius) with 10gbps connectivity across clouds.
  • Connect on prem applications to both Oracle and Azure clouds.
  • Leverage best of the breed platform and application products across both clouds.

Cassandra And MongoDB To Cosmos Migration

Cosmos DB guarantees high throughput and low latency while handling massive amounts of data on a global scale. Other benefit includes:

  • Transparent and seamless data replication.
  • Smooth integration with Azure infrastructure.
  • Elastic scalability for all writes and reads processes.
  • Transparent multi-tier replication to ensure 99.99% availability.
  • Offers five well-defined consistency modes like strong, bounded staleness, session, consistent prefix, and eventual.
  • Fully schema-agnostic database engine for schema-free management.
  • Certified wide array of compliance standards leveraging row-level authorization

Migrating Cassandra workload to Cosmos DB

Vast Edge helps businesses migrate heavy Cassandra workload to cosmos DB leveraging a secure and reliable network while ensuring zero downtime. Vast Edge integrates wire protocol level compatibility with pre-existing implements with no overhead required for managing and monitoring. Azure Cosmos DB offers a cost-effective method for VMs, bandwidth, and any applicable licenses eliminating the need for managing datacentre, servers, SSD, networking, and other costs.

  • Custom container throughput to leverage uniform logical partitioning while avoiding hot partitions.
  • Globally distributed service with minimum latency and improved user experience.
  • Automates managed service for minimizing the setup and operations cost and effort.
  • Enables SMBs to leverages limitless storage and on-demand scalability.
  • RUs for throughput at either the container or database level for enhanced performance.

Azure Cosmos DB deploys a Cassandra connector that helps in the live migration of massive workloads with zero application downtime. It further provides a seamless path to run Azure Cosmos DB. Vast Edge also integrates a replication agent to move data on the native Cassandra host and manage upload from Cassandra via a pipeline.

Blitzz Migration for Cassandra workload

Vast Edge deploys a Blitzz migration solution for hassle-free migration of Cassandra's workload to Cosmos DB by leveraging a zero-downtime migration plan. It further includes features like:

  • Offers high-volume and parallel database replication. Sync the source and target platforms during the migration using Change-Data-Capture (CDC).
  • Automates migration of business logic data like tables and indexes. Also enables viewing without creating indexes manually.
  • Fault-tolerant and guarantees exactly-once delivery of data even during a hardware or software failure in the system.
  • Secures the data during transit using security methodologies like TLS, encryption and so on.

MongoDB migration to Cosmos DB

Vast Edge assists enterprises in migrating their MongoDB workload to Cosmos DB to leverage higher throughput, turn-key global distribution, elastic scaling and unlimited storage. The multi-tier database model of Cosmos DB and distributed DB apps provide a better user experience on both source and target databases for SMBs.

  • Vast Edge custom-tailored MongoDB to Cosmos migration ensures scalability to virtually unlimited storage sizes .
  • Elastically scales Azure Cosmos DB while ensuring seamless performance as your application and data grows.
  • Multi-region replication associated with migration orchestrates consistency, availability, and top-notch performance.
  • Automatically index all the properties within documents in your MongoDB database for smoother migration.
  • Supports multiple local replicas to deliver 99.99% availability and data protection in case of local or regional failures.

Offline and Online Migration

Vast Edge provisions for a simplified data migration mechanism for Cosmos DB by orchestrating a fully managed hosting platform, migration monitoring options, and automatic throttling handling. Differences between offline and online migration for MongoDB workload are:

Online Migration Offline Migration
Any transaction that occurs during migration gets updated to the new DB. Stop connections to the database during migration so the new transaction doesn't get updated.
No transactions are lost. Transactions lost happen.
Migration has less downtime. Faster migration.
Downtime begins with migration start. Downtime begins only at the end of the migration.
Can run the migration at a time when activity is typically low. Can run copying of the live system to investigate whether the downtime is acceptable or not.

Azure SQL Server Migration

With the rapid expansion of businesses, it becomes hasty to manage on-premise databases. Enterprises, time and again, face performance and scalability issues with databases with increasing datasets to handle. Cloud-based SQL servers can handle all such limitations of on-premise architecture. Have a look at how unique Vast Edge's SQL Server Migration are


Vast Edge design an enterprise-specific SQL Server Management Studio to present all the analytics at a single dynamic window. Besides, our solution supports most of the basic functionality of Microsoft SQL Server.


Vast Edge allows you to quickly add or remove resources as per your business requirement. On top of that, our cloud experts integrate SQL servers with ODBC, PHP, and ADO.NET data access.


Leveraging the management ability of SQL, Vast Edge ease out the handling of the database, OS, and hardware while upholding the top-notch performance.

Azure Dynamics GP Migration

Azure's ERP offering i.e. Dynamic GP is one of its one-of-a-kind ERP platforms that allows decentralization of the system's architecture at will to ensure cost-cutting or uphold performance parameters. USPs of Vast Edge in Dynamic GP Migration are:

  • Vast Edge encapsulates a built-in redundancy in data centres to reduce the downtime to minimal for updates and maintenance.
  • Our cloud experts integrate the on-premise system with Dynamics GP Cloud environment for seamless user experience.
  • Vast Edge ensures high scalability by fast resizing of servers, storage capacity, and build-out of new environments.
  • Cloud specialists at Vast Edge are certified by Microsoft and are well equipped to uphold all the compliance and regulatory standards to ensure security and authentication.
  • Vast Edge also monitors the performance review so that your system is up 24*7 and updates your system as soon as any patch rolls out.

Azure Active Directory Migration

Azure Active Directory replicates identity information on servers to unify cloud solution that works on multiple devices and application platforms. The unique offerings by Vast Edge in AD Migration are:

Azure AD migration by Vast Edge combines managed domain services like group policy, lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP), and Kerberos authentication. It reduces the extra effort of managing a patch domain controller.

Our experts integrate your cloud systems with the existing Azure AD tenant so that your system remains optimized and eliminates the need to create fresh credentials.

Our AD Migration experts ensure an enterprise-scale, high-availability service for cloud authentication with 99.9% SLA. Additionally, we offer easy user access management for Microsoft Web Services & Non-Microsoft cloud-based applications.

Azure Express Migration Services By Vast Edge

Vast Edge offers a whole range of API gateways, pluggable application modules, and pre-build standalone SDKs to fast-pace your cloud migration journey. Our experts offer extended Azure Services powered by a hybrid deployment model for different enterprises that are developed uniquely to serve their needs. Our highlights of express migration are:

  • Secure and anonymous private connections with Azure data centre to uphold security.
  • Periodic data migration and replication for business continuity and serviceability.
  • High throughput without interrupting network performance.
  • Extended high-performance cloud storage for data storage and retrieval.
  • Virtual private cloud for reliable data backup and recovery hybrid.
  • Cloud experts at Vast Edge improve your operational efficiency by designing the problem-specific integrated system.
  • Systems deployed by Vast Edge are integrated with server less computing mechanism to operate Azure IaaS Services.

Manage Your Cloud Spend And Focus On What Matters

As you create, deploy, and manage Linux or Windows VMs in Azure, there are lots of ways to optimize costs.

Find out about the tools, offers, and guidance designed to help you manage and optimize your Azure costs. Learn how to understand and forecast your bill, optimize workload costs, and control your spending.

Here are some more ways to optimize your costs:

  • Save up to 80 percent when you combine Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances (RIs) with the Azure Hybrid Benefit.
  • Get discounts with prepaid Linux software plans.
  • Reduce costs by running VMs on Azure with the Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server.
  • Get three free years of extended security updates for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.
  • Use tools like Azure cost management and Azure Advisor to optimize your costs.
  • Estimate prices for Linux and Windows VMs with the Azure VM pricing calculator.
  • Take advantage of spot pricing with Azure Spot VMs.
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