MySQL Cloud Migration - AD, Apache, APEX, Oracle DB Integration

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MySQL Fully Managed Service - Enterprise 8.0 edition (2+4 vcores, 24gb, 200GB Block Nvme, load balancer, backups)


Millions of customers around the world leverage the open-source version of MySQL which works like a charm for wordpress, magento, and several other popular products in the market. Vast Edge makes your products and solutions utilizing MySQL database even better by offering fully managed enterprise class MySQL database with automatic upgrades, security patching, in-built analytics, replication, load balancers, security certificates, and free migration services (limited time availability).


MySQL enables enterprises to save time and money by instilling a cost-effective database solution while powering their websites, business-critical system,s and software.


MySQL database provisions for a unique DB architecture for greater efficiency and achieving business goals.

  • Deploys open-source GPU
  • Delivers a quick analysis
  • Store valuable data in-memory for speedy lookup
  • Analyse multi-billion-row datasets in milliseconds
  • Substantially faster than traditional CPU-based systems


MySQL supports updated and patched database cloud version that provides automatic instances with up-date functionality.

  • Top-notch stability
  • Automated maintenance
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Periodic performance reviews
  • A pre-upgradation notice period of 12-month


MySQL supports clustering in case of failover to enhance availability and easier management of data & apps.

  • Move server workload to balance machine utilization
  • The cluster of servers offers a planned maintenance
  • Management of databases without significant downtime
  • Automatically detect & recover from server & apps failure


MySQL offers top-notch disaster recovery and backup facilities including features like:

  • Partial Backup: For particular TableSpace.
  • Point in Time Recovery: Recover a specific transaction.
  • Incremental Backup: Backup only last updated data.
  • Fast Recovery: Get server back online and create replicated server.
  • HOT online Backup: Entire online backup without interrupting MySQL transactions.


MySQL offers you a cost-effective solution that helps deliver high-performance and scalable database application for your fast-growing web property, technology ISV or larger enterprise.

1. The cloud platform developed by Vast Edge deploys 2 virtual cores and 8 GB memory for all customers. A pay-as-you-use service leverages $100 for a month cut.

2. Vast Edge offers a fully managed cloud-native application which is 100% developed and supported by MySQL expertise.

3. MySQL provides a maximum flexible NVME hybrid block storage to create arbitrary, dynamic block volume data for customers.

4. MySQL Enterprise provides a high-performance and risk-free backup and recovery for customers' data.

5. 100 GB hybrid storage requires no extra charges other than the subscription fee.

6. Unlimited zero-copy snapshot volumes help build data in redundancy and scale-up.


Migrating MySQL to OCI offers a feature-rich database that provides support for virtually limitless size and full transaction support. It further provides support for high availability technology like advanced replication, data guard, and clustering with Oracle Apps Cluster technology. MySQL migration to Oracle provides a stable and solid implementation of core technology leveraging best-in-industry features and a full set of statistics including histograms and much more.

  • Offer full and free support with a bag full of tools for easy and scalable migration.
  • Oracle migration repository helps store metadata and transform in the migration process.
  • Reduce costs with hardware and software consolidation and improve reliability, scalability, and performance.
  • 100% automation helps reduce manual work.
  • Pricing depends on a pay-as-you-use model
  • Intelligent and maintainable code without the use of any middleware.
  • Integrates smoothly with Oracle technologies like GoldenGate, Data Integrator, Kubernetes, OAC, Audit Vault and so on.


Connecting OAC to your existing MySQL database can save you a lot of migration headaches and reduce costs. Here are some steps to connect to the MySQL database by simply downloading and configuring the drivers. This option is also more secure as you can take advantage of Java authentication and authorization to maintain role-based access to your sensitive data.

Install java on your MySQL server or a separate server that can connect to the MySQL server.

Install JDBC drivers for MySQL.

Configure the JDBC settings to connect to MySQL server.

Download OAC desktop client and configure the connection pool setting to add the web address as a data source.

Open the firewall on oracle cloud to talk to OAC.

Test the OAC connection by creating a DV model using this MySQL/JDBC data source.


AWS database migration service helps you migrate your MySQL database quickly and securely while minimizing downtime of the database-based apps. MySQL migration on AWS backed by Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, and AWS Data Lake, replicates enterprises' database with high availability and consolidates it into a petascale data warehouse.

  • Minimal downtime.
  • Easy and simple migration process.
  • Support a wide range of databases.
  • Cost-effective migration solution.
  • Provide automatic restart of the process while interruptions occur.

With Amazon RDS, AWS offers MySQL replication capabilities to simplify the process of migrating data to Amazon RDS by running MySQL. The flexibility of RDS helps manage scaling, backups, restores, patches, and availability and launch a relational database instance in minutes.

Migrating MySQL database to Aurora orchestrates an incredible scale-out and enterprise-grade performance while reducing data loss and maintain a very low replication lag. Data in the cluster volume is represented as a single, logical volume to write and read replicas within the Aurora DB cluster. Amazon Aurora configuration with MySQL ensures cost-effectiveness and faster recovery leveraging enhanced recovery time of databases.


Google Cloud offers Cloud SQL for migrating MySQL that enables enterprises to launch databases on the cloud, similar to on-premise, with minimum change and establish an easy connection with previous tools. MySQL offers cost-saving by reducing the maintenance effort and orchestrates virtually non-existent performance lag in managed databases. Google Cloud functionality and MySQL integration provide support for any third-party and cloud SQL partner tools that help deliver a planned database migration.

  • Data export helps to keep backup to secure database for future use
  • Extreme scalability and secure system that reduces transaction delays and network problems
  • Offers a complete collection of performance benchmarks to visualize the expected behaviour and current performance metrics
  • Provisions a rooted password and account that helps privilege MySQL commands and tasks
  • Provides access for IPv4 address that helps enhance replica promotion and automates migration workflow
  • Provides a run book to verify every step, gain confidence in implementations, and predict the time required for the migration


Microsoft Azure deploys an SSMA comprehensive environment for MySQL migration that allows a quicker migration and review of database objects. It offers an easy-to-manage database that automates the management and maintenance of your infrastructure and database server including routine updates, backup, and security. Azure Database for MySQL is easy to set up, operate, and scale up or down. Microsoft Azure offers customer assurance over database security and compliance by providing Azure Advanced Threat Protection. Data gets automatic encryption over it at rest or in motion and VNs create control data isolation for enhancing security.

  • Improve your query speed with AI-powered database monitoring and optimization.
  • Offers a pay-as-you-use service for scaling your compute, storage and independently.
  • Azure App Integration service offers a seamless deployment of popular web applications like Magento, Shopify, Moodle, Alfresco, Drupal, and WordPress.
  • Delivers highly available database with an SLA of 99.99% to ensure apps' efficiency.
  • MS Azure integration ensures top-level compliance like HIPAA, PCI DSS, FedRAMP and ISO.
  • Intelligence performance recommendations make tuning easy with custom analysis and suggestions.


MySQL integration with Apache enables you to use transaction logs for storing all changes to a database while adding operations like insertion, updating, deletion, and so on. CDC tools enable streamlining in-between MySQL and Apache for database changes in real-time.

  • Low impacted
  • Low latency
  • Great data fidelity
  • Extremely fast and durable
  • Minimum response time
  • Effective database capturing


MySQL-WordPress integration sorts out and stores all the imperative information from your website. WordPress utilizes the PHP programming dialect to store and recover information from the MySQL database.

  • Record ways while taking care of serialized information.
  • Relocates your database by running find and supplant on URLs.
  • WordPress profitability apparatus allows effective utilization of sites.
  • Extremely secure with advanced site safety efforts to standardize the process.
  • Backup full reinforcement to effectively copy, clone, or move any WordPress site.


MySQL-Spring Boot integration helps simplify data access from relational and NoSQL databases and enables companies to meet the online transactional processing needs of business applications.

  • In-built cloud-native applications.
  • Zero data loss across failures.
  • Easy-building and deploying java scripts.
  • Moves away from traditional monolithic design.
  • Improve developer productivity.
  • Meet the elastic scale and portability needs or businesses.
  • Integrated MySQL DB deploys consistency, durability, & resilience.


Integrating Active Directory with MySQL database, helps enterprises to create single sign-on with the same username and password that they already have. The pre-built authentication provisions for MySQL DBA to be more productive and more secure by leveraging live principles and processes.

  • Easy-to-use database deploys in-second access to information and leverages enterprise-level security.
  • An easy enforce deploys the least privilege with role-based access control and MFA to access MySQL database.
  • AD-integrated database delivers quick responses by logging every query without the need to manage individual logs for each database.
  • AD-MySQL integration provides simple, secure provisioning and optimization to reduce developer complications for managing user database.
  • Delivers more automation, more control through UI or command line over who has access to what and an audit trail of every query.
  • Delivers single centralized permission to streamline your web apps, database, windows or Unix/Linux servers and Kubernetes clusters.
  • It helps connect user audit logs to the world of industry leads including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Elastic-Cache, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, and DynamoDB.

Oracle DB to MySQL migration

MySQL and Oracle Database are complementary databases and are well-equipped for different scenarios. Vast Edge uses SQL Developer which is a fully compatible platform with both of the technologies and provides tools and utilities for hassle-free migration. Vast Edge configures top-notch benefits into enterprises architecture including:

* Reduce Costs
* Hardware and Software Consolidation
* Improve Reliability, Scalability, and Performance
* Migrations Repository for metadata storage

To configure the third-party database connection, you first need to download the JDBC driver. Other important steps are

Capturing Source Database

This step is used to capture a snapshot of the current state of your database and provides a "point in time" view of your database. Afterwards, the Migration wizard works on the meta-data stored in a repository for capturing live databases.

Convert Captured Model to Oracle

In this step, the captured model of the database is mapped to an Oracle-specific model. It contains data types, naming schemes etc. defined by your database vendor. Once the migration has completed, you can return the Captured Database Objects node and rerun the wizard from this point.

Translate Third Party SQL Objects to Oracle

Here, the T-SQL objects including constraints, functions, procedures, triggers, and views are translated to Oracle SQL objects. Afterward, you can return the Converted Database Objects node to translate objects again.

Generating Scripts to Create Target Database

In this step, the SQL scripts for the creation of the new Oracle Database schema(s) are generated and scripts are run.

Move Data from Third Party Database to Oracle

This is the last step of the Migration Wizard. Here, the data is copied from the third-party database to the new tables in the Oracle database. The running of script and coping occurred using the same connection.

MySQL Visual Studio Cloud Integration

Vast Edge orchestrates a powerful Visual Studio plugin designed to simplify MySQL database development and enhance data management capabilities. We further provide an easier way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements and queries, and manipulate data in different ways.

Integration with Visual Studio

Vast Edge tightly integrates MySQL Visual Studio with cloud architecture to effectively manage it through IDE using the Devart add-in.

MySQL Routine Debugger

Vast Edge automates debugging by providing step-by-step code execution and a variables evaluation mechanism.

Intelligent SQL Coding

Vast Edge extends capabilities for code formatting and leverage code snippets to write compelling codes. The add-in configured by Vast Edge provisions for quicker code navigation and syntax check.

MySQL Query Profiler

Our cloud experts optimize multi-second queries by detecting problems and bottlenecks in them.

Visual Query Builder

MySQL experts at Vast Edge build complex queries so that you can manage and handle your systems easily. Our solution further automates table working procedures.

Oracle APEX to MySQL DB Integration (Using DB link)

For integrating APEX to MySQL DB, you need to download MySQL ODBC driver. It works like a charm as long as there is no network bottleneck. Here is a stepwise description of how to add APEX to MySQL DB:

Add a new file:

Update your Listener.ora

Update your TNSNAMES.ora and restart your Listener:
Create a database link inside your database:
create database link MYSQL_DB
connect to "test_db" identified by "test_db"
using 'MYSQL_DB';

Step 5 : SQL> select * from test_table@MYSQL_DB;

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