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SAS Analytics helps you explore your business datasets in a visually appealing format. With SAS Analytics, businesses can easily enhance their Data Science, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence applications. SAS offers a multipurpose platform that enables in-memory support for delivering quick and accurate results and serves organizational structures like data scientists, business analysts, executives and developers.

Why Vast Edge for SAS Analytics

Vast Edge offers the dazzling opportunities of modernized analytics that help you enrich your potential for business analytics and data transformation. In addition, we help extend a wide scope to transform your data into informative insights and explore more possibilities for discovering new business opportunities.

Develop Analytics vision and set target analytics maturity levels for company core processes

We provide an analytics maturity model that allows your organization to have its methods and processes assessed according to management best practices against a clear set of external benchmarks.

Better Business strategy

We offer business strategy by breaking it into pieces and focusing the analytics strategy on the areas that really matter for business success.

Develop Business Ideas with Analytics

Developing business ideas with us help create a set of concrete initiative and reach your strategic ambition.

A Blueprint of resulting Target Architecture

We provide a robust analytical architecture realizing the business outcomes set forth in the roadmap and assess the required changes for data, applications/tools and technical architecture and lay a corresponding transition plan.

SAS Analytics Pro Toolsets

Web-Based Application Development Environment

SAS provides an interactive application development environment that rapidly develops and deploys a portable and customized application and graphical user interfaces with a visual frame-based approach.

Cross-Platform Support For Scalable And High Performance

SAS handles customer data to adjust or scale hardware or application to accommodate increased demand. It helps reduce time-to-solution for critical tasks and leverages high scalability and performance.

Integrate Data And Meet Compliance

SAS software integrates into virtually any computing environment to unify your computing efforts and get a single view of data, and produce repeatable codes for easy document and verification for compliance.

Prebuilt Library Of Ready-To-Use Programs

SAS libraries allow users to safely store things like data sets and user-defined formats. Easy access to data files in case of assigning work with it.

Data Analysis, Transformation And Reporting

SAS enables its customers to transform data into intelligence, seek immediate value from data, make more intelligent decisions and drive all relevant changes.

Easy To Create Graphics For Pattern Visualization And Delivery

SAS analytical procedures automatically generate graphics along with tabular output.

SAS Viya Migration

SAS Viya is an open-source, cloud-enabled platform that interprets data and deduces actionable insights aiding businesses to appraise the latest trends or curb quandaries with expeditious, precise, consistent, and repeatable results. Vast Edge is a certified partner of SAS and has been one of the most successful managed service providers when it comes to configuring SAS products in the customer's system.

Precise & Authentic Results

With SAS Viya at disposal, Vast Edge validates your datasets to ascertain precision for developing models and algorithms to aid your business in getting actionable insights. Our SAS experts ensure that your business harness all its benefits with access to quality data, advanced analytics, and popular machine-learning methods.

Data Mining And Machine Learning

Vast Edge infuses a data-driven insight into their investigations and analysis that results in quicker and deep access to the potent analytics platform. Leveraging the features of SAS Viya, we instill a cordial interface into your system to expedite model building and code generation for analytical data preparation, dimension minimization, exploratory analysis, and modeling & tuning.

Business Analytics

We configure SAS Viya in a way that lets you use analytics via an interactive and visual interface to develop insights and understanding of business performance predicated on data and statistical methods.

Environment Manager

This SAS Viya utility package helps the stakeholders to customize individual and group permissions to a granular level. Administrators can define advanced system settings by drilling deep into access-level categories.

Detection And Investigation

SAS Viya offers to streamline the investigation process and fight fraud or amend customer segmentation. Leveraging this, our SAS specialists configure support for features like search, query, and visualization of data regardless of format, size, and location in your system.

Speedy Insights

The performance of any analytical platform is dependent on how fast it presents the insights. Vast Edge ensures that SAS Viya's deployment in your system presents insights in real-time to curb delays in vital business decisions.

Centrally-Managed Hub

With the data localization feature of SAS Viya, Vast Edge provides a centralized base for BI stem that manages data optimization, text analytics, forecasting, data visualization, and reporting.


SAS Enterprise Miner develops and deploys a powerful model that delivers better decision-making and valuable insights in the data mining process using descriptive and predictive mapping. Automating real-time self-documenting process flow diagram environment embeds scoring code into business or SAS-specific applications, or directly in relational database systems.

  • Analytics results are displayed in easy-to-understand charts that provide the insights needed for better decision making.
  • Easily compare predictions and assessment statistics from models built with different approaches by displaying them side by side.
  • Analytics software helps analyse complex data, discover patterns and build models to easily detect fraud, anticipate resource demands and minimize customer attrition.
  • Scoring code is automatically generated for all stages of model development, which eliminates potentially costly errors stemming from manually rewriting and converting code.


SAS Analytics enables mobile and web applications for easy-to-use BI capabilities and real-time analytics to deliver better decision-making, monitoring, governance and scalability to all relevant data. In addition, features improve key processes and data, as well as identify and monitor trends in corporate, and competitor market performance and improve quality of data.


Statistical results and analysis of SAS equip organizations to monitor and produce powerful analytics and comprehensive reports. With a service experience of four decades, SAS enables its customers to gain deep business learning through its promising list of analytics products and services for:

>> Embedded Analytics.

>> Customer Intelligence.

>> System Data Management.

>> Strategic Business Planning.

>> Data-Driven Marketing Analytics.

>> Data Science and Big Data Processing.

>> Fraud Risk and Security Management.


It helps companies improve their business intelligence and data management services, by streamlining their different business processes with automated application packages. It further defines all skill levels to conduct fast, thorough explorations of all data to forecast the future.

>> Enables IT and business users to explore and analyze data on their own.

>> Spread the word with visual insights, and expand the reach of information you push out.

>> Accessing more data and analytics, Interactive commenting and annotations lets you centralize your conversations.

>> Drives faster adoption by surfacing results and key insights in Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook and Excel.


It leads you to the global analytics domain in offering modernized, advanced analytics products worldwide. SAS analytics tools help enterprises of every size enhance their data analytics capabilities over the latest technology advancements and best predictive analysis approach.

>> Easy to understand & visually compelling.

>> Delivers blazingly faster insight by exploring relevant data.

>> Integrating ad hoc query and reporting with enterprise-grade analytics meets customer needs.

>> Web-based dashboards and mobile graphics deliver better business performance over PP presentations and eye-catching visuals.

>> Quickly and easily identify outliers, spot correlations, recognize trends, forecast future outcomes and find opportunities that drive competitive advantage.

SAS Software

SAS software enables you to process a huge amount of data into feasible small bits which ultimately supports conclusive decision-making for organizations. As mentioned, SAS software was used, traditionally, in the agro sector for statistical measurements and applications. However, looking at the results that have been projected by it over the years, it is now used extensively in sectors like education, retail, finance, and media.

SAS Software package tailored solution by Vast Edge:

Vast Edge incorporates Multivariate Analysis into systems to further deepen the detection and analysis of different statistical variables of a result.

>> Interactive reporting for actionable insights with SAS Visual Analytics.

>> Centralized storage and management of metadata from multiple sources.

>> Unlimited user licenses and no server core limitation; RYF is $11000.

Our experts insinuate Predictive Analysis by encapsulating available data for future prediction.

>> Data Integration Across SAS and Non-SAS Customer Channels.

>> Formulate Brand Touchpoints Based on Behavioural Interaction.

>> Customizable UI for Effective Digital Asset Management.

Through the effective use of the Clinical Research & Forecasting feature of SAS, Vast Edge helps healthcare firms monitor patient's risks and chances of improvement.

>> Data access and centralized metadata management.

>>Supervised storytelling integrated with the SAS Enterprise Guide.

>> Application Integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Outlook.

Vast Edge integrates Business Intelligence into businesses through technologies and strategies for data analysis.

>> Complete and Unified View of Multiple Customer Profile.

>>Built-in Dynamic Data Collection & Contextualization Technology.

>>Predictive Modelling Support for Advanced Optimization Routines.

By utilizing the risk monitoring feature SAS, our specialists help in safeguarding the quality of check-up that ultimately leads to Safe drug creation by healthcare facilities.

>> Access SAS from your Microsoft Office applications.

>> SAS Office Analytics unlimited users license with an annual renewal cost of $5900.


SAS Office enables companies to build, share and collaborate interactive content to gain new data perspectives through a dedicated communication framework. Midsize businesses get the benefits of running on a Microsoft Office environment and providing SAS Analytics services to the users. With SAS Office Analytics SMB users can employ SAS for streamlining data access management and complex analytics without requiring IT support or analytical expertise.

  • Intuitive point-and-click interfaces to realize the visual power of SAS.
  • Quick and allocation of best available resources using SAS Grid Manager.
  • Bypass limitations of Microsoft Office and SharePoint integration for data visualization.
  • Bypass limitations of Microsoft Office and SharePoint integration for data visualization.
  • Achieve greater productivity with minimal IT support.
  • Inbuilt SAS multivendor architecture to support OLE DB and MDX standards.
  • Enhanced programmer productivity for .NET-based native Windows application.
  • Publish and distribute Microsoft Office documents with embedded SAS Analytics.

Vast Edge offers high technology and powerful BI capabilities to companies for easy access to SAS applications in a cross-platform environment and supports better decision-making in different scenarios. Vast Edge SAS implements and tools offer a competitive lead to business players in the market related to various specialization fields.

SAS Office Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics enables the organization to collaborate with data and perform smart data exploration by means of its interactive reporting features along with self-service analytics.
An In-built ready-to-use backbone framework enables self-service analytics to motivate actionable analytics. The highly governed and scalable analytics software automatically highlights the key relationships, clusters, outliers, and trends, easing the approach for critical insights into business happenings within an organization.
SAS Visual Analytics outperforms other available analytics software products in the market by virtue of its robust design and visualization techniques, analytics savvy users able to spot trends and derive deep intelligence quickly and easily.


  • Custom calculations and progressive filters.
  • Interactive dashboard for direct access to reports, visualization and data sources.
  • Extremely easy-to-use exploration interface and drag-and-drop analytics capabilities.
  • Robust forecasting algorithm for quick scenario analysis.
  • Deployment flexibility for on-premise, Cloud, and SaaS web services.
  • Collaboration and storytelling through integration with Microsoft Office and SharePoint.

Vast Edge offers consulting and deployment services for SAS Analytics solutions that are embedded with SAS LASR Analytic Server and support integration of SAS Analytics Add-In with Microsoft Office applications.


We deliver excellence in advanced analytics with our exclusive range of SAS solutions that extend a wide scope to transform your data into informative insights. Explore more possibilities of discovering new business opportunities with SAS predictive modeling techniques for advanced business analytics.

SAS Customer Intelligence 360

>> Complete and Unified View of Multiple Customer Profile.

>> Built-in Dynamic Data Collection & Contextualization Technology.

>> Predictive Modelling Support for Advanced Optimization Routines.

>> Data Integration Across SAS and Non-SAS Customer Channels.

>> Formulate Brand Touchpoints Based on Behavioural Interaction.

>> Customizable UI for Effective Digital Asset Management.

SAS Installation Support Services

>> Server Virtualization & Deployment.

>> Install and Configure SAS products using SAS Deployment Wizard.

>> Cross-Platform Utility Installation on Windows, Unix/Linux.

>> Up to Four Server Deployment with Extensible Premium Installation.

SAS Office Analytics and SAS Data Analytics

>> Supervised storytelling integrated with SAS Enterprise Guide.

>> Easy data access and centralized metadata management.

>> Application Integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Outlook.

>> Interactive reporting for actionable insights with SAS Visual Analytics.

>> Centralized storage and management of metadata from multiple sources.

>> Unlimited user licenses and no server core limitation. RYF is $11000.

>> SAS Office Analytics unlimited users license with an annual renewal cost of $5900.

>> Access SAS from your Microsoft Office applications.

SAS Visual Statistics

>> Dynamic group-by processing.

>> In-memory analytical processing.

>> Model comparison and assessment.

>> Predictive and descriptive model scoring.

>> Scalable and accurate real-time statistical reporting.

>> Interactive data exploration and modeling environment.

SAS Capabilities

>> A single coding base deploys multi-language access.

>> Public REST APIs integrate SAS analytics with existing applications.

>> In memory analytical processing leveraging extreme elastic scalability.

>> Inclusive environment to perform the tasks associated with the entire analytical life cycle.

>> An open, standardized analytics coding environment delivers data manipulation, analytical reporting, and advanced analytics.

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