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The pace of transformation within the global financial industry is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Financial institutions are grappling with a myriad of challenges, making it increasingly arduous to remain competitive in the market. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, where time and resources are invaluable, managing the surge in regulatory demands alongside the expanding expectations of consumers has become a pivotal characteristic for corporations. The onslaught of industry challenges is compelling financial institutions to adopt advanced technology solutions to curtail operational costs and bolster revenues.

Our Offerings at Vast Edge

We've maintained a leading role in catering to the evolving needs of the financial industry by employing cutting-edge IT technologies, including CRM, Unified Communications, Hybrid Cloud, Big Data, Cybersecurity, and Open Source. With a team of industry specialists and extensive proficiency in financial technology, Vast Edge delivers a comprehensive array of IT solutions and services to global financial institutions. We empower financial service providers to expedite innovations within their ecosystems, thereby achieving sustainable competitive advantages.

Citrix Financial Services

Citrix stands as the trusted solution partner for 100% of the world's largest banks, all of Forbes' highest-rated financial services companies, and the top 10 banks based on S&P Capital Ratios. Countless financial institutions globally rely on Citrix technology solutions for banking and financial services IT, enabling them to drive efficiencies and foster innovation to retain a leading position in the market competition. Citrix's banking technology solutions empower IT leaders in financial services to centralize and streamline IT operations and infrastructure, thereby reducing overheads and attaining the efficiency necessary to invest in revenue-driving initiatives and enhance customer experiences.

NetSuite Financial Management

NetSuite's financial management solution is employed by thousands of organizations to manage their accounting needs. This software expedites financial closure, offers robust expense management, streamlines and audits revenue management, and ensures real-time visibility into the financial performance of the business. NetSuite's financial management seamlessly integrates with all NetSuite order management, inventory, CRM, and ecommerce functions, streamlining crucial business processes like quote-to-cash, allowing everyone to operate from a unified source of finance, sales, and customer data.

Juniper Financial Services

The diverse entities constituting the financial services industry—banks, exchanges, insurance, and capital markets—share common IT challenges and objectives. These companies are universally seeking growth and profitability through open, adaptable data centres that accelerate applications and facilitate new business opportunities. Streamlining and consolidating the data centre can aid your financial business in reducing operational expenditures. Additionally, automation helps contain costs while enhancing responsiveness and efficiency. Juniper Networks provides solutions for the most challenging issues faced by your company, offering a highly scalable and advanced suite of routing, switching, and security solutions and services.

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