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Vast Edge provides an all-encompassing solution that covers data backup, user interfaces, data governance, and the holistic management of ERP systems, with the primary goal of guaranteeing the seamless functioning of ERP systems. These services hold significant value, especially for companies heavily dependent on ERP systems to oversee their operations, given that ERP systems play a pivotal role in managing business processes, storing data, and facilitating informed decision-making.

Features of Vast Edge's ERP caretaker Instance

  • Vast Edge provides a solution for backing up data from ERP systems. Regular backups help protect against data loss due to various reasons, such as hardware failures, human errors, or cyber threats.
  • Vast Edge provides intuitive user interfaces or screens that enable employees to engage with the ERP system, offering a user-friendly and easily accessible means for users to input and access data within the ERP system.
  • Within Vast Edge's solution, there are integrated tools and processes that are designed to guarantee the quality of data and maintain its appropriate organization within the ERP system. These encompass services like data validation, data cleansing, and data integration.
  • Vast Edge provides the capability to restore data back into the ERP system from ERP caretaker instance, ensuring data recovery and continuity.
  • Vast Edge offers the ability to download and manage files from the ERP system, enabling effective file management and control.
  • This solution provides the capability for seamless integration with other systems, allowing for smooth and efficient data exchange and communication between various systems.

Why Vast Edge's Solution


Security plays a pivotal role in ERP software, given its involvement with sensitive data. Vast Edge employs multiple methods, including role-based access control, multi-factor authentication (MFA), security integrations, keeping software updated with the latest security patches, adhering to regulatory compliance, and implementing data backup strategies.

Role Based Acess

RBAM, or Role-Based Access Management, regulates access to resources, data, and functionalities. Access is determined based on the roles assigned to individuals in the system. This ensures that they can only interact with resources and data that are relevant to their job functions and responsibilities.

File Cabinet

The introduction of the File Cabinet feature allows users to view and download all files from the ERP system. Security is upheld through role-based access, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access and retrieve these files.

Dynamic Reporting and Analytics

Our solution is equipped with the capability to dynamically generate reports. Users can create datasets through the user interface, and reports can be generated based on specific requirements using a user-friendly drag and drop feature.


Our system has the ability to handle growing amount of data, users, and traffic while maintaining performance and efficiency. It utilizes load balancing techniques to evenly distribute user requests across multiple servers, preventing overload on a single server

SSO Integration

Our solution offers the capability to log in using Single Sign-On (SSO), simplifying the login process and improving security and user convenience. SSO is facilitated through Google and Microsoft accounts.

Cloud Hosting

Our solution is hosted on multiple cloud platforms, including GCP, Azure, Oracle, and AWS. Our deployment process incorporates automated pipelines, with the goal of enhancing and expediting the deployment.


Our solution includes a feature for automatic incremental data backup from ERP systems, designed to prevent delays and data inconsistencies.

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