A Comprehensive cloud-based Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Software

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Vast Edge's ODR software offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing and resolving disputes online. It combines efficient technology with a user-centric approach and provides support for both parties involved in the dispute. Additionally, it allows for court oversight and ensures the security of sensitive data.

  • Constant 24*7 real-time customer service support for online mediation, assisted negotiation, evaluation, or any related query (Auto or manual-based configuration).
  • Vast Edge's ODR addresses various types of conflicts, including consumer disputes, e-commerce disagreements, family disputes, workplace issues, landlord-tenant disputes, and more.
  • Hybrid approach provides the benefits of both human involvement and automation, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness in managing various types of disputes.
  • Vast Edge's ODR offers the option of engaging in remote discussions through chat and video conferences with either a human mediator or an AI-powered system.
  • ODR allows customers to submit a claim at no cost and receive tailored expert advice to address their specific needs.
  • Courts have complete oversight, enabling them to monitor the system closely and step in at any point to assume control if necessary.
  • Sharing of dispute data is done securely, limiting access to only the involved parties and designated experts, ensuring confidentiality and data security.

Enhanced Access to Legal Solutions Through Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Disputes, disagreements, and conflicts are on the rise, becoming an inevitable aspect of interactions in trade and business relationships, whether involving individuals, organizations, or business partners. These disputes stem not only from online interactions but also from in-person and face-to-face communication.

Leveraging technology for dispute resolution empowers customers to address issues conveniently, anytime and anywhere, all while being cost-effective. Online dispute resolution (ODR) enables organizations to efficiently manage and resolve large volumes of disputes, all while offering a streamlined legal process to both parties involved.


Intuitive Online Process:

Our Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) software incorporates technological innovations that facilitate various functions, including recording court hearings, conducting video conferences, handling emails and chats, storing reference documents, and enabling e-signatures for electronic consent, among other capabilities.

Secured Content Sharing

Vast Edge restricts access to registered legal firms and involved parties, granting them the ability to log in and review their case history at any time. We guarantee the secure availability of dispute data, with limited sharing access to relevant parties and experts exclusively.

Get An Arbitrator

We assist you in locating seasoned mediators, adjudicators, and arbitrators to address your disputes, and we facilitate the scheduling of meetings with leading advocates, attorneys, and mediators.

Simple-To-Use Screens

Our ODR software features a user-friendly interface that offers regular alerts and notifications for updates. It also simplifies the process of requesting and adding information related to your case.

Cloud Hosting

Vast Edge ODR is hosted on multiple cloud platforms, including OCI, GCP, AWS, and Azure. Our deployment process incorporates automated pipelines, with the goal of enhancing and expediting the deployment of applications.


Vast Edge's Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) solution leverages AI technology to automatically create follow-up reminders and integrate a range of other AI-driven features.

Initiative Towards Establishing Safer Communities

Vast Edge serves as a bridge between public safety and criminal justice departments, as well as various jurisdictions, connecting data and processes. Vast Edge has developed an all-encompassing cloud-based online dispute resolution software solution for efficient dispute management, employing well-established tools and technology.

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