Oracle Cloud Migration : Azure, EBS, SAP, AWS, GCP, Fusion

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Oracle cloud managed services Bronze Plan (security, networking, compute vm, databases, analytics, integrations) (pricing based on $20k annual cloud spend). Use this multiplier for higher cloud spends.


Did you know that 41% of enterprise system workloads are already operating from the Cloud? In these times of uncertainty due to coronavirus outbreak, businesses are rapidly migrating their on-premise systems to the cloud. Vast Edge is one of the top Oracle Cloud Partner certified to migrate on-prem workloads to OCI by optimizing your cloud account to reduce cost up to 70% without compromising with the performance. When it comes to Cloud Technology, Oracle is one of the prominent cloud services platform that offers a high-performance compute capability, storage iops, virtual network with secure on-premises accessibility, modern data analytics and the best database on the planet.

Why Migrate to Oracle Cloud?

Simple & Efficient

Oracle offers automated tools for seamless migration of your on-premises database to the cloud with almost zero downtime. Similar to on-premise architecture, Oracle Cloud offers products and skills to manage your databases on the cloud.


Oracle Cloud migration let you integrate databases from various source into different cloud deployments depending on your business requisites. Oracle further provides a wide set of tools adding flexibility of choosing the best method of migration specific to your needs.

Cost Effective

Oracle's flexible solution further allows you to find the most cost effective migration strategy for reducing the overall cost of the project. Although a number of automated tools are used in determining the Oracle licensable product, a cost neutral solution is suggested for reducing your spending.

Highly Available & Scalable

Oracle offers migration strategies like Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) & Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) for tight integration of all migration tools with the Oracle Database. It allows you to control and gain better efficiency when moving your databases to the Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Database

Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW): Oracle offers ADW designed to deliver industry-leading database technology with unmatched flexibility, enterprise-scale and simplicity. Oracle's data warehouse cloud solution combines a fully integrated cloud, the industry's best database, a comprehensive cloud platform and the power of choice to provide a right path to the cloud. Its features include:

  • Analytics solution for loading and analyzing data.
  • High security and reliability in the cloud.
  • Data migration with cost-saving up to 50%.
  • Higher database availability and 100% compatibility.
  • Next-generation database based on applied machine learning.
  • Eliminates human error and delivers unprecedented performance.
  • Quick extraction of data insights for real time-critical decision making.

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing: It is an Oracle's technology tailored primarily for complex Transaction Processing workloads that include operational reporting and/or batch data processing.
Mixed workloads running in a single database eliminates the need and wait-time associated with the movement of data into a separate reporting or analytics system. It further supports IoT and machine learning along with automating the database management, makes application development much simpler.

Bare Metal Database Cloud Service: Oracle offers Database Cloud Service running on a bare-metal server that features:

  • Remove 'noisy neighbour's and provided predictable high-performance.
  • No virtualization overhead and local NMVe disks to provide the best performance and storage latency.
  • Controlled fast and elastic provisioning.
  • IPSEC VPN and L3 network control for easy integration with your public or private cloud.
  • Governance designed for enterprises and complex organizations.
  • Resource isolation and multi-layered security ensure data integrity while data is on-line, off-line or in transit.

Two server's shapes available

High IO Dense IO
1x x86 server 1x x86 server
2-36 cores 2-36 cores
512 GB memory 512 GB memory
4 x 3.2 TB NVMe storage for
4 x 3.2 TB NVMe storage for
Single-instance DB Single-instance DB

Oracle Database Cloud services on Virtual Machine: Oracle offers Database services running on VM that innovate on-demand and pay-as-you-go database services dedicating hardware and local NVMe storage. It provides proven scalability and availability and dedicated database instances including the multitenant option for managing pluggable databases.

  • Security needs with Auto TDE and encryption at rest.
  • Deploy into a secure and private virtual cloud network that has no access to the internet unless you enable it.
  • Secure access to the database with setup of VPN to the Virtual Cloud Network.
  • Enables scaling storage from 256 GB to 40 TB, with no downtime during storage scaling.
  • Backup your databases to a highly durable, available, and regional Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage or Block Volumes.

Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Services: Oracle offers DB Exadata Cloud Services that consolidate all database workloads including Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Data Warehousing (DW), In-Memory Analytics, and Mixed/Hybrid Workloads into a single Exadata platform. The world's most advanced database features

  • Database with enterprise-proven, robust database technology available in a cloud-based consumption model hosted in the most advanced and robust cloud infrastructure
  • Offers the highest performing, most cost-effective and available platform for running Oracle Database
  • Includes PCI NVMe flash storage for the highest throughput and best response times along with high capacity disks
  • 100% compatible with on-premises Oracle databases and all existing applications.
  • With pay-as-you-grow dedicated Exadata configurations, enables business agility and operational flexibility with zero CapEx
  • Shared Exadata infra will be used for Database security

Oracle DB Exadata Cloud at Customer: Oracle DB Exadata Cloud at customer delivers advanced database cloud for databases to be located on-premises and DB technology with the simplicity, agility and elasticity of a cloud-based deployment.

  • Making DB enterprise-proven, robust database technology available in a cloud-based consumption model and at customers' data centre's behind firewalls.
  • The highest performing, most cost-effective and highest available platform for deploying Oracle databases.
  • Database-optimized compression to provide cost-effective capacity for the largest databases.
  • Adds the ease, simplicity, and flexibility of the software that powers Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Offers significantly reduced human resource and IT administration costs and IT can focus on improving business results.
  • Easy leverage of cloud computing benefits without going through a complex lift and shift to the public cloud.

Oracle NoSQL Database: Oracle NoSQL Database leverages the Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition with a high availability storage engine that provides distributed, highly-available value storage for large-volume, latency-sensitive applications or web services.

  • Fast, reliable, distributed storage to applications need integration with ETL processing.
  • Creates new opportunities that require very fast storage and retrieval of data with extremely low latency.
  • Provides highly reliable, flexible and available data management across a configurable set of storage nodes.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Migration

Oracle offers Disk-based data imports allowing offline OCI migration of encrypted files to designated Object Storage bucket for uploading, unlike GCP. Oracle offers a command line software Data Transfer Utility that prepares the transfer disk for data being shipment to OCI and manages transfer jobs and packages. OCI migration provides a flexible data platform to enable you to build Big Data applications at massive scale.

Google Cloud Platform Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Per hour pricing but required to run VM for a longer duration for saving cost. Substantial cost reduction as no IT infrastructure scalability is required.
Load balancer is difficult to set up. Pre-configured, engineered and simple in nature.
Certain objects are difficult to find on web console as being hidden in advanced menus. Better, faster and reliable support. Online real-time chat for critical support.
Support only MySQL on relational DB services. Support for multiple DB services.
Support for multiple DB services.

Cloud Console

  • Oracle Console platform
  • Intuitive & graphical interface
  • Hassle-free instance management
  • Cloud networks and storage volumes
  • Enhanced users and permissions

Storage Appliance Import

  • Migrate petabyte-scale datasets
  • Secure & high-capacity data transfer
  • Advanced encryption
  • Designated Object Storage bucket

Oracle Block Volumes

  • Dynamic provisioning
  • Block storage management
  • Increased storage & performance
  • Custom managed volume performance
  • Features like create, attach, connect, & move

Automated management

  • Standard compression
  • High level data durability
  • Migrate data between instances
  • Safe storage while in operation
  • Automatic data replication to avoid data loss

While migrating GCP to OCI, Vast Edge offers a whole lot pluggable SDK modules and custom developed tools that can be leveraged for easy integration of APIs including SDKs for Java, Ruby, and Python with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Migration

Oracle offers Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) that leverages machine learning & artificial intelligence (ML & AI) to automate database tuning, security, backups, updates, and other routine management tasks which traditionally was performed by DBAs. Utility services offered by Oracle for hassle-free migration are:

SQL Developer

  • Oracle's no cost IDE
  • Java based platform
  • Simplifies management of Oracle DB
  • Run on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows
  • Supports Data Pump export & SQL*Loader

Data Pump

  • Extract data from a source DB
  • Parallel exports and imports
  • Encrypted backup files
  • Give output in Oracle specific format
  • Support custom selection of schema

Oracle Golden Gate

  • Real-time data integration
  • Capture, transform, & propagate
  • DB migration in minimal downtime
  • Sync DB until actual cutover happens
  • Cloud Infrastructure, and also to keep them

AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

  • Replicate all the changes intact
  • Keep tables and data synchronized
  • Support cut over to the database in OCI
  • Copy full schema from source to target DB


  • Bulk & flat-file loading tool
  • Minimizes the formatting needs
  • Powerful declarative language
  • Format input flat files for Oracle DB


  • Database recovery manager
  • Back up and recover databases
  • Ensure data protection
  • Offers duplicate and transportable tablespaces

Oracle ADW Vs Amazon Redshift

  • 8-14 times faster data processing.
  • 5 to 8x times cheaper.
  • ADW performs in an hour what Redshift does in 10 hours.
  • ADW is fully automated leveraging AI and ML.

Steps for Redshift to Autonomous Data Warehouse Migration



In this step, metadata schemas and tables are captured from source DB and stored in Migration Repository.



Here, Redshift datatypes are mapped to Oracle datatypes. The Column Defaults using Redshift functions are replaced by their Oracle equivalents.



Now, schemas & DDLs are generated based on the converted metadata.



Here, those schemas and DDLs are deployed.


Copy Data

In this last step, data is uploaded from Redshift tables to Amazon Storage S3 & then copied to ADW schemas from Amazon Storage.

From self-securing database, cloud services, and to the new cloud perimeter, Oracle technology protects your most valuable investment i.e. your data. Since, ADW eliminates the need of DBA access, root access, Operating System access and others, the error caused due to human intervention will be eliminated. Oracle automatically applies all security updates/patches to ensure data is not vulnerable to known attack vectors.

Microsoft Azure to Oracle Cloud Migration

Oracle Cloud is an enterprise cloud for business that offers self-service business applications delivered on an integrated development and deployment platform, with tools to extend and create new services rapidly. Comparing Azure Cloud, Oracle offers PaaS platform that allows customers to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure.
Oracle PaaS Platform delivers cost savings through standardization and higher utilization of the shard platform across multiple applications.

Oracle Fast Connect:

  • Private connection for DW and OCI
  • Higher-bandwidth options
  • Reliable and consistent network connections
  • 1 to 10 Gbps port speed per cross-connect

Oracle Enterprise Pack for NetBeans

  • NetBeans IDE tools for Java web
  • Support for enterprise, PC & mobile apps
  • Thin JDBC connections to ODW
  • Backed by a feature rich SQL Editor

Oracle Visual Builder

  • Secure cloud environment
  • Integrated, agile, & collaborative development
  • Continuous delivery automation
  • Large storage with a free 20GB ATP DB

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

  • Unparalleled development experience
  • Create and edit ODCS Tasks
  • GIT operations support
  • Templates and wizards to create projects
  • Amazon Machine Image

For enhanced security at the time of migration and later on, Oracle encrypts all the data. Along with that, many other security features such as Virtual Private Database and Data Redaction are available on the OCI. Oracle has been engaging with external assessment entities and independent auditors to meet a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards for service deployments in Oracle Cloud such as ISO 27001, SOC1, SOC2, PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, and FedRAMP.

Oracle Compute

Oracle Cloud Computing is a cloud service for storing and accessing data and program that leverages on-demand availability of computer system resources especially data storage in cloud and its computing power without direct active management by the user.

  • Business Process Management: Compute enables unparalleled collaboration for configuring web-based interface allowing users to access tasks according to their role and responsibility.
  • Hassle-free Access: It offers real-time and historical data processing for sequence management, rule enforcement, and audit by leveraging dashboard and server. It further enables handling & management of cloud platform form remote location.
  • Security & Privacy: Compute introduce add-on security features like user identity management, authentication, and access control mechanisms. It further provides a full assurance of security from threats risk, hacking, and data theft.
  • Cloud Training: Oracle offers training of IT and development staff along with CIO championing cloud adoption that enables enterprises overcome the challenges by a rapid growth in cloud technology.
  • Robust Strategy: Oracle's centralized IT, strong governance and control policies, and some heavy lifting can get usage, adoption, and cloud computing strategies inline.
  • Triple Shed Platform: Oracle offers multi cloud support that fosters clients' will of cloud choice among public, private and hybrid clouds. It helps enterprises to overcome migration challenges while moving new or existing application from internal storage to cloud.

Oracle Cloud SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products

Oracle provides the most innovative and integrated suite of cloud applications to grow and scale your business. The EPM cloud by Oracle is the most comprehensive suite of enterprise performance management including:

  • Budgeting
  • Planning
  • Financial consolidation & close
  • Reconciliation
  • Tax reporting
  • Profitability
  • Cost management

    Oracle integrated IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings includes
  • A modernized suite of integrated and proven modules for financials, projects, and procurement using Oracle Cloud ERP suite.
  • The PaaS portfolio includes several products including autonomous database integration, WebLogic cloud analytics, mobile integration, java & .Net integration.
  • Oracle's IaaS portfolio on cloud includes a complete infrastructure stack including virtual machines, GPU servers, virtual networking, web application firewall, and load balancers.

Oracle E-Business Suite Migration to Oracle Cloud

Cloud-based EBS Suite addresses the implementation concerns like technical requirements and pre-existing business challenges. Besides, it supports third-party integrations, and standard deployment practices and reference architectures that align with your application requirements. Vast Edge is an expert in EBS Migrations to OCI and has full access to Oracle knowledge hub & direct access to Oracle solution engineers. Key offerings of Vast Edge in the EBS Suite are:

  • Vast Edge lowers the TCO by a substantial margin of 38% than on-premises deployments.
  • Our migration experts reduce your migration expenditure through an efficient data center migration by removing hardware based servers and cloud integration.
  • By migrating EBS to OCI, Vast Edge enhances the system's performance by 30% and 2-10 times faster reporting.
  • Cloud specialists at Vast Edge maximize your system's availability through the Oracle Real Application Clusters/Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service.
  • Vast Edge integrates rapid "in-place" technology refresh and patching while adding proactive monitoring of usage and costs.

Oracle PeopleSoft

Oracle PeopleSoft encapsulates various enterprise resource planning software like CRM, HRM, and PM tools enabling businesses to have a unified access window.



PeopleSoft helps businesses to migrate and provision their production, test, and development environments in Oracle Cloud for improved business productivity.


Complete Solution

Oracle enables the enterprises to run their PeopleSoft environments in both Oracle IaaS and PaaS to deliver a comprehensive business solution.


Mitigate Risk

PeopleSoft mitigate business risk and manage the complete business lifecycle including governance, backup and patching using automation tools.


Lift & Shift

Oracle facilitates the flexible deployment of PeopleSoft by leveraging the lift and shift technology to move data between development and production environments.



It further monitors critical business processes across different clouds and on-premise applications, synchronize different data and also manage integration.


Reduce TCO

Oracle Cloud IaaS pricing and elasticity provisions reduced infrastructure spend and cost of deploying new features packs.

Oracle Siebel

Siebel Tools helps customers to customize Siebel CRM and modifies predefined Siebel objects and creates custom objects meet business requirements. Modifying data model, business logic and customizing the user interface shown by customers are innovated in development environment.



Siebel Self Service Solution empowers customers to manage all account-related activities online. Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring helps organizations to streamline social media like twitter, Facebook etc.


Advanced Contracts

Siebel contracts drive profitability in contract management and helps customers to accept companies key-terms. The tool creates a dual-side acceptance of key-term agreement that maintains a happy company-customer relationship.


Field Service Integration

Siebel integration with Oracle Real-time Scheduler automates the appointment booking process to determine resource availability, schedules, and user-defined business constraints.


Repair Management

It creates an in-house or third-party outsourced repair using repair orders and repair pick tickets to associate a defective material number with a defective part and track activities associated with its repair.


Mobile Solution

It supports a wide variety of mobile devices like Smartphone, tablet and laptop in both connected and disconnected modes. It allows access of issue details, customer details, asset details, employee's details, and services on the mobile device.

Oracle Primavera

Oracle Primavera is a comprehensive software suite for enterprise-level project portfolio management that delivers business capital planning, project delivery, cost control, and facilities and real estate management. A high level of working efficiency along with people's skills with project requirements and maintain control are some advanced benefits in digital business.
As we all know, MSSQL database is no longer supported for Primavera. Vast Edge has been migrating Primavera customers from MSSQL to Oracle database on the cloud.


Portfolio Management

Primavera provides executives with a real-time view of company's project performance, equips project participants with the right blend of usability, power and flexibility to effectively execute projects.


Interactive Dashboard

It forms role-specific information and easy access of project information from anywhere anytime. Primavera enables easy and quick updating of status by using any of the interfaces that best accommodate to the line of work.


Simultaneous Management

Primavera allows project managers confident their projects aligned with company strategic objectives. It enables team to manage incoming demand and right balance of projects with project stakeholders.


Scheduling & Control

It allows support for multi-tiered project hierarchies, resource scheduling, data capture and customizable views. It aligns r esource, optimize them and analyse risk for robust reporting and analytics.

Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite is a smart analytics and cloud-based ERP suite that provides inventory, warehouse management, accounting, and financial management. NetSuite allows easy customization of insight management for your enterprise to provide real-time insights into KPIs.



NetSuite smoothly Integrates with a number of CAD applications, simplifying costing by supporting easy import of BOMs.


Sales And Marketing

NetSuite allows fast pace real-time quote management by automated induction of pricing, sales tax and discounting rules into sales quotes.


Supply Chain Automation

NetSuite offers a fully integrated supply chain system. It advances your resource planning by automatically generating purchase orders, work orders and transfer orders across multiple locations.


Service And Support

It enables assigning support tickets to unique customer email addresses to automate the query management system. This will pace up the returning process by automatically authorizing products to be returned to one of the designated locations.


Financial Management

NetSuite offers dynamic and customizable dashboards inculcating KPIs like accounts info and orders management. It further upholds multiple reports mechanism by comparing income statements, balance sheets and consolidated reports side-by-side.

Oracle JD Edwards

Oracle's JD Edward is an enterprise resource planning software that reduces the need for management, budget constraints, and deployment time for businesses.

  • One-Click Provisioning: For effective credential management, configuration, and server integration, JDE offers One-Click support.
  • JDE Terraform: API integration with Terraform into a configured file manages risk-free production infrastructure exploring high availability and pre-configured security.
  • Hybrid Cloud Enterprise Manager: It provides enterprises with a diverse multi-managed hybrid cloud to resolve a number of digital issues and improves your cloud health performance.
  • As Is Migration: Oracle deploys existing JDE environment "as is" to the Cloud for the faster provision of JDE workload and to reduce infrastructure and platform costs.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By reducing the time to market and productivity of companies, JD Edwards enables businesses to create a delightful experience for customers, employees and partners.

SAP on Oracle Cloud Platform

Oracle database on SAP helps enterprises in cost cutting and leveraging the power of Oracle database as a service on Oracle cloud. Vast Edge specializes in SAP migration to Oracle cloud platform using proven tools to reduce costs and help mitigate risks.

  • SAP Migration Ravello: A bootable VMDK disk image and transfer it to Oracle Object storage. The Ravello console creates a virtual machine from the image. As virtualization kicks in, your SAP environment will be up and running.
  • SAP Migration using HyperV: It requires creating a bootable VSD disk image and transfer this image to Oracle Object storage. Afterwards, a replica of your windows machine on the Oracle Cloud and set up your networking in parallel while the data is getting transferred. Here, you don't need to install a database or SAP application individually on the server.
  • SAP Greenfield installation on Oracle: It is a manual migration strategy where SQL server are installed on database, afterwards data is migrated, and SAP application is installed.

Oracle Application Express (Apex)

Oracle APEX is a web app development tool for Oracle databases that uses a low code platform with graphical user interfaces instead of traditional computer programming.

  • Simple Layout: Feature rich, browser-based, intuitive interface for your apps to enhance the ease of access of apps and smooth running of it. It comes bundled with the Application Builder to design powerful components adding a high-level of integration with limited coding.
  • Proven Expertise: Apex can be leveraged to configure web and mobile apps. From basic calculator to mission-critical apps, everything can be designed and developed easily in Apex.
  • Secure Architecture: It uses multi-factor authentication protocol while designing your apps to integrate highly secure out of the box solution. Besides adaptive security features are insinuated to tackle highly resourceful hackers and securing your scare databases.
  • Portable Systems: Cloud-based architecture of Apex allows it to run from anywhere. It further allows enterprises in deploying their apps across applications and environments with ease.
  • Other features:
    1. JSF 2 support
    2. Complete Javascript API
    3. Easy drag and drop architecture
    4. The extended data visualization component
    5. 150+ AJAX-enabled components

WebLogic Migration to Oracle Cloud

Oracle WebLogic Server is enables businesses in developing enterprise applications using Java EE standards, and deploying them on a reliable, scalable runtime with low cost of ownership. It provides compatibility with prior versions, and supports new features for developer.

  • Container Engine for Kubernetes: Oracle provides fully managed containerized WLS environment, Licensing (BYOL to Subscription), Automation and Control for those customers who are strategically moving enterprise architecture.
  • WebLogic Cloud VM: With WebLogic as a marketplace, VM which is deployed via Terraform scripts can be used to meet their challenging workloads by easily scaling up or out their applications and infrastructure.
  • Java Cloud JCS: WebLogic as a Service enables businesses in preserving license investment (BYOL) and also managed end to end services (installation, configuration, upgrade, patching) of WebLogic in the cloud.
  • Hybrid Infrastructure: WebLogic enables the enterprises with highly complex or customized domain structures to move and modernize their complex mission-critical environments. Along with that, it provides the flexible way of deploying any version of WLS app with Bring Your Own License model (BYOL).
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing: Leveraging machine learning for ATP database, Oracle preserves your license investment (BYOL). It also enables the client to deliver superior results, lower costs and focus on application development.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud is an all-in-all compact solution that is designed to provide extensive system analytics, built and deployed in the cloud. Be it automated visualization, data compilation, enterprise reporting or advanced analytics, Oracle Analytics Cloud covers it all.

  • Autonomous Systems: OAC improves cloud analytics by instilling machine learning into your architecture. It aligns your system's data, refine and enrich your datasets and improve the quality of the insights.
  • Dynamic and Interactive Visualization: OAC blends an automatic chart utilizing artificial intelligence, single-click trending, and forecasting.
  • Single Window for Data Access: Leveraging OAC resources, you can compile all your data units at a single point of access to present a state-of-the-art analytics solution.

Oracle API Gateway

API Gateway service allows private endpoints of enterprises to interact with public IP addresses to enhance and uplift internet traffic. API gateways features include:

  • API validation: To ensure security and accountability in the public cloud.
  • Integrated request and response transformation protocol into your cloud architecture to encapsulate and modulate your network.
  • Authentication & authorization service integrates IAM policies in all the interfaces including the Console, SDK/CLI, & REST API.
  • Sets up a request limiting mechanism that enables you to create up to ten API gateways.

Bastion - Free Service on Oracle Cloud

Bastion Host assists enterprises by providing general orchestration support for the site hosting and instilling automation environment in the cloud. Running as a Virtual Machine on the database, it protects sensitive resource by placing them in a secured and private networks. It processes and filters all incoming traffic and prevents malicious traffic from entering the network.

Bastion Security

Bastion Host serves as customer gateway that controls and dictates network segmentation and firewall insertion at different entry points. It also leverages stateless or stateful security lists to configure firewall policies and allows ingress or egress traffic. A multi-tiered security approach in Bastion creates a separate public subnet that ensures the appropriate security list is assigned to the correct host. There are two methods to connects Bastion Host to the cloud architecture. These are:

  • Using SSH Agent
  • Connecting to SSH Tunnelling

Bastion Gateway

Enterprises can also configure a Bastion gateway that provides web-based access to the servers. Its features include:

  • SSH web console configuration similar to Shellina Box, Key Box, or Apache Guacamole.
  • Access to Windows hosts using VNC and RDP.
  • File transfer interface.
  • Remote disk functionality.
  • Easier access from mobile devices.
  • Deployed using any popular web server application.
  • Can be launched in the container using LXC or Docker.

Why Bastion Host for security?

  • A very powerful server with improved security measures and custom software.
  • Hosts only a single application to bring flexibility and visibility.
  • A customized and proprietary software not available to the public.
  • Designed as a strong point in the network to protect the system.
  • Requires regular maintenance and audit.
  • Removes all unnecessary software, daemons and users to maintain security.
  • Continually updates the latest security features and install intrusion detection system.

Oracle Plans & Pricing Guide:

Service Type Technology Features Price ($/Month)
Infrastructure OCI - Compute VM Compute, Balancer, N/W & Storage $63
OCI - Object Storage Network & Storage $0
OCI Fast Connect Network $158
OCI Archive Storage Storage $0
OCI - Compute, BM Compute Bare Metal, Storage, Network $4933
Autonomous Data Management ADW, ATP, 1TB Exa Cloud - BYOL Data Warehouse, Transaction DB, APEX $358
ADW, ATP License Included Data Warehouse, Transaction, APEX $1118
Data Management Oracle Database Cloud Service Database OCI $320
Database Cloud Service - OCI DB - OCI $4584
Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service Exadata $6400
Oracle Big Data Cloud Service - Compute Edition Big Data - Compute $230
Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud NoSQL Database $1
Oracle MySQL Database Service MySQL Database $37
Application Development Oracle Java Cloud Service - Standard DB - OCI, JAVA $390
Oracle Java Cloud Service - Enterprise DB - OCI, JAVA $390
Oracle Java Cloud Service - High Performance DB - OCI, JAVA $736
Oracle Mobile Hub Cloud - Standard Mobile $1
Oracle Mobile Cloud - Enterprise DB - OCI, Big Data - Compute $512
Oracle Container Pipelines - Enterprise Container Pipelines $263
Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service DB - OCI, Visual Builder $1080
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Blockchain Platform Cloud - Standard BPC - Standard $160
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Blockchain Platform Cloud - Enterprise BPC - Enterprise $320
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Blockchain Platform Cloud - Enterprise - BYOL BPC - Enterprise, BPC - Enterprise - BYOL $240
Integration Oracle Integration Cloud - Standard Integration, Integration - BYOL $480
Oracle Integration Cloud - Enterprise Integration, Integration - BYOL $960
Oracle API Platform Cloud Service API Platform $800
Oracle Integration Cloud - Enterprise DB - OCI $160
Oracle SOA Suite Cloud Service DB - OCI, SOA Suite $698
Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud - Standard Data Integration Platform, DIP - BYOL, DB - OCI $640
ODI Platform Cloud - Enterprise DIP, DIP - BYOL, Storage $1002
ODI Platform Cloud - Governance DIP, DIP - BYOL, Storage $1483
Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service - Enterprise DB - OCI, GoldenGate $736
IOT Cloud - Enterprise DB - OCI $160
IOT Cloud - Enterprise (with Advanced IoT Analytics) Big Data - Compute, DB - OCI, JAVA $851
OCI Data Integration Data Integration $149
Management Oracle Management Cloud Management $740
Content & Experience Oracle Content and Experience Cloud - Standard DB - OCI, JAVA $25
Oracle Content and Experience Cloud - Enterprise Storage $25
Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud Service DB - OCI, JAVA, WebCenter Portal $1357
Analytics Oracle Analytics Cloud - Standard Analytics, Storage $868
Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase Storage $204
Oracle Analytics Cloud - Enterprise Analytics, Storage $5,004
Security Oracle Identity Cloud Service for Consumer Users Identity - Customer $16
Oracle CASB for SaaS Cloud Access Security Broker - SaaS $156
Oracle Identity Cloud Service for Enterprise Users Identity - Enterprise $320
Oracle CASB for IaaS Cloud Access Security Broker - IaaS $11, 680
BYOL Oracle Integration Cloud - Standard - BYOL Integration - BYOL $240
Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud - BYOL ADW, ADW - BYOL $358
Autonomous Transaction Processing - BYOL ATP, ATP - BYOL $358
Oracle Integration Cloud - Enterprise - BYOL Integration - BYOL $240
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