Microsoft Azure Cloud Services: Save up to 80% on Cloud Billing, Support & Value-added Services

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Join Azure CSP

Vast Edge is one of the fastest growing Azure CSP partners. Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing Microsoft services such as active directory management, security services, MSSQL management, and .NET development.

For a limited time, Vast Edge is offering always free tier managed cloud services to its Azure cloud customers. Azure cloud portal and cost optimization can become challenging at times and VastEdge experts provide services to solve this problem. Some of our case studies include MSSQL Sferver/AD/Dynamics migrations, ongoing DevOps on Microsoft Azure, hybrid cloud management, and cross-platform integration to support multi-cloud environments.

As we know, most companies are moving to Microsoft Office 365 and Vast Edge has recently started converting its customers to the latest teams version for phone systems bundled with Microsoft 365 with Power BI + Power Apps to enable unified operations.

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Azure CSP Benefits

Vast Edge has been providing some free services to suport businesses during COVID:

  • Free onboarding by Vast Edge
  • Free vanilla Migration services (limited time offer, some restrictions apply)
  • Discounted MSSQL/AD/Dynamics Lift and Shift services to Azure cloud
  • Free Google Workplace (formerly Gsuite) to Azure Office 365 migration (emails, calendar, contacts)
  • Discounted Hybrid cloud setup with dynamic VPN and Windows remote desktop setup for remote workersDiscounted security center setup
  • Free basic managed services (backup & monitoring)

Azure CSP Pricing Calculator

For a limited time, Vast Edge is offering 5% back in credits on all Azure cloud services, in addition to the free managed services mentioned above. These credits can be used to purchase additional Vast Edge services or Azure cloud products. Here are some sample pricing for Azure products per user per month.

  • Basic Active Directory - $1
  • Power BI Pro - $9.99
  • Basic Intune - $6 /device /month -
  • Office 365 E5 - $35
  • Office 365 E3 - $20

You can get upto 90% off for spot pricing, upto 70% off on 3 yr, and upto 40% on 1 yr commitments on Azure VM's. In addition to this you pay 0$ on software when you use your existing licenses and get upto 70% off on purchasing software licenses through CSP on Azure cloud for multi-year subscriptions.

Hybrid / Multi Cloud Support with Reduced Billing Cost

Vast Edge is also a certified cloud provider for other clouds and can assist in setting interconnect between these various cloud platforms.

Azure Cloud Expertise

  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Dynamics 365
  • Power Apps
  • .NET appdev
  • Kubernetes
  • Azure migrate
  • Epress route
  • Networking and firewall
  • Security Center
  • Hybrid Cloud

Azure CSP Support

  • High quality 24 x 7 help desk support
  • Unlimited support via chat, phone & emails
  • Ticketing portal to submit as many support tickets as required
  • Knowledge base & teams meetings
  • Regular sprints during migrations and project go lives
  • Certified project managers to assist with larger migrations

Why CSP for Azure?

It's always recommended to leverage the benefits that come along with a CSP such as getting maximum ROI from your Azure cloud subscription at much lower costs, cloud expertise to select the right products, and for faster deployments. It prevents security loopholes to be compliant and leverages platform tools to optimize business processes. CSP's get certified training directly from Microsoft to leverage proven methodologies for DevOps and for lift and shift of existing applications.

Manage your Cloud Spend and Focus on What Matters

As you create, deploy, and manage Linux or Windows VMs in Azure, there are lots of ways to optimize costs.

Find out about the tools, offers, and guidance designed to help you manage and optimize your Azure costs. Learn how to understand and forecast your bill, optimize workload costs, and control your spending.

Here are some more ways to optimize your costs:

  • Save up to 80 percent when you combine Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances (RIs) with the Azure Hybrid Benefit.
  • Get discounts with prepaid Linux software plans.
  • Reduce costs by running VMs on Azure with the Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server.
  • Get three free years of extended security updates for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.
  • Use tools like Azure cost management and Azure Advisor to optimize your costs.
  • Estimate prices for Linux and Windows VMs with the Azure VM pricing calculator.
  • Take advantage of spot pricing with Azure Spot VMs.
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