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Cloud Technology is rapidly making its way into enterprises' architecture management across the globe. As per research, 90% of enterprises are already using cloud-based systems in some way or the other for handling their day-to-day businesses. Vast Edge helps optimize your cloud account to reduce costs by almost 70% and enhance the security without compromising performance. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the third-largest cloud service provider offering one of the most promising growth rates in the last couple of years. Do you know that Google provides its cloud service in 200+ countries (the largest for any cloud service provider)?

Why Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Migration?


Google offers "your applications, your choice" model for migration to develop your architecture-specific solution. It further allows setting up all of the on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments while meeting the industry regulations with minimum changes.


GCP integrates software using rigorous security practices to detect and respond to threats to the infrastructure from both internal and external threats.


Leveraging the inter-connection of G-Suite, you can gain real-time control of your data, empowering you to make all the "calls" related to the data.


GCP reduces the business downtime while migrating systems to the cloud by leveraging cloud-native applications. Through Apigee, Google's API offering, enterprises can use the new services with existing ones while keeping the legacy back end intact.


Google Cloud uses cryptography-based multi-layered authentication and authorization to add-on access control at an abstraction level and enhance inter-application communication.

AWS to GCP Migration

Have you ever imagined why bigger companies like Spotify, Snapchat,, NYTimes and even Netflix are choosing Google Cloud Services over Amazon Web Services? The only reason behind this is the competitive advantages of Google cloud services along with looking at Amazon's front door faults.

Services AWS Google
Storage Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
Compute AWS Lambda Cloud Functions
Big data and analytics services Amazon Kinesis Google Cloud Dataflow
Big data and analytics Amazon Redshift & Athena BigQuery
Application Services / Messaging Amazon SQS/SNS Google Pub/Sub
ML / Fully Managed ML Amazon SageMaker Google Cloud ML Engine

Industry leading solution

  • Developer-focused tools
  • Enterprise-grade implements
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Deep learning and data analytics

Google Kubernetes

  • Integrated cloud monitoring
  • Auto-repair and auto-upgrade
  • Single-quick click cluster
  • Simplified licensing & consolidated billing
  • GKE sandbox for workload security

Monitoring and development

  • User-friendly integration module
  • Kubernetes, Cloud Functions, & Pubsub
  • Easy-to-use with no hidden charges
  • Data protection with scalability

PCI Environment

  • Online Boutique application
  • PCI DSS level of security
  • Customized workloads
  • High availability

Microsoft Azure to GCP Migration

Google Cloud deploys a variety of relational and non-relational database engines, file and object store data and highly automated application deployment services while Azure focuses on Virtual Machines or Replicated Servers. Along with this, the entire GCP cloud encourages hybridized development on a component-by-component basis without switching tracks.

Compute Comparison

Category Azure Google
IaaS Virtual Machines Compute Engine
PaaS App Services, Cloud Services App Engine
Containers Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Service Fabric Google Kubernetes Engine
Serverless Functions Azure Functions Cloud Functions

Application Programming Interface

  • Simple, flexible & secure
  • Support across geographical locations
  • Embrace open standards
  • Hybrid cloud support
  • No need to force fresh stack

Automated delivery

  • Enables open decision making
  • Customer centric strategies
  • Minimum human intervention
  • 100% software-based solution
  • Run on existing hardware

Cloud SQL

  • Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server
  • High performance, scalability, and convenience
  • Run database from anywhere
  • Automates all backups and updates
  • Support for WordPress, e-commerce, & CRM tools

Google NoOps5

  • On-demand purchasing
  • Streamline mission delivery
  • Enables automation of workloads
  • Avoid replication of data centers

Storage Comparison

Category Azure Google
Object Storage Azure Blob Storage Cloud Storage
Block Storage Disk Storage Persistent Disk
File Storage Azure File Storage File store
Reduced Availability Storage Azure Cool Blob Storage Cloud Storage Nearline and Cloud Storage Coldline
Archival Storage Azure Archive Blob Storage Cloud Storage Archive

Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud-based SQL is a fully functional and easily customizable data storage solution that is compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. It automates backups, data replication and ensures latency in your database to maintain top-notch performance.

  • Cloud SQL manages easy-to-integrate relational databases to ensure effective communication across all your devices.
  • SQL solution let you connect with any application built for MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server, without any hassle.
  • It further integrates cloud solutions with your workstation, Applications, and Kubernetes to establish risk-free management.
  • Cloud SQL uses standard drivers and built-in migration tools that allow enterprises' system up and running in minutes.
  • To make your system more secure and compliant, it configures AI and ML in data encryption at rest and in transit while setting up Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for stress-free connectivity.

Google Firebase Integration

Google Firebase for cloud architecture leverages App Engine free tier bucket to get your system up and running in no time. It establishes a real-time updating and sharing of data across platforms by integrating Firebase and GCP architecture.

  • REST API for Secure Remote Access: For securely accessing data on a server, it offers parallel libraries along with JSON and S3 congruous XML RESTful API. Besides, for altering the script or performing administrative tasks, our experts also integrate a command-line tool.
  • Gsutil for Advance Operations: It encapsulates a CLI tool i.e. gsutil for conducting advanced tasks like moving files across directories, listing buckets & objects and cross-location deleting of files.
  • Google-Cloud Server SDK: GCP offers top-notch server SDKs for GCP products including Cloud Storage and libraries like are Node.js, Java, Go, Python, PHP, and Ruby.
  • Firebase Crashlytics: For error reporting, it assembles groups of comparative stack flow to register custom events for automated redressal of crashes and saves troubleshooting time.

GCP Backup and Disaster Recovery

According to research, 96% of businesses face database corruption or outage once in a period of 3 years. GCP offers top-grade industry-standard Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery services to aid you in handling all those tough encounters.

Data Backups

Data backup solution of GCP makes a buffer by copying a discrete amount of data to handle any data related disaster. In case of any data outage, our experts ensure that your enterprises' data remain synced to a DR environment while keeping the production up and running. Data backup solutions of GCP have a small to medium Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and a small Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Hybrid Cloud Storage

It runs a script through gsutil, the CLI interface, to automate the backup process to Cloud Storage for the client's database. It also generates a dedicated service account key in JSON format to pass automated credentials. In case of any devious database outage, you can upload all backups just by copying the service account key to the on-premises machine to recover your database.

Database Backups

For Database backups, GCP offers recovering to the point in time solution. This feature mirrors the system configuration like version and disk configuration as it was at any specific time. GCP focuses on enterprise-specific strategies for regularly backing up of data from on-premises to Google Cloud.

Cloud Integrated Access Management (IAM) Policy

It restricts your cloud architecture form illegal access to the bucket and its objects including Cloud entities and Compute Engine instances. GCP lets you assign roles for individual users which are similar to bundle permissions allowing users to perform actions on the cloud database.

Cloud Tiered Storage

It integrates your on-premise system with third-party solutions to ensure better integration in case of data backup and recovery strategy. It further uses a tiered storage pattern for faster storage.

Cloud Interconnect

For implementing tiered storage, it uses a partner gateway between the on-premises database and cloud architecture. Cloud interconnect encapsulate artificial intelligence and machine learning for automated and dynamic replacement of database instances. The key feature of it includes:

  • Version correction of database servers.
  • Reconfigure client's database server in event response.
  • Persistent disk for tracking backup and transaction log files.
  • Applying Cloud security controls to the recovered database server

Google Cloud IoT

Google offers completely governed services that manage IoT devices establishing a secure connection and build rich applications from acquired data. The fully-managed and scalable cloud platform delivers edge or on-premise computing with machine learning capabilities as per customers IOT needs.

  • Real-time business insights: Cloud IoT delivers quality insights for accelerated business agility and enhanced decision making. It also offers features like data capturing, data publishing, easy ad hoc analysis, and advanced analytics.
  • Multi-platform support: IoT platform supports Debian Linux OS, Intel and Microchip for providing out-of-the-box support and triggering automatic changes.
  • Integrated logistics solutions: It models real-time monitoring on data and makes it accessible to the whole team, regardless of location and time to enhance fleet management, Inventory tracking and cargo integrity monitoring.
  • Predictive maintenance: IoT cloud comes with a proactive physical inspection and equipment maintenance. The cloud-based predictive maintenance encourages a cost-effective route for enterprises.
  • Sensor-based SmartPark: It seizes opportunities in developing smart cities enabling smart cloud development, reducing more than half efforts in support and democratizing data access.

Google Cloud Armor

Google Cloud Armor delivers enterprise-grade protective application and infrastructure against the consistent threats of DDoS attacks while moving to cloud. Work alongside a Global HTTPs, Cloud Armour load balancer leverages top-notch security for defending enterprises. It is designed on the same technology that covers from Gmail to YouTube and Google Search.

  • Enhanced security: It deploys OWASP and more secure codes against injection flaws such as SQL, NoSQL, OS, and LDAP injection, XML External Entities, Cross-site scripting etc.
  • Customized defense suite: Similar to digital Armor, it strategies security policy for backend services that help manage specific subset as per enterprise needs. Cloud Armor puts a range of language rules to ensure protection against specific cloud data in real-time.
  • Access control system: It provides centralized management, visibility and control the complexity of accessing the system and reduces the cost. It further integrates a multi-cloud architecture to defend application and enforce level 7 security against application deployment.
  • WAF Capabilities: It secures application workloads against DDoS and targeted web-based attacks aiding enterprises in meeting compliance from internal security policies as well as external regulatory requirements.
  • Cloud SCC: Google Cloud Armor also sends findings to Cloud Security Command Centre to alert defenders of potential Layer 7 attacks.

Google Anthos

Google Anthos integrated with GKE leverages GCP marketplace for DevOps, security, database management. Anthos’ private catalogue software helps to maintain compliance and governance to simplify internal solution discovery. Anthos offers a cloud build that helps to develop codes, build, test and deploy on-premise workloads to cloud for creating CI/CD pipelines.

  • Pre-configured Tools: Anthos help tools like GitHub Enterprise, BitBucket, GitLab, and Artifactory, switches customers' enterprise to the advanced domain in hybrid API management.
  • Rapid Development Environment: Anthos integrates next-level security across a hybrid and multi-cloud container environment. It configures custom policies to evaluate cluster changes.
  • Service Mesh: Anthos offers easing out of the complex environment to help unburden operation and development team by simplifying service delivery across the board, from traffic management and mesh telemetry to securing communications between services.
  • Legacy and cloud-native application: Anthos deploys production-ready containerized solutions with prebuilt deployment templets creates fast and scalable software delivery pipelines.
  • Unified Dashboard: For greater application awareness and control, Anthos enables service health and performance assessment. It runs on bare metal architecture and delivers better performance reducing licensing costs.

Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery offers an enterprise data warehouse that enables super-fast SQL queries for storing and querying massive datasets. It reduces time consumption and expenses on hardware and infrastructure. The serverless, highly scalable platform analyses petabytes of data at blazing fast speed with no operational overhead.

  • Top-notch Flexibility: BigQuery scales enterprise needs and democratize insight for a flexible multi-cloud analytics solution. It further lowers TCO by 26%-34% than any cloud alternatives.
  • Multi-cloud Analytics: It provides cost-effective access and securely analyses data across Google Cloud along with Standard SQL and BigQuery APIs. It enables us to break down data silos to gain critical business insights.
  • Data QnA: BigQuery offers a natural language interface that delivers petabyte-scale analytics. It democratizes insights for business users, improve the productivity of BI teams and increase access to data using sheets, chatbots, BI platforms and custom apps.
  • Google assists for BigQuery: It offers a business intelligence engine for analysing large and complex datasets leveraging sub-second query response time and high concurrency. BigQuery ML delivers online prediction and builds operationalized ML models for large and very large data in real-time.

Google Bigtable

Google manages cloud Bigtable for NoSQL Big Data database services that leverages applications with high throughput and scalability for non-structured data in case size not greater than 10MB.

  • Offer large-scale storage engine
  • Low-latency applications
  • Intensive data processing and analytics
  • Hundreds of petabytes are provisioned
  • Scaled at a rate of millions of operations
  • Zero downtime during reconfiguration
  • High replication availability for live serving apps

Google TensorFlow Enterprise

Google TensorFlow Enterprise offers an end-to-end source platform for machine learning that deploys enterprise grade support, performance, and managed services for your AI workloads.

  • Leverage the most relevant ads
  • Drive revenue driven for game developers
  • Manages quick test
  • Build and scale machine learning models
  • Compatibility-tested and optimized
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