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A ticket management system, often referred to as a ticketing system or helpdesk ticketing system, is a software application or platform used to efficiently and effectively manage customer or user support requests, inquiries, issues, and tasks. It helps streamline the process of receiving, tracking, prioritizing, assigning, and resolving customer support tickets, ensuring that customer issues are addressed in a timely manner and that customer satisfaction is maintained.


Ticket management system is the process of collecting the query requests in the form of tickets, and then resolving them within the time limit.

Chat Integration:

Our ticket management system has an in-built chat feature, which allows the client and support person to interact anytime to get the updates.

Defined Priority of the Tickets:

We have integrated a feature that defines the severity of the tickets, so that the team could know which ticket has the higher priority to get resolved.

Report Generation:

The help desk offers a built-in reporting engine designed to ensure customer satisfaction and to have the proper work report of the ticket updates.

Custom Workflow Programming:

Work order management, edit profiles, modify & update information to provide full visibility into the status of your support tickets.

Automated Alerts & Notifications:

This software generates automated alerts and notifications for any new updates in the software that makes the task easy to perform further.



Automation features can streamline processes, automate ticket routing, and send automated responses and notifications to improve response times and customer satisfaction. Automation rules can be set up to route tickets to the appropriate support agents or teams based on criteria like the type of issue, the priority, or the customer's location.

Reporting and Analytics

The system provides reporting and analytics tools to track key performance metrics, including response times, resolution rates, customer satisfaction, and workload distribution.

Security and Access Control

Vast Edge employs multiple methods, including role-based access control, multi-factor authentication (MFA), security integrations, keeping software updated with the latest security patches, adhering to regulatory compliance, and implementing data backup strategies. The system has robust security features to protect sensitive customer data.

Customer Communication

Our ticketing system provides built-in communication features, such as email integration, to allow for seamless interactions between support teams and customers.

Integration Capabilities

Our software has the ability to integrate the ticketing system with other software, such as CRM, project management, or monitoring tools, can streamline workflows and data sharing.

Service Level Agreements

SLAs can be defined and tracked within the system to set response and resolution time goals for different types of tickets, ensuring timely support.

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