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Vast Edge objective is to offer advanced security solutions to media and entertainment companies. These solutions aim to streamline operations, curb content theft, cut costs, gain deeper insights into consumers, and enhance overall efficiency.

The media and entertainment industry faces various disruptive forces such as digitalization, diverse content consumption across multiple platforms, integration with social media, and the management and analysis of vast volumes of data and content. This ongoing trend presents companies with an opportunity to embrace more integrated and innovative technologies and solutions.

Digital road map

The shift towards convergence urges media and entertainment firms to transform into digital media enterprises. A 'digital-first' ecosystem is better positioned to cater to the needs of creators, broadcasters, advertisers, and viewers.

Process excellence

Processes centered around digital technology speed up the time it takes to bring products to market, increase efficiency, and reduce expenses. These processes should be designed to facilitate video support, the introduction of new distribution channels, and the implementation of fresh business models.

Content monetization

The decreasing lifespan of content requires swift monetization strategies. Non-intrusive, programmatic advertising unlocks fresh revenue streams for media and entertainment businesses.
Enterprises seek media IT service providers capable of offering comprehensive IT and consulting services for digitization and data analysis.

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