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The global insurance industry is continuously confronted with significant challenges on multiple fronts. Operational costs are on the rise, demands are diminishing, and losses are increasing. This scenario is exacerbated by the rapidly evolving customer purchasing behaviour and a highly competitive market. Insurance companies are strategically investing in technology to mitigate costs, enhance efficiency, and deliver top-tier customer service. The entire insurance sector is striving to attain a sustainable competitive advantage by embracing advanced technological solutions such as Robust CRM, Unified Communications, Hybrid Cloud, Big Data, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, and Open Source.

What we Offer?

At Vast Edge, we acknowledge the complexity and unpredictability that pose significant challenges in the insurance industry. Leveraging decades of experience and a diverse portfolio of IT services, we assist insurers in transforming these challenges into numerous opportunities. We collaborate closely with insurers, aiding in the planning and implementation of complex business and operational changes necessary to reduce costs, manage risk, and expedite profitable growth.

SAP for Insurance Solutions


SAP for Insurance solutions furnishes advanced claims, policy, and billing management capabilities required by insurers to enhance efficiency, profitability, and customer loyalty. These solutions enable insurers to establish top-notch business processes, optimize reinsurance processes, and access sophisticated functionality for statutory reporting. SAP for Insurance streamlines the insurance business by digitizing it end-to-end. The comprehensive SAP for Insurance solution portfolio, in conjunction with our leading business support and analytical applications, facilitates the optimization of insurance business processes. The benefits of SAP Insurance Solutions include:
- Ensuring a consistent customer experience across multiple channels
- Rapid response to customer trends and buying habits
- Reduced loss-adjustment expenses through an integrated, complete claims process
- Improved time to market for tailored insurance products
- Enhanced ability to monitor compliance with industry regulations

SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture


The scattered and inconsistent data across various operational systems like policy, claims, and billing often result in decisions based on intuition rather than reliable analysis. Imagine if you could consolidate data across the organization, make it easily accessible for analytics and reporting, ensuring consistency, reducing costs, and data preparation time while enabling fact-based decisions. With SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture, you can access a flexible, reliable, and complete solution that eradicates the piecemeal approach of linking and managing technologies from different vendors, resulting in lower overall costs, reduced risk, and faster results. Benefits of SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture include:

  • Delivery of consistent, accurate, verifiable, and up-to-date information.
  • Access to needed data when required.
  • Attainment of a complete, integrated view of enterprise data.
  • Provision of structured information to all relevant users.

Salesforce for Insurance


Salesforce for Insurance empowers insurance companies to adapt to market changes, improve customer service, and boost operational efficiency by leveraging the capabilities of a robust CRM platform. This technology can enable insurers to better understand their customers, manage policies effectively, and strengthen relationships with their distribution channels (agents, brokers) for improved business outcomes.
. Salesforce for Insurance aims to streamline and enhance insurance-related processes, supporting insurers in managing their relationships with customers, agents, and brokers while improving operational efficiency.

Key features and benefits of Salesforce for Insurance typically include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The platform provides tools to manage and analyse customer data, enabling a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences.
  • Lead and Opportunity Management: It assists in managing leads and opportunities, helping insurers to convert prospects into policyholders more efficiently.
  • Channel Management: This feature helps in managing relationships with agents and brokers, improving communication and collaboration.
  • Policy and Claims Management: The platform may include tools to streamline policy management, claims processing, and underwriting, ensuring efficient and accurate management of insurance policies and claims.
  • Cloud-based Platform: Salesforce for Insurance is typically a cloud-based solution, offering flexibility, scalability, and accessibility from various devices and locations.
  • Customization and App Development: The platform allows for the creation of custom applications tailored to specific insurance business needs without the need for extensive software or hardware investments.

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