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Digital technology is transforming customer experiences and creating new opportunities to drive your business forward in today digital first world. Microsoft as a leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platform delivers the next-ready cloud capabilities for your company true growth. Microsoft Azure is a growing cluster of integrated cloud services that gives freedom to the IT professionals and programmers to build, deploy and manage applications through Microsoft Azure datacenters using the tools of their own choice.

Microsoft Azure drives business forward in the cloud-first world

As the new era of cloud computing is evolving close to intelligent edge, the three main accelerators artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Serverless computation are driving a revolutionary transformation pushing the global businesses close to cloud success. Businesses that are actively operating in the functional area of manufacturing, marine, oil and gas mining make use of connected device sensors to analyze IoT data and gain real-time insight on worker performance and ensure their well-being.


The rising demand of intelligent industry solutions like connected healthcare and connected worker is the evidently illustrates that how our way of connecting with real-world people and devices has changed in our work and lives. Its true for hospitals where secure collaborative patient care solution is required for secure EHR delivery and streamlining clinical workflow in compliance with healthcare industry standards. Microsoft Azure is the most reliable cloud solution that has earned the trust of many business leaders worldwide for its comprehensive compliance coverage and industry leading security measures.

  • Azure uses industry-standard transport protocols for exchange of data within Azure datacenters and between user device and Azure datacenter.
  • Azure offers the most reliable encryption capabilities for data at rest and gives flexible options to choose the solution according to the business needs.
  • Azure gives you the ownership and instant access to your customer data that includes application software, video, text, sound, and image files.
  • Azure offers Microsoft robust Antimalware to mitigate threats related to cloud services, data centers and virtual machines.

Vast Edge Azure Cloud Solutions

Vast Edge is assisting small, medium and large scale businesses to build integration solutions in the cloud using Azure and save big on cloud investment. We enable business leaders to power their business applications and move to cloud with confidence using Microsoft Azure. With our services for Azure cloud backup and data migration, we empower your business deliver record-breaking performance and strive to bring true hybrid cloud consistency for your compute-critical applications.
Choosing Vast Edge for Azure cloud deployment helps you maximize productivity and handle compute-sensitive data storage needs with greater flexibility and security. Our range of Microsoft Azure products include - Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Active Directory, Azure Stack Services, Azure ExpressRoute, and Azure BizTalk Services. More and more organizations are turning to Vast Edge for Microsoft Azure deployment services to increase their operational performance and speed up cloud application development process using DevOps open-source tools. Choose the hybrid cloud deployment on your terms and power your business applications to experience the ultimate in-cloud performance.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

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