6 Barriers Preventing you from Being a Modern Cloud Company

Do you know that the chance of finding a company which is 'not on the cloud' is minimal? A report shows that almost 92% of businesses are partially on the cloud, experiencing better decision-making, product, and service innovation. 'The cloud' is being talked about everywhere these days. Even cloud computing has become the main stream, which gives better information security, adaptability, expanded joint effort among representatives, and changes the work process of private companies and huge endeavors to assist them by settling on better choices while reducing the expenses.

If we talk about cloud adoption, company size and history matter for it. Nowadays, it is truly clear that utilizing the cloud is a trend that continues to grow, but there can be some barriers that are preventing us from being a modern cloud company. Let us have a look at these barriers:

  • Insufficient Training: Fear Of Getting Started

    Organizations are struggling to train their employees on new technologies for cloud adoption due to lack of strategy and planning. They are battling to prepare their representatives for new advances and to energize reception.

    For this what we can do- is to start with online learning and training resources. We must accept that a cloud is a viable option, which provides better backed up resources and better security. We need to do the proper research with the industry peers and some analysts. We should focus on reducing overall costs by identifying stakeholders to support the business changes.

  • Difficulty In Finalizing The Modernization Process For Your Business

    Due to so many options, businesses often have difficulty in finalizing which process to follow for modernization. Some of the times, a significant detour to cloud reception comes from an excessive number of choices. Over-thinking or over-investigating choices can make it hard to pick.

    For this, we need to lean towards an is-as migration of SAP related applications. We need to plan for an application upgrade once we are done with cloud migration. Finalize your cloud vendor that fits your business.

  • Not Sure How To Identify Modern Cloud:

    Some businesses are on clouds, but they do not know whether the cloud is modern or not. First, we need to think about cloud transparency, its cost and functionality to know if the cloud is modern. You need to start bringing the rest of your systems onto the cloud to identify better and plan for process automation.

  • Is Cloud Secure?

    Security risk of cloud computing has become the primary concern, as the organizations do not get the idea where their resources have been placed on the cloud. We need to understand the biggest vulnerabilities on the cloud and seek some expert advice on that. Moreover, we need to be ready for some attacks and threats as they are taking place these days. Moreover, the cloud is a safe place to move your services, and mature security capabilities are constantly improving.

  • Expecting The Best Return On Cloud Modernization:

    Before moving the business onto the cloud, every business’s concern- will they get the expected return to cloud or not. But there are plenty of benefits that we can expect from moving to cloud with formulating the approach towards data science for better results. We need to engage with the partner for data visualization. Cloud modernization encourages collaboration, is cost-efficient, and provides better scalability.

  • Intricacy With Current Workloads:

    For some organizations, a significant concern is whether their present jobs will run well on the cloud. This worry can be a significant inhibitor to cloud reception. We should start with what we need to transfer to the cloud and find out the best strategy to get it there. It can be a lift and shift or sometimes the rebuild technique. Also, talk with outer cloud specialists to find workarounds or substitute arrangements.

    Finally, let me be clear about the fact that by not moving because of your insecurities and unknowns, you are putting your business at greater risk. Because of the risk, 73% of the businesses are still defining their roadmap for moving to the cloud and almost 66% of the business are still running SAP ECC. But the overall discussion says that there is not a specific way of moving to the cloud that comes out as best, it only depends on specific IT environment, requirements, and existing cloud skills. So, it would be better to move to the cloud rather than depending on old innovations typically implies diminished usefulness, expanded security concerns, and brought down the execution.

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