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Developing a marketing strategy for your software product can be a challenge if you lack a proven experience in business planning or product marketing. It seems scary to the business managers to find the right software solution that meets the essentials of product marketing plans. Product Marketing plays a vital role as the main channel between the product development team and the market. The product marketing role varies with the organization. Product marketing is often combined with core marketing and sometimes product managers need to share the responsibilities. The key role of product planning team in a software company includes:

  • Understanding the market opportunities, identifying the competitors and building the right product
  • Matching the product technology to customer's needs and providing a meaningful solution to their problem
  • Working with customers and stakeholders to quickly establish a strong identity of company in the market

Product marketing experts are responsible for strategic marketing activities like creating positioning, explaining products and benefits in terms that end-users can understand, and enabling the sales management team to achieve success in generating new leads and closing with confidence. Today, many global companies are in the row to upgrade their marketing analytics platform and discover 360° customer intelligence that helps in transforming their business with a competitive advantage. We assist companies of all size and shapes in determining the total value of their next business product and adopt next-ready technology platform.

Vast Edge Price Guide - Delivering Intelligence to Implement Product Marketing Strategy

At some point in the lifecycle of your business you might need to check out an marketing analytics suite or powerful operational intelligence to determine the total process inputs and cost estimation of your next business product. VastEdge is a leading US company that provides free consultation and provides the best recommended product marketing strategies that are applicable to small, medium and large scale software businesses.


If you are looking ahead for the best partner to boost your business success with early adoption to advanced revenue management system and powerful expense management app built with digital-ready capabilities, then spend some time on learning about VastEdge products including the newly launched PriceGuide that helps you steer through step-by-step evaluation of complete product marketing activities.

VastEdge PriceGuide is built to provide you an easy way to streamline complete sales management and develop a future-proof business solution for your organization. By using PriceGuide as your companion in product cost planning, you can get the best possible and less expensive custom prices based on your selection of inclusive items in your business software suite. PriceGuide is a multi-software assortment that

  • Helps you reduce the quote-to-order cycle for custom quote generation
  • Provides you easy-to-handle admin panel and user login functionality
  • Offers you an easy-to-operate configurator with the provision of advanced e-documentation
  • Supports Live chat with experts for consultation on online license purchase and validation services

Many global and innovative companies worldwide are enjoying benefits of VastEdge PriceGuide services to achieve seamless business continuity and keep up with every new innovation in the fast-evolving technology spectrum. Price Guide also offers real-time access to user-defined purchase orders with separate listing of software products.

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