Sentiment Analysis, Cloud Managed Services

Sentiment analysis plays a vital role in enabling the businesses to work actively on improving their visibility across the targeted websites and gain an in-depth insight of the buyer's feedback about their product. Sentiment analysis of a guest's data encourages the marketing players to evaluate the text in a way that exposes the valuable checkpoints and support them to take their visitor communication experience to the next level. It involves computational study of behavior of an individual in terms of his buying interest and then mining his opinions about a company's business entity. This entity can be visualized as an event, individual, blog post or product experience.


While there happens to be lot of noise in the arena of digital marketing, companies find it difficult to listen to the real voice of their customers. Though, a data-driven marketing strategy often results in successful campaigns for brand publicity on target social media websites, yet to easily capture the ever-shifting pulse of a reader interest, a digital marketing team must be able to analyze the 360 insights of their guests voice.

  • Sentiment Analysis in Advertisement Marketing : Nowadays, digital world is occupied with numerous social networking websites that the enterprises use post their ads and build a strong online presence. The sole objective of the engaged marketers and research analysts in these companies is to increase the buying motivation of massive internet savvy shoppers and steer an impulse to purchase their products. While opinion mining extricates the guest's opinions, sentiment analysis helps in identifying the core sentiments of the guests that they have expressed in the form of a comment or re-tweet.

  • Sentiment Analysis in Business Intelligence : Sentiment analysis is in high demand for its greater efficiency in handling the text documents for entity behavior analytics. On account of its capability to deliver accurate results for natural language processing, businesses are incorporating text sentiment analysis into their routine processes. Many big companies who are compassionate to score high in influence attribution are using this powerful gauging tool to improve their business intelligence in finance, healthcare, SaaS, big data and IoT.

  • Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Marketing: Text sentiment analysis in market surveys, social media monitoring, twitter hash tag and RSS feed analysis; is oriented towards extracting the opinions, looking out for the sentiments expressed in the text and then classifying the grapple between opinions to detect the ratio of polarity. Many travel booking companies and luxury hoteliers have adopted this mechanism to boost the magnitude of their website reviews and generate higher revenues by driving more direct customers to avail their services.
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