Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider

Choosing the right cloud managed service provider (MSP) can make a huge difference in the implementation and growth of your cloud system and architecture. There are several factors to be considered such as team expertise, references, security, architecture, years in the business, migration strategy, certifications, CSP partner status, and 24x7 support.
Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing Oracle Cloud Services including ERP implementation, integrations, migrations, data analytics, and application development using the APEX platform running on Oracle database. Vast Edge is Global Gold Partner of Oracle and has recently been recognized as the top velocity partner as well as a certified Oracle cloud select MSP.

Vast Edge's Oracle Expertise

Vast Edge has a team of 100+ Oracle certified experts with certification in Oracle technologies including:

  • OCI Developer Specialist
  • Oracle DB 11g Certified Associate
  • MySQL Solutions Engineer Specialist
  • OCI Foundations Certified Associate 2020
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Consultant
  • Oracle Cloud Support Specialist
  • OCI Solution Engineer Specialist Badge
  • OAD Cloud Certified Specialist 2019
  • OCI Foundations Associate
  • OCI Architect Professional
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate
  • Oracle Forms Developer Certified Professional
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 6 Programmer
  • Oracle Cloud Project Management Assessment
  • OAC Platform Sales Specialist 2020
  • Oracle Application Integration Cloud Platform Solution Engineer Specialist 2019

Quality of Support

Vast Edge offers Oracle integrated, trusted, secure and comprehensive Support that protects your cloud as well as on-premise software, apps and hardware investments. We assist businesses with timely updates, automated patching, proactive and 24x7 support, reduce costs, and gain competitive edge. With Vast Edge's 360° Support, enterprises can leverage faster, more accurate and timely query resolution, maximize employee's productivity, monitor service performance, and control service costs.


Vast Edge enables organizations to raise a query using a custom-developed ticketing platform to streamline the process of issue resolution.

Phone Calls

Vast Edge has provided a toll-free number to its clients and users that connect directly to our customer support for query resolution. The number has also been mentioned on the website.


In case of the call going unanswered, you can also leave an SMS on our number. We will reach you within 24 hours.


We also have multiple dedicated e-mails to support as well as HR for faster resolution of queries and problems.

Live Chat

Vast Edge also has a dedicated chatbot service on our website for 24x7 live chat.


Vast Edge's backup and disaster recovery plan aids businesses in reducing downtime cost and revenue impact for planned and unplanned outages, thereby, ensures the uninterrupted performance of IT operations and the systems & applications you run on.

  • One click installer
  • Easy to use management console
  • Active sync (one way or bi-directional)
  • Unified view of storage across multiple clouds
  • Storage redundancy and de-duplication checks
  • Auto versioning, compression, encryption, file partitioning.
  • Integrated with your cloud account for inherited governance policies.
  • Archive object backups for an added layer of security & peace of mind.
  • Incremental / differential backups of databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle.
  • 90% cost savings with algorithms to help you archive old storage that is not being accessed anymore.

Disaster Recovery & Backup Strategy

Vast Edge's backup and disaster recovery plan aids businesses in reducing downtime cost and revenue impact for planned and unplanned outages. It further ensures the uninterrupted performance of IT operations, systems & applications.

Recovery Objectives With SLAs

Vast Edge helps businesses to select their recovery point and time objectives to determine maximum tolerable hours for data recovery from minutes to days.

Backup And Restore

Ensures that you have a spare copy of the volume in case something goes wrong with the primary copy with multiple copies of the same volume.

Database Strategy

Active data guard to minimize the downtime associated with a planned or an unplanned outage.

Safeguard Networking

Vast Edge creates a dedicated, private connection between your on-premises data center and public cloud infrastructure.

Controlled Infrastructure

Vast Edge manages DR infrastructure for your organization in the cloud. Deploy compute instances across multiple availability domains to protect your applications from outages.


With public IP address and DNS switchover, Vast Edge adjusts the scaling between on-premises and your cloud setup to route all traffic to your backup solution at a time of disaster.

Real-Time Data Replication

Synchronous replication of database and applications residing on GFS using geo-replication, SAN, LAN, and WAN to reduce RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives).

Support Tier Architectures

Vast Edge has 4 different tiers of support architecture for businesses. Our managed service provider tires are:

Basic Professional Professional Plus Enterprise
24 x 7 Monitoring
Help Desk - email, phone
Restart services
Create instance
Backup instance
Basic Tier + Database backup & Maintenance
Mobile Support
Performance Monitoring
Security Monitoring
Professional + Trainings
Online sessions to jointly solve issues
Architecture & Tech design
Professional Plus + Ad Hoc professional services
On Demand web meetings

Simplified Contracts

Vast Edge provides simplified contracts to ensure better purchasing for businesses while eliminating supply management cost. We allow SMBs to take full control of their contract lifecycle starting from authorisation to negotiation through implementation, enforcement, evaluation, and finally to closeout. Our contract management include features like:

No Hidden Costs

Vast Edge charges only for what customers subscribe. No extra charges or hidden charges applied to these contracts.

Billing Forecast

Vast Edge's cloud tool forecast every expenditure of clients and bill customers only how much they use.

Lower TCO

We help customers by providing all business service contracts without wasting their money and time.

Monitoring Tools

Vast Edge's custom developed cloud monitoring tool leverages automated tools to manage, monitor, and evaluate cloud computing architecture, infrastructure, and services. Our cloud monitoring tool helps businesses in identifying emerging defects and troubling patterns for proactive resolution of problems.

  • Real-time alerts
  • Dynamic dashboard for a unified view of every parameter
  • Proactive notifications based on DB analysis
  • 360° monitoring of network, server, applications, and databases

Application Development Expertise

Vast Edge has expertise in developing custom apps for enterprises. Vast Edge assists enterprises in developing modern, intelligent and top in class business apps. We provide Oracle DevOps model leveraging quality assurance to streamline app development and delivery. Vast Edge's app development expertise includes features like:

Simple Layout: Vast Edge provides a rich, browser-based, intuitive interface for your apps to enhance the ease of access of apps and smooth running of it. Vast Edge uses the Application Builder functionality of APEX to design the powerful components of apps adding a high-level of integration with limited coding.

Portable Systems: Vast Edge uses a cloud-based architecture for running and developing your apps so that you can access the backend of your apps from anywhere. Our experts allow enterprises in deploying their apps across applications and environments with ease.

Proven Expertise: Vast Edge has experience of more than 2 decades when it comes to configuring web and mobile apps. Vast Edge has deployed a wide range of apps starting from as simple as a basic calculator to mission-critical apps for the US Department of Defence. The hybrid architecture encapsulating pluggable modules and pre-build SDKs designed by Vast Edge reduces the overall deployment time of your apps.

Secure Architecture: We understand that your data is critical. Vast Edge uses multi-factor authentication protocol while designing your apps using Oracle APEX to integrate highly secure out of the box solution. Vast Edge uses adaptive security features to tackle highly resourceful hackers and securing your scare databases.

Application Integration Expertise

Although integration complexities have increased with applications residing on multiply clouds, the availability of pre-built adapters and tools have reduced the integration costs to enable and maintain these integrations. Business processes and software's such as blockchain applications, ERP systems, CRM applications, Business intelligence applications, Payroll, billing, and human resources systems typically cannot communicate with one another to share data.
Integration Adapters provides a critical foundation for the Product, providing a Unified Connectivity Architecture, facilitating the integration of information from several on-premise, legacy, and cloud-based applications and systems into a Service Oriented Architecture. Vast Edge provides an ecosystem by means of integration adapters (connect multiple discrete systems without coding) so that different business applications can communicate with each other and share data. With pre-built integration adapters, customer can save time and cost.

  • Common Design Pattern
  • Cyber Security Enforcement
  • Available in widely used programming languages
  • Light Weight and easy to configure

Application Migration Expertise

Vast Edge offers app migration expertise for leveraging safe and secure application migration such as Java Cloud Service, SOA Cloud Service, EBS, JDE, Dynamics, SAP, Compute, and Custom Apps. Vast Edge's quality migration includes features like:


>> Assign Teams
>> Roles & Responsibilities
>> Project Plan
>> Migration Checklist
>> Cutover plan


>> Oracle IDCS
>> MS Active Directory
>> Domain Controllers


>> IPSec/VPN Tunnels
>> Firewalls


>> Secure and Ship Data to DC's (if required)
>> Ravello
>> VMDK images
>> Database & Application Migration (export/import)

Our application migration services include cloud-based configuration of 100+ application. Some of these are:

E-Business Suite: EBS migration by Vast Edge offers high-performance computing capabilities and storage capacity along with a flexible virtual network that secures your on-premise network while migrating E-Business Suite. Oracle E-Business Suite cloud migration by Vast Edge allows enterprises for cloud based EBS platform including features like:

  • Order management
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Financials
  • Cloud accommodations
  • Third-party integrations
  • Top-notch deployment practices
  • Reference architectures

JD Edwards: As a global Oracle Cloud service provider, Vast Edge has assisted several businesses to move their Oracle apps to Cloud environment till date. Vast Edge facilitates the Oracle apps migration with minimal changes and lower cost while maintaining the security, governance and results.

  • Vast Edge helps the organizations to deploy their existing JDE environment "as is" to Oracle Cloud for the faster provision of JDE workload.
  • We extend the JDE environment with platform services for businesses to help them drive agility and innovation.
  • Vast Edge improves the time to market and productivity of companies and also enables them to create a delightful experience for customers.
  • Our cloud experts at Vast Edge deploys a secure disaster recovery solution in cloud without any infrastructure cost with a focus on improving app uptime.

Azure Dynamics: Azure's ERP offering i.e. Dynamic is one of its kind ERP platform which allows decentralization of system's architecture at will to ensure cost-cutting or uphold performance parameters. USPs of Vast Edge in Dynamic migration are:

  • Vast Edge incorporates built-in redundancy in data centers to minimize downtime for updates and maintenance.
  • Our cloud experts integrate the on-premise system with Dynamics GP Cloud environment for seamless user experience.
  • Vast Edge ensures high scalability by fast resizing of servers, storage capacity, and build-out of new environments.
  • Cloud specialists at Vast Edge are certified by Microsoft and are well equipped to uphold all the compliance and regulatory standards to ensure security and authentication.
  • Vast Edge also monitors the performance review so that your system is up 24*7 and updates your system as soon as any patch rolls out.

SAP: SAP migration by Vast Edge eases out the exchange of data in real-time across various ERP platforms. SAP cloud platform integrates processes and data between cloud apps, 3rd party apps, and on-premises architecture.

Accelerated Migration

Our migration experts jump-start projects with content integration from SAP HANA which is easily scalable to meet your business requirements. Vast Edge also leverages SAP's 24x7 management and technical support for content optimization.

Simplified Migration

Vast Edge connects your enterprises' applications across geographical boundaries enabling real-time connectivity while eliminating dubious manual data entry that causes errors and ensures cost cuttings.

Customizable Migration

Vast Edge enables enterprises in building your own adapters with our pre-developed SDKs that reduce migration efforts by up to 50% while integrating machine learning & artificial intelligence.

Custom Apps: As an Oracle-partnered consulting firm, Vast Edge assists enterprises to move into core business operations with critical applications, database, software developing tools from Oracle's next-gen technology.

Oracle Fusion Application
Vast Edge, an Oracle MSP, deploys core business function using Oracle Fusion Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). For hassle-free management of the business, we migrate their critical apps like ERP, HCM, and CX on the cloud.

Cloud Native Apps
These are the custom cloud apps deployed by Vast Edge for businesses' engineering teams and others to supplement standard cloud applications.

Standard Cloud Apps
We leverage Oracle services to deploy standard cloud apps to address specialized requirements for SMBs.

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