Why Vast Edge Cloud Management Platform

A cloud management software platform provides enterprises with tools to manage their cloud resources and provides administrative control over the private, public, and hybrid cloud. It is very efficient, secure, and time-saving for organizations using multiple cloud infrastructures to have a centralized cloud management platform. Cloud Management Platforms allow users to manage dynamic and scalable cloud environments.
The set of features provided by the cloud management platform differs from vendor to vendor. Some focus on providing more tools, while others may focus on multiple market verticals. Some vendors may deliver cloud management platforms as on-premise applications or as software as a service. Overall, cloud management refers to providing administration control over public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments.

Why Does Any Business Need a Cloud Management Platform (CMP)?

Earlier, migration to the cloud was the biggest issue along with all the features cloud computing offers. After a decade, it was established that the cloud needs a proper strategy to be productive. Managing applications over the cloud involves many repetitive tasks, especially for large organizations. Lack of skills and knowledge increases cloud costs due to lack of visibility and makes the overall process complex. Here's where the need for a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) comes in.

Choosing the Right Cloud Management Platform:

Today, businesses understand that the cloud needs to be managed well for better efficiency, productivity, and security. Here are some considerations for choosing the right cloud management platform:

  • It should be easy to use.
  • It should take care of the important aspects- cost, DR, security, and performance over the cloud.
  • It should detect the security leaks in the system very quickly.
  • System reports should be customizable.
  • It should provide easy integration with other tools.
  • It should provide professional support.
  • It should detect when an unnecessary resource is launched within the system.
  • Automation of all managed cloud resources
  • It should support governance and compliance
  • It should reduce infrastructure complexity

How do Cloud Management Platforms work?

Modern CMPs extend the traditional IT infrastructure and increase the flexibility of delivering digital services. It works best to automate the overall services across complex environments.

A new cloud must be able to access the complete infrastructure within an organization, such as:

a. Windows and Mainframe
b. Public clouds including AWS, GCP, and Azure

Components of Vast Edge's Cloud Management Platform:

Technology always keeps evolving, and as it becomes complex, the user wants more flexibility with the new cloud platform. At the same time, users may also want the same cloud platform options to be simpler.

Here are the key components of Vast Edge's CMP that can make it successful for any workplace:

  • Simple to use: The main aspect of any good CMP is that it should reduce the complexity of the overall system to help the user understand the infrastructure better and get the most out of cloud services. Vast Edge provides a very simple-to-use CMP and makes the overall experience very simple over the cloud. It also helps with frequent releases of web or mobile apps by making it focus on providing extra value.
  • Self-Service: Vast Edge's cloud management platform supports self-service cloud fulfillment and administration capabilities.
  • Service Catalogs:Service Catalogs: Vast Edge provides a catalog of target cloud environment services where users can access them as per their needs.
  • Proper Resource Management: A good CMP is known for providing virtual cloud resources visibility, and should support the provisioning and de-provisioning of cloud resources. Vast Edge CMP claims support while migrating a workload from the private to the public cloud.
  • Governance and Compliance: Vast Edge's governance capabilities enable administrators to automate tasks within the system with a defined set of rules. It also defines policy-based control over cloud resources.
  • Security: Security features of Vast Edge's CMP include encryption, key management, certification association, access control, user authentication, etc. It ensures security features within the cloud infrastructure.
  • Integration: A good CMP offers easy integration with other modules within the system. Vast Edge's cloud management platform offers easy integration with IT systems, billing systems, reporting and monitoring tools, etc.
  • Dashboards and Reports: Dashboard views present in different CMPs provide a wider view of any system from the inside to portray a clearer picture of performance, visibility, capacity, metrics, availability, etc.

Vast Edge's CMPs provide businesses with better operation agility, better identifying and analyzing power, and support the digital transformation that transforms organizations' technology platforms into a competitive weapon. We are helping many businesses to optimize and manage their cloud infrastructure for cost, security, and operations. Contact us to have better control over different cloud environments with Vast Edge CMP.

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