Business as a Service (Baas)

Business as a Service

Cloud technology has made a drastic shift of paradigm in the realm of IT services and has become almost archaic to be merely opted for. The next step in the evolution of service-oriented architecture is to begin with a business vertical into the cloud.
Business as a Service (BaaS) is a cloud-enabled service that incorporates business agility with increased revenue and customer segments. BaaS is one of the service verticals provided to the customer with an integrated compendium of collaboration and transaction events while meeting specific enterprise goals.


As the VPNs, client-server distribution services, and grid computing have run down to the category of early cloud epoch, the emergence of cloud services such as SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS has formed the base for existing service standards in cloud computing with a focus on introducing business as a service in the later stage.
BaaS, on the other hand, has proved to a benefaction for boosting the enterprise economy of companies that are on the way to using its benefits to run a part of or their entire enterprise process. It has the following advantages over the almost passe conventional IT services.


  • Deep insights into performance through enhanced business analytic methods
  • Increased capabilities to efficiently handle agile enterprise business processes
  • Improved business collaboration with scalable cost options to provide services
  • Flexible cost options for subscribing price model and reporting cost improvement
  • Reliable process automation for improving internal and external ongoing processes

What we offer?

VastEdge has been leading in assisting businesses to optimize their processes and unlock capital-saving opportunities with a secure enterprise network. We provide sophisticated networking and web technology solutions to our clients across the globe in partnership with leading technology experts and vendors like NetSuite, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and Symantec.

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