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For the efficient running of businesses, many of them have implemented business process workflows with tiered approvals to improve quality and customer satisfaction. Besides, it assists them in saving time and money. Vast Edge provides an easy-to-use workflow engine for small and medium businesses to implement controls for their business processes. The workflow engine configured by us is Omni-channel and optimized. It integrates data from various ERP packages such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle ERP, NetSuite ERP, SAP, and Salesforce.

Why Vast Edge For Business Process As A Service (BPaaS)?

Vast Edge's BPaaS service model encompasses components that rely on cloud-related services including software, platform, and infrastructure. Through Business Process as a Service, Vast Edge addresses the issues of transaction automation and agile processing. Earlier for generating any report related to purchasing, inventory, and so on, companies had to build a program for the received request. However, by leveraging BPaaS features, Vast Edge has orchestrated a complete look-up of these issues before granting it to a third party or customer.

Service Architecture Of BPaaS


Scope And Advantages

BPaaS offers the following advantages with innovative business capabilities to overcome troublesome traditional IT service architecture.

  • It has a configurable design with well-defined API for connecting to related services.
  • It doesn't require intense knowledge of background process or middleware definitions.
  • It includes robust and optimized cloud based underlying services to provide scalability.
  • BPaaS in the hybrid cloud can be used to create a platform for process-oriented business services.
  • This also supports a multi-language suite for service implementation in different environments.

Azure Dynamics BPaaS

Azure Dynamics business process workflow enables enterprises to handle customer service requests and get approval for an invoice before submitting an order. Leveraging sales methodologies assists them to achieve better results and indicate the situation of their business. The Dynamics of business process flows enable new staff to get up-to-speed quickly and avoid mistakes that hamper customer satisfaction.
The Simple Compare Process Flows of Dynamics automates business logic and streamlines data entry. Leveraging It, Vast Edge orchestrates companies and vendors to save time, reduce training costs, and increase user adoption.


  • Enhances business flow and ties the records together for up to five different entities.
  • Provides 10 active business process flows per entity to leverage appropriate processes for different situations.
  • Security roles in process flows allow customers to see and use it securely.
  • Limits for the number of processes, stages, and steps can be added.
  • Call-on-demand configuration by dragging the workflow component to the process stage or the Global Workflows section.

NetSuite BPaaS

NetSuite Workflow Engine automates the approval process on transactions, validates the information and user activities, and allows seamless flow to happen between stages. It tracks every stage in workflow preventing manual processes and builds custom business processes on unique business needs. The Suite Flow Engine deployed by Vast Edge configures a point-and-click graphical interface with templates JEBA, POBA, and SOBA to customize the workflow. A typical NetSuite workflow configuration by Vast Edge includes steps like:

  • Professional Trip: Professional Trip: Here, Vast Edge deploys NetSuite irrespective of the standard workflow and customizes it to fit your requirements. The cloud-based ERP system is also customized with the workflow to meet your business requirements.

  • Workflow States: The building blocks of workflows include specific actions and are connected to other states by transitions.

  • Workflow Transitions: Between states of the business process, transitions define conditions and trigger condition options for the most accurate process possible.

  • Workflow Actions: Create actions that will allow steps to execute a command.

Salesforce BPaaS

Salesforce business workflow effectively manages customer inquiry emails, delivers better user interaction, and rectifies small operational issues. It helps enterprises meet high-level enterprise goals, encourages the team to work together more efficiently, and responds to quick changes. The Salesforce BPM explores the overarching transfer of value in-between interactions, delivers enterprise-level work experience, and empowers SMBs to operate more efficiently.

Deep Functionality enables you to do the heavy lifting.

Scale business easily for smooth growth.

Low-code capabilities enable enterprises to tailor solutions to their needs.

Expert support helps you in dynamic implementation.


SAP BPaaS solution empowers businesses to automate, integrate, and optimize business processes to innovate faster and be more responsive to changing demands. In addition, it manages transactions to satisfy reporting needs and multiple currencies to easily implement the financial transaction.
SAP implementation by Vast Edge allows customers to identify weaknesses in predefined SAP business processes and provides a fast and detailed solution to make it more efficient and effective. With SAP BPM, your employees can easily prioritize actions with better impact in challenging times.

Empower employees to take high-value actions and deliver the best results.

The benchmarking functionality brings visibility and transparency.

Anticipate and meet increasing business needs by automating, enhancing and adopting business process.

Identification of redundant data allows the clean-up of old and open business transaction data.


The Oracle BPM Suite enables businesses to build standard process models, customizes business processes and drive business productivity and innovation. It also leads to seamless integration of all stages of the application development life cycle from design to implementation to run-time and finally app management. The Oracle Suite expands BPM to include flexible, unstructured processes and dynamic tasks to support approval routing using declarative patterns and rule-driven flow.


Oracle BPM User Persona

Process Analyst: Responsible for creating the initial flow of a business process and documenting the steps. It also performs simulations to calculate and estimate ROI.

Process Developer: Responsible for implementing the process model created by analysts. It further integrates the business process with back-end apps.


Business Administrator: Performs activities including the installation and setup of BPM environments and the overall management of the BPM Engines.

Process Owner: Responsible for controlling and managing deployed business processes and the overall supervision of the business.

Process Participant: It processes participants who use the business apps created with the Oracle BPM Suite.

Account Receivable

Account Receivable Management Services by Vast Edge encourages a portion of sales on credit allowing clients the ability to pay for the services they received. It is an asset account on the balance sheet representing due money by customers for the purchase made on credit. The short-term, to-be-paid money generates the company's higher revenue, strengthens its finances, and affects overall cash flow activities. The benefits for the company over AR services are:

Collects payment quickly with no delay.

Save time and cost on outsourcing.

Skilled, experienced, and in-depth expertise.

Provides enhanced efficiency by executing AR with accuracy and on time.


Account Payable

Account Payable Management Services by Vast Edge processes the company's accurate and authorized invoices and bills to be accepted. It leverages a payable account that ensures all payments to the right invoice and vendor only one time and all invoices in one hand. The Account Payable service empowers businesses to rectify incorrect financial statements and issues down the line. The steps to process AP services:

  • Purchase Order: It includes a PO form on the vendor's order that explores information PO number, date, company name, description of the contact person, item to be purchased, the price per unit, method of shipping, etc.

  • Receiving Report: A receiving report displays matching the description of the purchase order sent to the company by vendors for confirmation of the purchase order.

  • Vendor Invoice: After the receiving report reaches to company, the vendor sends out an invoice or bill. The payment is credited to the account payable account and debited from another account as an expense or asset on the invoice.


Increase liabilities of balance sheet.

Saves money on paying off early.

Expenses are kept hidden from the income statement.

Avoids company-supplier relationships crumbling.

Removes faulty feedback from financial statements.

General Ledger

General Ledger assembles all transactions of accounts occurring within an entity, stores all debited and credited entities, and manages all legal financial records. Also, it exposes all past transactions and detailed information such as the date, description, and amounts. The primary Ledger accounting software by Vast Edge generates the company's trial balance to validate its accuracy and all authorized financial statements.

  • Self-regulated system to access Ledger at any point and create its copy.
  • Deploys blockchain technology to mitigate risks from one source control of the ledger.
  • Profitable for SMBs to simplify the audit of accounting records or analysis of records by internal stakeholders.
  • Leverages double-entry bookkeeping method to summarize all transactions through two accounts: Debit account and Credit account.
  • Construct 7's balance sheet and income statement affecting accounting elements such as Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Expenses, and Revenue.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management by Vast Edge empowers enterprises to define their market and future, operate a single line of business, and enhance their industrial scope. It deploys strategic planning from sourcing the raw materials to the delivery to end-users. The system's strategic coordination improves the long-term performance of the individual company and ties all functions involved in receiving and filling a customer request.

SCM In Global Environment

Enterprises are developing their interest in the global scope of business. The Global SCM by Vast Edge enables them to stand in the global market and respond to demands for improved products and services. Along with that, it inculcates just-in-time responses for inventory management policies from the global SCM for growth and improved sourcing opportunities.

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