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Check Point DDoS Protector Appliances block Denial of Service attacks within seconds with multi-layered protection and up to 12Gbps of performance.
Modern DDoS attacks use new techniques to exploit areas where traditional security solutions are not equipped to protect. These attacks can cause serious network downtime to businesses who rely on networks and Web services to operate. DDoS Protectors extend the company's security perimeters to block destructive DDoS attacks before they cause damage.

Multi-layer Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Armed with sophisticated technologies and advanced DoS detection and prevention techniques, Check Point DDoS Protector is capable of stopping today's advanced DDoS attacks including:
>> Non-vulnerability-based attacks that misuse server resources, such as Application DoS HTTP , SIP, and other flood attacks
>> DoS/DDoS flood attacks that misuse network bandwidth resources
>> Rapid response and real-time update of custom filters to protect against emerging attacks

Accurate Attack Prevention

>> Real-time signatures are generated for each attack pattern, using up to 20 different parameters
>> Block attacks without blocking legitimate user traffic
>> Intelligent flash traffic detection sees the difference between legitimate spikes in traffic and attacks

High Performance

Wide range of DDoS Protector appliances provides up to 12Gbps capacity for full network traffic inspection and protection, with dedicated hardware acceleration against DDoS attacks.

Flexible Deployment Options

Check Point DDoS Protectors are ready to protect network of all sizes in minutes and can be installed locally, through an ISP, or both.

Protection Against Network-Based Attacks

Effectively identify and stop brute-force flood attacks at the network level.

Integrated Security Management

Check Point unified security management system simplifies critical management activities with a real-time threat analysis tool, an advanced log analyzer and comprehensive auditing and reporting all from a single console.

Blocks a wide range of attacks with customized multi-layered protection

>> Behavioral protection base-lining multiple elements and blocking abnormal traffic
>> Automatically generated and pre-defined signatures
>> Using advanced challenge/response techniques

Fast response time protects against attacks within seconds

>> Automatically defends against network flood and application layer attacks
>> Customized protection optimized to meet specific network environment and security needs
>> Quickly filters traffic before it reaches the firewall to protect networks, servers and block exploits

Flexible deployment options to protect any business

>> Appliances easily fit into existing network topology (layer-2 bridge)
>> Ready to protect any size network in minutes
>> A family of 7 new appliances offering:
>> Low-latency (less than 60 microseconds)
>> High-performance (up to 12 Gbps)
>> Port density of up to 16 ports (12x1GbE and 4x10GbE)

Integrated with Check Point Security Management

>> Leverage SmartEvent, SmartLog and SmartView Tracker for real-time and historic view of overall network security and DDoS attack status
>> Standalone policy management with both Web UI and command line interface
>> Team of security experts provide immediate response during DoS attacks

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