Workflow Engine

One of the most crucial needs for businesses is have the ability to schedule, automate, and orchestrate business processes, often called business workflow. It also integrates with other apps, data, systems, and services across geographical locations. With growing list of SMBs using workflows in their apps, Vast Edge has developed a custom workflow engine that businesses can leverage to integrate and run on multiple hosting platforms like Kubernetes, IoT Edge, VMs and many more.

Process Workflow Engine

Workflow Engine handles business processes effectively and executes them in a more efficient and faster manner. Process workflow engine reduces bottlenecks, wastage, and eliminate duplicate actions by accessing the steps, information and purpose. It further manages business processes by identifying and removing nonessential steps for dynamic business implementation.

Mobile Progressive Web App Enabled

Vast Edge deployed workflow Engine allows business tasks to take initiatives and automate it based on the workflow design. It performs repetitive tasks easily to save valuable time and eradicate human error. The mobile progressive web-based automation software enables users to create a set of processes, get it running and manage it with workflow design tools.

  • Perform business functions using workflow tools and technologies.
  • Minimum technical experience requiring to manage automated business processes.
  • Run specific processes based on the workflow design.
  • No coding experience required.

Business Rules Engine: Routing Workflow

Business Rules Engine enables users to change or customize multiple aspects of business requirements without having much coding or technical knowledge. It deploys a set of conditions and guidelines to control the tasks performed and helps in determining the course of action. Business Rules Engine initiates a function-based system that uses logical approaches and determines resulting actions.

  • Can be separated from application to use in other instances.
  • Ease out complex variables to helps with decision-making processes.
  • Helps in developing business knowledge.
  • Promotes consistency.

HR-Hiring Approval


It involves a job offering approval before posting an ad for a job by a hiring manager.

Inviting Candidate

Include steps like actions taken by the hiring team to fill their hiring pipeline with qualified candidates.

Selecting Candidate

Screening a candidate. It includes steps like screening calls, job application reviews and pre-employment tests.

Offering The Job

Steps like drafting and sending a job offer email to the selected candidates are listed here.

Purchasing- Approval Workflow

Workflow Engine documents a commercial process between a buyer and a seller for purchasing goods and services. It deploys purchase order terms from the seller and buying terms from the buyer. The Purchase Approval workflow engine binds the entire purchasing process between them legally by governing the terms of contracts. Stages for purchasing workflow are:

Identifying The Purchase

It involves a purchase order system to automate the purchasing process and identifies the purchase order. It increases productivity and reduces errors in the process.

Supplier Acknowledgment Of The Order

This step involves the confirm from the supplier whether they meet the requirement of the purchase or not. In case of non-delivery or price changes, it avoids the purchase going forward.

Authorizing The Purchase

After the budget approval for the amount of purchase and other variables, authorization from senior management is required.

Identifying Suppliers

It involves identification of the supplier base for purchasing automation solution.

Preparing The Purchase

It involves creating the purchase order and getting the purchase order approved.

Sending The Purchase To The Suppliers

The purchase orders are sent to the suppliers through emails or fax.

Customer Contracts

The Workflow Engine provides enterprises the ability to define, automate, enforce and manage customer contracts approvals. It also monitors process efficiency, identifies improvement areas and delivers provisions for third party access with complete security and compliance. The Customer Contract workflow engine automates and delivers a managerial view of all workflows in all stages with an individual calendar. Features of Customer Contracts workflows are:

  • Cloud based system
  • Temporary third-party access
  • Email notification
  • Visual status indicator
  • Workflow routes
  • Role based access

Account Receivable (AR): The Workflow Engine automates the invoice processing. It orchestrates user with improved controls and visibility while provide faster and more accurate information processing. The Workflow Engine improves customer financial closure and works with on-demand access to critical business documents for customers. Moreover, it runs reports to review documents eligibility for disposition and automatically eradicate expired documents.

Account Payable (AP): Account Payable represents a company's obligation to pay off short-term debt to suppliers and ensures proper payment efficiency. It resolves the repeating errors and inefficiencies in business process payment management. Account Payable workflow engine helps businesses save valuable time. Vast Edge offers comfortable pricing and productivity with custom deployed AP workflow engine. The Account Payable automation software helps build trust between businesses and vendors.

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