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Juniper Networks helps enterprises Cloud-ready their data centers by applying lessons from cloud computing to increase data center security and efficiencies, achieve economics of scale, improve agility, and accelerate secure of IT services at lower costs.


Juniper Networks data center fabric solution offers a dramatically simplified 2-1 data center network architecture that reduces complexity and improves performance, scale, and data center efficiencies, while lowering operational and capital costs.


Network virtualization technologies based on open standards and simplified security policies dynamically partition and leverage network to achieve cloud-like data center efficiency and agility.


Juniper's data center solutions provides dynamic data center security services, including application- and user-aware policies, help enterprises efficiently secure data flows for cloud-ready data center security solution.

Juniper Networks data center solutions

provides an open, extensible network automated software that helps eliminate data center complexities, streamline data center operations, and improve management controls for a better cloud-ready data center solution.

Data Center Fabric

A true data center network fabric interconnects thousands of server, storage and other network ports in a flat, ultra-low latency infrastructure that provides any-to-any connectivity, ensuring that every device is a single hop away from every other device.
Since the fabric functions as a single, logical device, it preserves operational construct, performance and simplicity of a single switch while delivering scalability and resiliency of a data center network. A flat fabric-based network architecture also eliminates need for multiple layers of devices, switch-to-switch interactions, and shared network protocols.
Consequently, a data center network fabric dramatically simplifies network management and operations while improving performance, even if the network scales from tens of ports to thousands of ports. Servers, storage, and other data center devices can be seamlessly added to data center because of the fabric's high degree of scalability.

Juniper Networks QFabric technology

delivers such a data center network fabric solution that flattens entire network to a single tier where all access points are equal, eliminating the effects of network locality.

QFabric architecture

also eliminates need for protocols such as Spanning Tree, TRILL or SPB while reducing network latency to microseconds, improving performance of every application in data center.

By operating as a single device, QFabric system Composed of QFabric Interconnect, QFabric Director and QFabric Nodes improves efficiency and simplifies operations by dramatically reducing number of managed components from many to only one.

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