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Software Defined Storage efficiency for today's applications

Software-defined storage (SDS) is a programming-based approach that controls storage-related tasks to provide flexible management to the administrators without restricting the process to only physical systems or resources for storage in use. It follows automated policy management using a single software interface to manage a shared storage pool on commodity hardware.
The evolving market of the software-defined storage market is compelling vendors to figure out the association of their products with their brand and allow the users to define and share memory resources in virtualized and non-virtualized storage assets. We at VastEdge follow continuous change management and implement advanced practices for enhancing project development strategies to deliver network-enabled software products like:

VMware Virtual SAN- An enterprise-class shared storage solution

Virtual SAN is the only hypervisor-embedded storage solution to trust your mission-critical applications. VSAN uses a hyper-converged storage architecture, enabling compute and storage resources to be delivered through a common VMware virtualized platform. Virtual SAN clusters can scale out one node at a time or scale up by adding capacity to existing hosts. Virtual SAN creates end-to-end visibility between the virtual layer and the storage layer through vSphere technologies, deduplication clustering, and erasure coding.

It is capable of achieving over 8 PB of raw storage capacity with up to 100,000 IOPs per host resulting in 50% lower TCO and is characterized by distinct features like:-

  • Per-application storage services
  • Linear and non-disruptive scalable storage infrastructure
  • Radically simple heterogeneous storage for vSphere with native integration of VMware stack

IBM Storwize V5000 &bsp; Outstanding benefits with greater flexibility

IBM Storwize V5000 is an easy-to-deploy customizable solution with the potential to enhance speed to double and high efficiency for simplified migration of storage assets. It is suitable for growing organizations to handle business-critical applications with reduced cost. IBM offers clustered system series that can scale up for performance and capacity while replicating over IP for remote mirroring and supporting external virtualization to existing storage systems.

Storwize functionality provides:

  • Accelerated global access to petabytes of data and billions of files
  • IBM® Easy Tier® technology for multi-brand virtualisation, intelligent tiering, and open API support (OpenStack, Hadoop, POSIX)
  • Transformation of hybrid cloud business models with storage and big data protection
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