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Dentrix Technology Cloud Integration By Vast Edge

Dentrix Technology is a clinic and practices software for managing dental practices. It assists medical staffs in reducing administrative workload, increase efficiency and revenue potential, and delivers enhanced patient experience. Dentrix Dental services deploy industry-leading front office tools to perform time-consuming tasks in minutes with enhanced accuracy. Additionally, it upholds patient satisfaction by bringing enterprise-grade security in business and flexible access with the web as well as mobile-based access.

Why Vast Edge for Dentrix Cloud Integration?

Vast Edge configures multiple modules for hassle-free handling of your e-care system. Dentrix architecture deployed by Vast Edge includes modules like:

1. Family File

Segregates patient and insurance information from basic ones.

2. Appointment Book

Enables them to schedule appointments, record cancelled appointment, print route slips and connect patient directly from the system.

3.Patient Chart

It is an easy-to-use module that records on-going clinical procedures, patient care information, and displaces treatment plan costs.


It creates seamless integration with the system that deploys all financial transactions, patient-insurance information, and deductibles.

5. Office Manager

It customizes reports on patient lists, financial reports, reference reports, congratulatory message, appointment and thank you notes to visitors and patients.

Dentrix Multi-Platform Configuration by Vast Edge

Now-a-days, a number of businesses are avoiding single vendor lock-in and opt for a hybrid cloud. Vast Edge has deployed a custom platform for integration of Dentrix technology, so that is suits equally with multiple platforms and tools without any hassle.

  • NetSuite : NetSuite's One World helps global healthcare businesses drive financial and operational efficiencies as well as deliver real-time visibility and consolidation. It also helps them streamline multi-subsidiary operations. NetSuite One World helps reduce the cost of IT infrastructure and resources for running health operations universally.
  • SAP : SAP assists Dentrix healthcare businesses to leverage more-personalized healthcare and increase efficiency with quality insights. It realizes better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction using organizational-level analytics. The SAP healthcare solution enables enterprises to access interactively analyse large volumes of healthcare data to advance opportunities for personalizing medicines for each patient.
  • Oracle : Oracle Dental Group provides high-quality general and cosmetic dental care and preventative dentistry services. It helps in automation of multiple dental treatments like teeth whitening, cosmetic crown, teeth implant with dedicated dentists and therapists, working closely to protect your gums and teeth against future disease as well.
  • QuickBooks : QuickBooks offers Open Dental software that enables dentists to review and manage daily bookkeeping, control cash flow, check writing, and manage money tasks. It is a highly recommended application that guides them to take better critical decisions and perform accounting. The Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor helps you save time, prevent a lot of headaches, and correct accounting errors.

Dentrix e Care Services by Vast Edge

Dentrix e Care Services by Vast Edge lets you accomplish your tasks more efficiently and increases productivity with more work done in less time. It does not require any purchase for ad-hoc solutions or load software bridges or patches. The Dentrix e Services deploy powerful digital tools to leverage easy-access to services that you need, increase business revenue potential, and faster work is done with extensive accuracy. Some of its features include:

  • QuickBill : QuickBill lets you produce a hassle-free automated billing statement and send it to patients directly without the tedious assembly or expensive inventory. It is a very cost-effective tool that performs auto printing, stuffing, stamping and mailing, and allows changes on displayed info like accept credit card and line-item description.
  • e Claim : e Claim fastens your insurance claim process, reduces the number of rejected claims, and leverages easy reimbursements in days instead of weeks. With minimum hassles and no third-party interaction, you can get printed or mailed e-insurance with no extra charges.
  • e Backup : Dentrix e Backup service lets you store, backup, and secure all your data that you want to keep in a safe offsite location against disaster and potential loss. It brings greater peace of mind with status-informed logs and alerts.
  • e Central : e Central allows you to track insurance claims, check insurance eligibility, manage websites and remind patients of their appointments. It enables you to increase your connections and leverage effective and efficient communication with them. To eliminate expensive inventory and save time, it automates your recall process with the latest and attractive postcards.
  • Dentrix Mobile : The web-based mobile service leverages flexible access to view appointments, patient and prescription information, and connect experts for medical advice.
  • Patient Engage : Dentrix Patient Engage service lets you automatically send appointments and reminders, reduce missed appointments, and builds strong relationship with current and future patients. PE dashboard deploys a two-way messaging that helps maintain social distance, reduce in-person interaction, and make you feel comfortable and safe in your place.
  • Patient Portal : Patient Portal allows patients to update their information, leverage a secure messaging and creates a safe touch in-between patients and medical staff. Also, it invites patients for filling medical forms easily, updating health information and making online payments. The Dentrix Patient Portal leverages a simple secure messaging service that delivers enhanced patient experience by protecting confidential information.
  • Practice Marketing : Practice Marketing helps you maximize your marketing dollars and allows you to receive a greater return on investment with online tools. It automates email campaigns, review requests, website optimization and other marketing tactics.
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