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Are you planning to start an online e-commerce business? Is upfront investment concern in starting your e-commerce business? Are you facing a problem in handling multiple tenancies of your online store? If the answer to any of this is yes! Vast Edge's e-commerce solution will provide a long-term strategy for all your online store needs. We provide a comprehensive suite of the web app, mobile app, market places, and social site integration.

Why Choose Vast Edge's Comprehensive E-commerce Suite?

Loyalty Platform

Vast Edge's loyalty platform is a customer retention tool that lures existing customers for buying in higher quantity, shopping more and for quicker interaction with brands. An easy-to-understand platform shows a clear path to higher tiers and rewards and offers a fun experience.

  • Generates higher data and boost marketing activities.
  • Experiential rewards and VIP benefits increase overall customer lifetime value.
  • Special interest clubs build communities and emphasize exclusivity.
  • Incentivize customer profiling.
  • A redefined buying process makes seamless online shopping.
  • Viral social media contests encourage word of mouth and build trust.

Volume Purchase Option

It allows customers to buy a number of interest goods of many brands from desired shopping stop. Easy-prepared buying list can add or remove the desired item from the list.

  • Quantity-and-quality-enhanced desired list
  • Easy payment process.
  • Customers benefit from a heavy discount for buying a list of goods.
  • Easy replacement and warranty process.

Enhanced Pricing Option

Enhanced Pricing Engine determines the price of a product by covering all costs of the entire streamline process. Purchase history, competitor pricing's, inventory, product demands and product preferences, all help determine the price of a product. Vast Edge's Enhanced Pricing Engine helps decide the price of the product meeting customer pricing needs.

  • Ease of comparing prices.
  • Ease of comparing technique characteristics.
  • Motivation of users to research in order to make better purchasing decisions.
  • Availability of different buying options.
  • Access to other users' experiences through review and social media.

Flexible Configurator

Allows customers a self-service providing product exact specification, customers' orders on customized products and encouraging practices of time configuration. We provide you Flexible Configurator that helps customize your product customers interest.

  • Customize product with 3D print effect
  • Customize it with text, numbers, color, size, orientation, etc.
  • Specified for quantity, setup cost, colors, and personalized area.

Multiple Location

Vast Edge helps expand your business across the world. Your brands and products get customers from all over the world. You can compare your products with top brands.

  • Good reviews from customers.
  • Customers also benefit from multiple locations.
  • Meet many top and evolving brands with a compare base-priced product.
  • Real-time shopping with interest focuses on desired brands-choice.
  • Anytime anywhere shopping.

Multiple Currency Support

We enable your business stepping in the international market. Customized product labels optional charges from origin country or international market accordingly. Our multi-currency feature allows shoppers to see and buy in their local currency.

  • Payment APIs provides the best global payment option.
  • Give merchants the freedom to choose the gateway they are familiar with.
  • Improves the experience for international customers.
  • Improves conversion rates.
  • Enhanced shipping options to further simplify selling cross-border.

Online Chat enabled

We provide a real-time shopping experience delivering immediate response to customer query. Vast Edge's Online Chat helps in

  • Deliver full customer satisfaction.
  • Gain sales and build loyalty from your customers.
  • Drastically improve both your customer service and sales performance.
  • Provides a personalized service that enables you to answer any queries immediately and encourage sale.
  • Offers a truly 24*7 hours' service.
  • It can respond to multiple users at the same time.
  • Give customers real-time, immediate interaction and user-friendly experience.
  • Provide details about the item as well as information about any corresponding products.

Floating Shopping Cart

Vast Edge provides you with a Floating Shopping Cart that offers an easy end to your purchase rather than avoiding a long-processed paging. The customer gets benefit like:

  • A single page for faster, smoother and hassle-free check-out.
  • A check-out list with picture, description and price.
  • Remember the SKU number for calls about products, arrange for returns or add it to their own catalogue.
  • Provide detailed pages, online transaction management and even save popular transactions so customers can return for repeat business.
  • An image of your purchase and a link to the product as well.
  • No registration required to check-out for further motivation to Facebook or any social site.
  • Email promotions and deals directly on your site that you can apply at checkout through a simple coupon code box on the checkout page.

SEO Friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URLs helps ecommerce survive by enabling them to attract customer, increase revenue and traffic from organic search. Vast Edge helps vendors or customers through e-commerce suite:

  • Sense advertising keywords with high transaction intent.
  • Expand remarketing audiences placing cookies for remarketing campaigns.
  • Show display ads when shoppers leave your site to continue their journey.
  • Low-cost top of funnel traffic at the awareness stage like awareness, interest, desire, action rely on a steady stream of new shoppers.
  • To search engine optimization for low-cost brand awareness.
  • A strong user experience with understanding shoppers and site's usability.
  • Delivers long-term performance and never-ending value when campaigns end.
  • Optimized landing pages, better Quality Scores, lower click costs, and higher performance in organic search.

Inventory Management

Vast Edge enables smooth business running keeping sufficient stock of products for the near future and helps make considerable profits. Our Inventory management helps vendors

  • An organized warehouse aids productivity failure.
  • Store highest-selling products to keep up with order fulfillment.
  • Full customer satisfaction with purchase stock for the near future.
  • keep records in computers, mobile and barcode scanners that help save a lot of time.
  • Helps increase cash flow.
  • keep the highest paying customers happy.
  • Save money on each product in case of additional inventory stocking.
  • Specialized dedicated software and hardware offers real-time tracking of products.

Order Management

Vast Edge offers an order management system that helps ecommerce for

  • Order simulator or demand planning integrations.
  • Pick pack verify option with pre-order or advanced order capabilities.
  • Provides and unifies demand planning, Oracle ERP, and Net Suite integration for seamless management of the front-end ecosystems.
  • Shipping rate brokering and real-time inventory visibility.
  • Advanced OMS features like order consolidation from ship to store efficiency.
  • Split payments, multi-lingual, cross-border orders, multi-currency, and double-byte character support.

Ecommerce Integration with Google and Amazon

By integrating your platform with Google and Amazon, Vast Edge's e-commerce suite lets you expand business smoothly, increasing its growth and creates high visiting traffic. Vast Edge helps business as:

  • Links your product with their relevant products and increase your product visibility. .
  • Helps your products being personalized throwing their ads with own products.
  • Advertise your product across world and shop from anywhere.
  • Support showcase shopping ads to personalize your products in front of shoppers and motivate them to purchase.

Payment Gateway Integration

Vast Edge helps ecommerce delivers an easy and most suitable paying option that helps vendors for

  • Multiple payment gateways let you handle customers from different countries, paying in different currencies.
  • A smooth checkout process enhances users' interaction with your e-commerce store, increases goodwill and customer lifetime value.
  • Offer customers a broad spectrum of payment options and allow them to use their favorite payment method.
  • legitimate and trustworthy option for your online business.
  • Three payment methods in any country improve the conversion rate on your e-commerce store by 30%.

Shopping Integration with UPS and FedEX

Vast Edge helps ecommerce for seamless shipping integrating with UPS and FedEx as

  • A shipping application keeps tracking shipping and managing cost of shipping.
  • All track numbers are found in invoice history.

Delivery Integration with DoorDash and Postmates

We offer a safe and on-time delivery. The integration with DoorDash and Postmates help Vast Edge's clients in:

  • Offering a very adjustable delivery fee for each product.
  • $0 delivery fee on all orders over $20.
  • Easy-to-use, user interface for the food delivery app.
  • Reduce the number of steps necessary to place an order.
  • Real-time availability in many countries.

Marketing Integration

Social media marketing automation allows seamless integration of your product with different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Pinterest etc using a set of APIs. With a heavy list of connect, Vast Edge helps deliver a marketing hold through social media platform in:

  • Empowering the business and helps the brand to connect with consumers directly.
  • Enables you to reach out to your target customers in different time zones at the right time, without missing a single opportunity.
  • Communicate important news and updates to the followers and fan base real-time expanding the reach to the wider audience.
  • Comprehensive data generated by various channels such as customer loyalty, sharing patterns, locations, interests, details of friends to launch and optimize promotional campaigns.
  • Get a deeper understanding of your visitor's behaviours.
  • Understand and address your customer queries and questions instantly.
  • Increase brand visibility and exposure among the larger audience base.
  • A simple dashboard allows you to monitor various metrics such as impressions, total reach, customer engagement and conversations from multiple social media channels.
  • Easily organize and sync all your social media platforms and easily share, publish and schedule a post, without manually going to different platforms.

Progressive Web App Enabled

Vast Edge helps ecommerce with a web enabled app that helps grow and enhance their business agility.

  • 1.5 times faster than mobile websites and high-performance actions.
  • User-centric personalisation on a user's interest, behaviours, location, culture etc., highly tailored content in local communication.
  • Instant access by a tap, consume content quickly offering seamless experience via storing vital data.
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