Exadata cloud service for Oracle Database - 12c, 18c, 19c

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Why Exadata Cloud Service?

Are you looking for a database platform on Oracle Cloud that helps you deliver applications faster? Does your current database infrastructure have end-to-end security and high availability? Does your business demand to run an Oracle database workload or combinations of workloads simultaneously? Are you struggling to create numerous database deployments at a time? Have you been trying to reduce cost and efforts to manage, scale at run time and secure your Oracle cloud services? If your answer to any of these is yes, then your business must adapt to Exadata Cloud. Exadata Cloud Service enables businesses to Increase agility & ability and focus on business needs with easy options for cloud models. Several services such as Oracle Data Safe, advanced data compression, RAC cluster, and ASM / Grid, are all included as part of the Exadata cloud service.

Vast Edge is an expert in Exadata cloud service and has proven tools and methods to help you effectively run Oracle on Exadata in the Cloud environment. Since 2016, Vast Edge has been one of the first partners to embrace Oracle cloud and was recognized by Oracle as one of the top System integrators at Jan 2019 Seattle event and was also mentioned in Forbes by Oracle for successfully migrating customers from other clouds and on-prem to Oracle cloud Iaas/PaaS.

Why Vast Edge for Exadata Cloud Service?


Since its inception, Vast Edge has been providing Oracle consulting services to businesses across the globe and recognizes the current business needs to increase focus on innovation and customer service, therefore, helping businesses to invest in modernization and have predictable results every time.

  • Our Exadata Cloud experts at Vast Edge help businesses to drastically reduce their efforts to deploy, manage, maintain, and repair their database infrastructure in the cloud by migrating them to the Exadata cloud platform.
  • Vast Edge helps businesses to scale up and down Exadata Cloud Service to address peak workloads by modifying the number of enabled CPU cores for frequent loads and deploying fluid scaling for infrequent loads and safety margin.
  • With the Exadata cloud, Vast Edge provides rapid access to the Exadata environment and high-performance speed production testing at scale with minimum efforts to businesses.
  • Vast Edge Reduces Costs for Businesses by transforming CAPEX to OPEX and leveraging Exadata Cloud's flexible subscription model to scale up and down on-demand only and Built-in infrastructure upgrades at no extra cost.
  • Vast Edge has full access to Oracle knowledge hub & direct access to Oracle solution engineers and provides 24x7 support ensuring full compatibility of Exadata cloud with your existing Oracle applications.
  • With Exadata cloud, Vast Edge empowers enterprises to manage all database workloads such as Analytics, OLTP, and Consolidation on a single cloud platform and also provides advanced data filtering options in the storage layer of Exadata cloud.

Vast Edge is a global Oracle Gold Partner, leading NetSuite SuiteLife partner, Cloud Select, MSP, and velocity designations with skills and expertise to build, deploy, run, and manage the Oracle Cloud Platform for both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads. Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing Oracle consulting services and has assisted 70+ customers to successfully migrate to the Oracle cloud to date. Vast Edge has immense knowledge of Oracle Storage Solutions, Oracle SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products with 100+ Trained Engineers and 40+ Oracle Certified experts to make your cloud journey smooth and successful.

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