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Organizations are experiencing explosive data growth. Their environment is complex and inflexible, and want to reduce overall costs. But don't just need more storage. There's a need for better storage management strategy.

With right tools, businesses can monitor, manage, back up, and migrate data with minimal disruption to users. F5 data management solutions, ensure optimal utilization of storage resources including cloud storage while reducing overall operational costs.

Perform seamless, low-cost migrations


Even in simple IT environments, data migrations are a common occurrence. With F5, enterprises can perform migrations, consolidations, technology refreshes, and reprovisioning events in less time, with lower IT overhead, and with no disruption to business. F5 data management solutions can reduce total cost of even complex migrations in heterogeneous storage environments.

Reduce storage costs


When data is growing faster than storage budget, organization need a way to do more with less. F5 can help to seamlessly integrate lower-cost storage technologies into existing infrastructure and automatically tier files to proper storage location based on usage. Net result? They protect critical business data, reduce backup times, and guarantee users streamlined access to files.

Improve storage utilization


Businesses can always predict how data will grow. Some storage resources constantly hit their capacity limits, while others are barely utilized. With F5, organizations can dynamically balance capacity utilization across multiple storage resources, reduce cost of storing data, and ensure optimal performance of storage environment.

Reduce backup times


As file data grows, so do the amounts of time and tape required to back up that data. Before backup times start to exceed the backup windows, business need a strategy. F5 helps optimize file storage environment for data backup to protect business data while maintaining business continuity.

Tier to the cloud intelligently


Planning a move to cloud but not sure what to store there? Tier wrong data in the cloud and bandwidth costs will soar while access performance suffers. F5 can help business to effectively integrate private and public cloud storage solutions into existing storage environment using file virtualization and data management policies. Get tools needed to determine what data to store in the cloud, plus control needed to make it so.

Storage Efficiency

Organizations know their data will grow; but just can predict how it will grow. Some users constantly hit their storage limits, while others barely use theirs. Businesses spend more time than they can afford reprovisioning new shares and migrating data to rebalance capacity. It's time to change their storage management strategy.

With F5, organizations can dynamically balance capacity utilization across available storage resources, reduce cost of storing data, and ensure optimal performance of storage environment.

Distribute data growth

Sudden spikes in data growth can exhaust some storage resources even while other resources remain underutilized. F5 uses automated data management policies in combination with dynamic capacity balancing to:

Evenly distribute data across storage environment

>> Smooth out sudden spikes in utilization that exceed the capacity of localized storage resources
>> Improve the performance of entire file storage environment

Improve storage utilization

Don't default to adding more storage when business may not be using what it already have. F5 file virtualization and capacity balancing policies together enable to use existing storage capacity, where and when it's needed. With an F5 storage solution, organizations can:

>> Dynamically balance file placement across all available storage resources, improving aggregate levels of utilization
>> Easily provision new capacity into existing file systems on demand, reducing need to over-provision

Reduce operational overhead

Effective storage utilization is critical, but it doesn't have to be hard. By dynamically balancing capacity utilization across all of storage resources, businesses can eliminate the need for frequent reprovisioning and manual data migrations, while reducing business cost to users and operational cost to staff.

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