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Building an efficient, enterprise-class data center requires virtualization. It's critical to maintaining an adaptable network and accomplishing application scale consolidation, and business continuity.

Whether taking advantage of server, desktop, or application virtualization, F5 provides hardware and software solutions that help rethink network infrastructure. With F5, organizations can achieve the highest efficiency and get the most from operational resources.

Create a Dynamic Data Center

As data centers continue to move toward a resource demand model, infrastructure virtualization becomes the means to creating an agile, adaptable data center. F5 brings together many infrastructure virtualization technologies to support a dynamic, virtualized data center.

Provide Desktop Access Anywhere

Desktop virtualization delivers anywhere access to users while also making centralized management and security possible for the IT department. However, creating virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) necessary for desktop virtualization comes with a unique set of challenges for the network. F5 provides solutions that can optimize, accelerate, secure, and integrate with major VDI solutions so businesses can support all users, from any location, on any device.

Integrate Server Virtualization at the Network Level

As virtualization technologies have matured, management tools have also evolved and can now drastically reduce the time to virtual machine. But there's still a fundamental lack of support for server virtualization at the network level. By integrating directly with all major server virtualization deployment and management tools, F5 brings network management capabilities to server virtualization, helping you reduce deployment complexity and increase efficiency and productivity.

Build a Virtual Network

Traditional networks simply don't offer the flexibility and agility that modern organizations require. F5 simplifies the transition to a cloud network architecture by providing network virtualization to consistently deliver application delivery services like load balancing, optimization, and security for critical applications across traditional and SDN environments.

Network Virtualization

Pressure on network operations to support a growing, dynamic, and volatile set of technologies increases faster than networks' scaling capabilities.

BIG-IP SDN Services simplify the business transition to a cloud network architecture by providing network virtualization to consistently deliver application delivery services like load balancing, firewalls, access control, and DNS for critical applications across IT environments.

Deploy Consistent Application Delivery Services for SDN Networks

BIG-IP SDN Services allow standardizing Application Delivery Services in both traditional networks and SDN networks by making the delivery services available to application workloads regardless of the underlying network topology.

Improve Application Mobility and Resource Utilization

Extend application mobility across data center logical flat networks with segmentation for security and multi-tenancy and simplify VM migrations by creating multi-data center resource pools for better resource utilization.

Simplify the Transition to Virtual Networks

Transition existing networks from VLANs to VXLAN-based topologies to deploy a virtual network while maintaining access to the applications and resources on the traditional network, allowing for a gradual migration of applications.

Server Virtualization

Although it's a critical first step to virtualizing the data center, server virtualization alone doesn't offer application-level benefits. And it can impede application availability, performance, and security.

F5 helps organizations take the next step toward data center agility. Optimize the virtual server environment with F5 Application Delivery Networking solutions by offloading application services such as SSL processing, caching, and compression and extend agility, availability, and performance to the entire data center.

Increase Application Availability

Ensuring application availability can be challenging in a virtualized environment where virtual machines can be provisioned as quickly as they are deprovisioned. F5 solutions provide application availability services between multiple virtual machines, even if they're on different physical hosts, so users get the best possible performance regardless of application, location, or context.

  • Manage application availability at the network level.
  • Integrate with major server virtualization solutions from VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft and work with existing investments.
  • Allow users to follow the app inside and between virtual data centers.

Decrease Application Processing Load

Virtualized hardware can burden application performance. F5 solutions offload key application services such as SSL processing, caching, and compression to the Application Delivery Controller, alleviating the processing headaches from virtualized application servers.

  • Move application service support off virtualized server hardware and onto a dedicated application delivery platform.
  • Be ready for tomorrow with support for larger and computationally heavy SSL keys for greater security and compliance.
  • Manage caching and compression for the entire application at one strategic location.

Virtualize What You Want, When You Want It

Not every application is designed to be virtualized, and not every business wants to virtualize everything at once. F5 enables businesses to migrate from physical to virtual environments at their own pace by supporting a heterogeneous application server environment.

  • Distribute users between physical and virtual environments without disrupting productivity.
  • Support legacy hardware solutions no matter how much of the data center is virtualized to get the most from existing investments.
  • Manage service level agreements at the application level across the entire data center.
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