Google Workspace Migration from Microsoft Azure Office365

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Microsoft Azure Office 365 To GCP Workspace Migration

Google Workspace (new name for GSuite) is an integrated cloud platform that encapsulates productivity, computing and collaboration tools in a unified window; it minimizes the efforts of businesses in managing their cloud environment. In addition to email, and office suite, it enables AI and advanced search to help save time and increase productivity. It enables you to share screens and work remotely with enhanced security features.

Why Vast Edge for Google Workspace?

Vast Edge has developed a custom bundle of apps and tools to assist businesses in leverage the most out of Google Workspace. It includes secure business email along with eDiscovery, retention, S/MIME encryption and so on. Vast Edge's video conferencing tool in Google Workspace suite offers meetings with 250 participants, recording, attendance tracking, noise cancellation, and in-domain live streaming. Our custom tool orchestrates unlimited storage, advanced security, and compliance controls backed by Vault, DLP, data regions, and enterprise endpoint management. Vast Edge offers Free Support and Migration at the same price.

  • Plan
    We recommend specific migration strategy and approach after a thorough understanding of your requirements.
  • Evaluate
    Vast Edge execute a testing plan to ensure quality data fidelity that meets business expectations.
  • Configure
    Our migration experts integrate automated setups to recommended defaults settings as per your requirements. based on your migration scenario.
  • Scale
    Vast Edge scales processes across a network of remote machines running in parallel, along with a central console to manage everything in the real-time.

Google Workspace Benefits

Vast Edge integrates your business architecture seamlessly with Google Workspace in order to enhance the day to day working of your organization. It helps in reducing duplicate entries, increase productivity, enhance system accuracy and so on. Some of those benefits are:

  • Logging made easy : With single sign-on, Vast Edge allows your employees to log-in easily while eliminating the need for employees to remember everything.
  • Never miss a single detail : Vast Edge syncs your Workspace with other Google apps and calendar to keep your updated all the time.
  • Faster user uploads : Vast Edge enables you to automatically import data from Google Workspace to save both time and effort. With Google Workspace domain, you can dynamically upload details of new users to assign them tasks quickly.
  • Save uploading time : Vast Edge integrates your HR Management tool with your Google Workspace, adding numerous benefits to both employees and HR across. We also ensure that this setup improves accuracy, increase productivity and save time.

Migration limitations:

Each and every Vast Edge's custom-tailored plans include basic Google apps like Drive, Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheet, Slides, Keep, Forms, Sites and Currents. Other included benefits of these are:

Business Starter Business Standard Business Plus Enterprise
$12/user/month $12/user/month $18/user/month Custom Pricing
Encrypted Emails Encrypted Emails Encrypted Emails + eDiscovery & retention Encrypted Emails + eDiscovery, retention & S/MIME encryption
Video meetings with 100 participants Video meetings & recording with 150 participants Video meetings, attendance & recording with 250 participants Features of business plans along with noise cancellation and live streaming
30 GB storage/user 2 TB storage/user 5 TB storage/user Unlimited storage
Security & management control Security & management control Enhanced controls along with Vault and advanced endpoint management Advanced controls, including Vault, DLP, data regions, and enterprise endpoint management
Standard support Standard support (Paid Upgrades) Standard support (Paid Upgrades) Enhanced support

Google Workspace Migration from Microsoft 365

Vast Edge creates an app password before connecting Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace; as it considers Outlook to be a less secure app. Let's have a look at the step-by-step guide to carry on the migration process:

  • Step 1 : Verify Your Domain
    Here your Microsoft 365 domain, that you use for G Suite accounts, will be verified. Have a look at Add a domain to Microsoft 365 to complete the whole process in just 2 simple steps.
  • Step 2 : Add Users To Microsoft 365
    Here you can choose any of the two options: add users one at a time or multiple at a time. You should also add user licenses.
  • Step 3 : Create A List Of Mailboxes To Migrate
    In this step, you need to create a migration file with the list of Gmail mailboxes to migrate. Creating an Excel file is the easiest way to do it.
  • Step 4 : Connect Microsoft 365 To Gmail
    In order to migrate Gmail mailboxes, Microsoft 365 needs to connect and communicate with Gmail. For this step, Microsoft 365 offers a migration endpoint that describes the strategy to create connections to migrate the mailboxes.
  • Step 5 : Create A Migration Batch And Start Migrating
    You have to create a migration batch. For that, visit Admin Center > Exchange in your E-mail console.
  • Step 6 : Update Your DNS Records To Route Gmail Directly To Microsoft 365 Or Office 365
    In general, email systems use a DNS record known as MX record for delivering emails. Earlier, your MX record was pointing to Gmail system. However, since you have completed your email migration to Microsoft 365, configure your MX record to Microsoft 365 or Office 365.
  • Step 7 : Stop Synchronization With Gmail
    Here, you have to verify that email is being routed to Microsoft 365. Afterwards, you can delete the migration batch and stop the synchronization between Gmail and Microsoft 365.
  • Step 8: Migrate Calendar And Contacts
    Lastly, you can import Gmail calendar and contacts to Outlook. For that, visit the link: Import contacts to Outlook & Google Calendar to Outlook.

Google Workspace Integration

Vast Edge migrates users from G Suite to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 in multiple stages. It requires provisioning like making users mail-enabled for hassle-free migration. Businesses must enable permissions to set SMTP forwarding for a successful migration.

After migration batches are finished, users can use their migrated mailboxes on Microsoft 365 as their primary mailbox. The routing domains can now be removed, as can the G Suite tenant. The migration of mail, calendar, and contacts from G Suite to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 is complete henceforth.

Migration limitations:

The largest email message that can be migrated depends on your transport configuration. The default limit is 35 MB. Other migration limitations are:

Data Type Limitations
Mail Vacation settings, Automatic reply settings, Filters/Rules will not be migrated
Meeting rooms Room bookings will not be migrated
Calendar Shared calendars, cloud attachments, Google Hangout links, and event colors will not be migrated
Contacts A maximum of three email addresses per contact are migrated over
Contact-Tags Gmail tags, contact URLs, and custom tags will not be migrated
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