IBM Cloud Db2 Migration

Migration from non-Db2 relational database management systems

Migrating to IBM Cloud Db2 from non-Db2 relational database management systems (RDBMS) involves several complex steps. It is crucial to understand the entire migration process and create a detailed porting plan. This plan should include tasks such as converting database objects, moving data, and porting database applications.

Porting Plan

A comprehensive porting plan should encompass the following:

  • Converting Database Objects: Transform existing database objects to equivalent Db2 objects.
  • Data Migration: Move data from the source database to the Db2 database.
  • Application Porting: Convert SQL statements, modify interface calls, and adapt any database-specific code to access Db2.

Conversion Approaches

Common approaches to converting database application code include:

  • Manual Conversion: Manually translating database application code.
  • Dynamic Call Translation: Converting calls dynamically during runtime.
  • Automated Conversion: Using tools to automatically translate database calls.

Conversion tools typically take the source code as input and translate data management calls to SQL calls using information from both the source and target databases, along with the program code, to construct new SQL statements.

IBM Database Conversion Workbench (DCW)

The IBM Database Conversion Workbench (DCW) integrates many tools used for database conversions into a single development environment. DCW facilitates the migration process by providing a framework for converting to Db2 from other RDBMS or different Db2 versions. DCW is available as a complementary download from the IBM Database Conversion Workbench web page.

IBM Migration Resources

IBM provides several resources to aid in the migration process:

  • Migration Station Web Page: This page offers resources and tools to port applications and data from other database management systems to Db2. It outlines common migration steps and provides additional resources for IBM customers and partners.

  • IBM Virtual Innovation Center (VIC): An online center offering educational courses, live mentoring, technical support, solution roadmaps, client simulations, FAQs, case studies, and discussion forums.

  • Db2 Migration Factory: An end-to-end offering for strategic IBM Business Partners, including migration toolkits, online education, sales teams, and other resources to assist in planning and implementing migrations from Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server to Db2.

  • developerWorks Information Management Website: This site provides technical resources for Db2, including product information, downloads, learning resources, support, and community forums. It contains articles and tutorials to help users understand and utilize Db2 functionalities in their applications.

By leveraging these resources, organizations can ensure a smooth and efficient migration to IBM Cloud Db2, minimizing downtime and optimizing performance.

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