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OpenShift platform on IBM Cloud allows businesses to run containerized apps and workloads and aid developers to develop and deploy apps to multiple hosts. Powered by Kubernetes, it delivers business-critical apps development platform along with cutting-edge customer experience. The Red Hat OpenShift platform on IBM cloud streamlines the setup of hybrid software apps various platforms & saves time on maintenance and modernization.

OpenShift Managed Service by Vast Edge

OpenShift on IBM Cloud helps businesses to declutter IT complexity, build and scale applications confidently, and handle the unexpected business surge smoothly. It also assists SMBs to reduce operational costs by up to 20% and gain a competitive lead. The Red Hat OpenShift services deliver industry-leading Kubernetes expertise, add more value to businesses and improve performance. Various benefits of hosting OpenShift on IBM Cloud are:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Red Hat premium support with 99.99% SLAs.
  • Choice-based services leveraging high availability and flexibility.
  • Full-stack management controlled by Kubernetes, along with the support of experienced & 24x7 global SRE team.
  • Development and deployment of application platform with pipelines, monitoring, logging, security, service mesh and so on.

Why OpenShift IBM Cloud Services?

OpenShift on IBM Cloud offers a container management solution that enables customers to stay updated with technology transformation and delivers an easily manageable user experience. It also allows them to containerize and deploy large workloads in Kubernetes, ensuring high business speed and reliability. Key benefits of OpenShift on IBM Cloud are:

  • Powerful and flexible platform that keeps business moving, enhances business growth and overcomes competition.
  • Cost management and subscription bring increased visibility into costs and subscription utilization.
  • Application security monitoring makes apps more stable without reducing developer productivity.
  • Application-centric UI enables the quick building of codes, container deployment, etc.
  • Easy access to the application by the team while eliminating barriers to success.
  • Simple and quick application deployment with minimum effort.

OpenShift IBM Cluster-as-a-Service (CaaS)

OpenShift IBM Cluster-as-a-Service (CaaS) allows enterprise to streamline application development and deployment leveraging dynamic scalability and security. It is highly available and manages workloads to gain increased responsiveness, scalability, and reliability. The Red Hat OpenShift CaaS streamlines business productivity and offers flexible pricing and industry-certificated compliance. The key benefits of OpenShift IBM CaaS are:

  • Reliable and 24x7 support.
  • Workload and data security with "Bring Your Own Key" feature.
  • Continuous availability across multiple zones with automated failure recovery.
  • Quick one-click provisioning and metered billing with long-term commitment.
  • Vulnerability advisor detects common security issues and delivers a better dashboard UI and UX.

OpenShift Self-Managed Products by Vast Edge:

OpenShift Container Platform: OpenShift Container Platform helps enterprises to build and deliver business-critical applications faster while migrating existing workloads to cloud. It also offers push-button to leverage automatic platform updates for the container host, Kubernetes cluster, and application services running on the cloud. The Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform deploys developer-friendly workflows with built-in CI pipelines and source-to-image capability that enables a quick and direct connect of application with a container. The key features of OpenShift Container Platform are:

  • In-built monitoring with Grafana dashboards for visualization.
  • Security Checks starts with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and continuing throughout the application lifecycle.
  • Multiple technology integrations with hundreds of partners and invoke organizations to make investments.
  • Administrative policies across multiple teams with a unified console across all Red Hat OpenShift clusters.

Kubernetes engine

OpenShift Kubernetes Engine offers access to an easy-to-install Kubernetes environment and an extensive compatibility test matrix with multiple software elements. It includes a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtual Data center and Red Hat CoreOS entitlement that uses an integrated Linux operating system with enhanced runtime. The OpenShift Kubernetes Engine is a subscription compatible window container that leverages same SLAs, bug fixes, and common vulnerabilities and errors protection similar to that of OpenShift Container Platform. Some of the features of Kubernetes Engine are:

  • Offers Enterprise-ready security configurations like security context constraints, pod security policies, best practice network and storage settings.
  • Allows customers to use a Kubernetes Network Policy for creating micro-segmentation between deployed application services on the cluster.
  • Core user experience with full access to Kubernetes Operators, pod deployment strategies, Helm, and OpenShift Container Platform templates.
  • Access to all maintained and curated content that the OpenShift Container Platform eco-system offers.
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