Insperity Software Cloud Configuration

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Insperity empowers businesses to optimize their workforce, gain organizational efficiency, and leverage proven techniques for profitable HR strategies. It also deploys performance management and HR solutions for customized performance reviews, job descriptions, employee handbooks, and company policies. Insperity OrgPlus helps relieve administration burden, reduce liabilities, and improve business productivity and visibility.

Insperity Software Configuration By Vast Edge

NetSuite: Vast Edge offers a customized NetSuite solution for Insperity that helps businesses streamline operational efficiencies, make data-driven decisions, and deliver simplified reporting and compliance. The NetSuite HR solution helps transform businesses to drive the outcome, manage workforce lifecycle in one unified platform, and record employees' onboarding workflows globally. The key capabilities of our NetSuite solution are:

  • Greater organizational visibility by unifying front and back office.
  • Easy-accessed real-time data tracking & optimization for better performance.
  • Finger-control approvals like employment change, transfer and promotions, and termination analysis.
  • Ability to deploy leading practices like the job and position tracking, new hire requisition approvals, budgeting and ATS connections.

SAP: Vast Edge's customized SAP solution for Insperity offers core HR and HCM solution that ensures global HR compliance, simplifies tasks with employee self-service, and manages payrolls, documents, visa, and permits. It leverages true self-service to support automation, improve data quality, and elevate HR service delivery with real-time processes.

Oracle: Oracle helps enterprises manage the global workforce effectively, provides core HR services, and delivers advanced HCM control. It further models the workforce with high-level strategic planning to enhance analytics prediction and team performance. The Oracle Global HR Service leverages highly configurable workflows to offer scalability and localization, personalizes the human experience, and makes better decisions. The key benefits of our Oracle solution are:

  • Conversational user experience with multi-channel interaction
  • Highly flexible and extensible services
  • Extensive skill library with multi-language support
  • Secure role design to prevent errors and fraud

QuickBooks: QuickBooks assists SMBs in growing their businesses with global HR services including payrolls. It helps them to customize job descriptions, onboarding checklists, and employee handbooks and boost employees' performance. The QuickBooks HR-cum-Payroll services allow Global businesses to design their employees' Pay Scale on federal wages and overtime and provide all information about hiring, termination, etc.

Why Vast Edge for Insperity Cloud Configuration?

Vast Edge orchestrates a bag full of custom services for businesses that wish to configure Insperity in their architecture. Some of these are:

  • Recruiting Services

    Insperity technology enables recruiters to connect with top talent through proven strategies. It also helps in establishing strong networks and connections to identify and connect top-notch talent nationwide for the job profile. The Insperity HR services efficiently ensure that qualified candidates face interviews, and screening and get selected for the position to be filled.

  • Retirement Service

    Insperity Retirement Service offers a global retirement choice plan. It offers an ideal blend of investment choice combined with the power of payroll integration and removes the burden of plan sponsorship. In addition, it eliminates several management tasks by sending payroll files to track eligibility. The comprehensive 401(k) retirement plan offers a first-class retirement package for the future of employees. Moreover, it fills long-term industrial and monetary experience for enhanced business growth.

  • Employment Screening

    Insperity Employment Screening Service enables businesses to identify the right candidate for the job. It helps measure the candidate's cognitive and interpersonal ability to increase job performance and records accurate and timely information. The Insperity Employment Screening services conducts work eligibility verification on candidates, customizable to suit for the business. Other key capabilities of employment screening are:

    >>Quick & informed hiring decisions
    >>Straightforward pricing
    >>Accuracy you can believe on
    >>Long-term global customer service
    >>Secured and assured compliance with in-house expertise

  • Financial Solution

    Insperity offers a financial solution for reliable bookkeeping and accounting, customized financial reports, and proven control to reduce fraud. It provides long-term success by aligning HR strategy with the financial strategy. Insperity financial solution helps maximize business profit with financial intelligence and better decision making. Expert support enables them access to valuable financial data, insight, and professional guidance. The benefits from Insperity financial solution are:
  • Builds a scalable HR infrastructure with premium HR service and technology to support business at every stage.
  • Interpret and act on predictive data to increase long-term profitability and performance.
  • Connect the dots between your team's efforts and how money flows through your business.
  • Visualize where people drive profit.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies, manage risks and control expenses.

Insperity Technology Solution by Vast Edge

On-clock Scheduling: Web-based system manages schedules, PTO, and clock-ins. It leverages real-time virtual collection, analysis, and control of employee attendance. The key features of On-clock scheduling are

  • Employee Scheduling: It enables employees to get a personal account to view attendance, timesheets, schedules, PTO balance, Time-off calendar, and shift change requests.
  • Time Tracking: It lets you dive into your employee activities with extensive time tracking features such as PTO track, alerts for tardiness, absences and pending overtime.
  • Time Collection: It deploys features such as web punching, biometric time clocks, badge-based time clocks, and mobile and telephony trackdown.

Enterprise Charting: It runs a workforce planning and visualization application to capture a database with employee information and align your people and business goals. It further helps them to visualize dynamic structure and make smarter, strategic business decisions in just a few clicks. The Enterprise charting deploys a plan for changing and tracking real-time metrics to align people with their goals.

Performance Review: The easy-to-use performance review app helps you to customize, review, track, and set measurable goals for employee participation. The key benefits of Performance reviews are:

  • Rate job performance.
  • Set and track measurable employee goals.
  • Evaluate performance with reviews and employees' competencies.
  • Engage employees with self-reviews.
  • Complete carry out of reviews online anytime anywhere.
  • Secured and easy-to-use application that helps stay on track with goals and reference.

Expense Reporting: It helps file, approve, reconcile, and reimburse expenses automatically while cutting costs. It enables businesses to enforce travel policies and provide better visibility into expenditures. The key capabilities of expense reporting are:

  • Easy, quick and complexity-proof approval process.
  • E-screenshots for better flexibility and visibility.
  • ACH direct deposit integration for effortless reimbursement.
  • Easy-filter of data with a library of detailed reports.
  • Online travel, and stay booking with an easy-handle application.
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