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Enterprises need to provide multi-functional and secure connectivity for todays mobile workforce that is equipped with mobile devices such as Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones, and 3G- and 4G-enabled laptops.

The Challenge

Increased use of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices and laptops by mobile workers to help enhance their productivity has also introduced new on-ramps for security breaches that threaten corporate enterprise network, its resources, and its mobile environment. As a result, IT organizations are struggling with the best way to enable secure basic connectivity for these mobile users across a wide variety of mobile platforms.
A key challenge for these IT groups is how to maintain a consistent and uniform level of security policies across this mobile enterprise environment. They are also under tremendous pressure, internally and externally, to provide advanced anti-theft protection for lost or stolen mobile devices. Finally, enterprise organizations are faced with the question of how to control rising deployment and operational costs that arise from supporting mobile workers using increasing number of software agents required to support so many different and incompatible mobile devices.

The Solution

Junipers Secure Mobility solution offers enterprise customers Junos Pulse, a multi-function, single-client mobile security solution, along with market-leading SSL/VPN and Unified Access Control appliances, and a highly secure Wireless LAN portfolio. Together these mobile security solutions provide enterprises with a comprehensive toolkit to help secure and manage a heterogeneous mobile environment.
Junos Pulse combines multi-functional security and access features into a single, universal client and enables enforcement of defined security policies across all devices attached to network. It also gives IT organizations a full range of anti-theft security features by allowing them to remotely locate, lock, wipe, backup, and restore devices. Both Junos Pulse and Junipers Wireless LAN solutions enable enterprise organizations to cost-effectively support a heterogeneous mobile environment spanning multiple mobile platforms with zero-touch provisioning.

The Benefits

By incorporating Junipers Secure Mobile Computing solutions, enterprise organizations can provide a continuous collaboration environment and more engaged experiences for their mobile users. The key benefits include:

  • Delivery of integrated connectivity and security anytime/anywhere with a drastically simplified end user experience
  • Provide clear visibility of mobile users and enforcement of access to network resources based on identity, role and location
  • Minimized risk of loss of corporate data from compromised, lost, or stolen mobile devices
  • Reduced IT overhead due to reduced management complexity
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