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In the era of cloud, network is more important than ever. Organizations are looking to the cloud to increase business agility and innovation. But they will need the right solution to control their cloud networks.

Juniper Networks Contrail is a simple, open and agile software defined networking solution that automates and orchestrates creation of highly scalable virtual networks. Contrail makes it easy to connect clouds and virtualized resources within them quickly, at scale and without changes to underlying physical network.

Wait for SDN is over. Now is the time to connect cloud and pioneer new revenue generating apps and services with Juniper Networks Contrail.

Contrail is networking for the virtual world. Simple, open and agile. Juniper Networks Contrail uniquely delivers on all three:

  • Simple: Using existing networking protocols makes it easy to connect virtual networks and physical networks.
  • Open: With Contrail businesses dont need to worry about vendor lock-in. Juniper interoperate seamlessly with a wide range of hypervisors and open orchestration systems.
  • Agile: Rapidly create virtual networks to public, private and hybrid clouds, while deep analytics capabilities give unparalleled visibility and insights.

Service providers can use Contrail to enable a range of innovative new services, including cloud-based offerings and virtualized managed services. For enterprises, Contrail can increase business agility by enabling the migration of applications and IT resources to more flexible private or hybrid cloud environments.

Key Features
Switching and Routing

Hypervisor forwarding plane provides line rate routing and switching in a multi-tenant virtualized environment that is completely decoupled from underlying physical fabric switches.

Load Balancing

Built directly into hypervisor forwarding plane for load balancing of traffic across application tiers or network services.


Policy Enforcement and Security Groups built directly into hypervisor forwarding plane, with Application-aware Firewall services delivered in software using Virtual SRX, Distributed Threat Prevention delivered in software using JunosWebApp Secure.

Elastic, Resilient VPN: Delivers L3VPN, E-VPN, Site-to-Site IPSec, and SSL VPN in software.

Gateway Services

Interfaces to Juniper MXSeries3D Routers or QFX3600 Switches for Seamless connection to legacy workloads and non-virtualized physical services. Interoperates with most routing equipment that supports L3VPN or E-VPN with appropriate data-encapsulation standards.

High Availability

Contrail is configured in Active-Active cluster mode, and each vRouter is connected to a set of control planes and get same routing table and ACLs.

Analytics Services

Rich visualization and diagnostics of virtualized and physical network. Provides real time and historical infrastructure analytics that can be consumed through REST APIs.

API Services

REST API for configuration, operation, and analytics for seamless integration with cloud orchestration systems,such as CloudStack and OpenStack, or service provider OSS/BSS systems. VPC API Compatibility for seamless deployment of applications in a hybrid environment including Private Cloud and Public/AWS.

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