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Junos integrates network routing, switching, security, and network operating services in a single network operating system to reduce complexity of a network. Running Junos network operating system increases reliability, reduces time required to deploy new network operating services, and decreases network operation costs by up to 41%.

Junos SDK enables customers and partners to develop and deploy onboard applications on Junos network operating system. Intelligent and secure interfaces of Junos SDK give developers powerful options to build applications leveraging underlying control and packet processing functionality of the network operating system.

Junos operating system is a reliable, high-performance network operating system for routing, switching, and security. It reduces time necessary to deploy new services and decreases network operation costs. Junos offers secure programming interfaces and the Junos SDK for developing applications that can unlock more value from the network.

Junos is one system, designed to completely rethink the way network works.

One operating system: Reduces time and effort to plan, deploy, and operate network infrastructure
One release train: Provides stable delivery of new functionality in a steady, time-tested cadence
One modular software architecture: Provides highly available and scalable software that keeps up with changing needs
Running Junos in a network improves reliability, performance, and security of existing applications. It automates network operations on a streamlined system, allowing more time to focus on deploying new applications and services. And its scalable both up and down providing a consistent, reliable, stable system for developers and operators. Which, in turn, means a more cost-effective solution for businesses.

Path Computation Client (PCC)

PCC is an SDN technology available on MX Router Series. PCC enables network programmability to allow IT managers to dynamically create optimal paths including slices, overlays or virtual paths, to optimize on-demand bandwidth requirements.

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