Nexsan Media and Entertainment Storage Solutions

Successful Media and Entertainment production starts with reliable access to digital data throughout the workflow process. But it doesn't end there. To stay competitive, your company needs the high-density, flexible storage that Imation excels in: cost-effective, efficient, fast.
Todays media and entertainment (M&E) content creators now enjoy an unprecedented wealth of digital tools to help bring their artistic visions to life, working in settings from traditional M&E firms to universities, houses of worship, corporations and sports groups.


The transition from HD to UHD video content, the ability to use dozens of less-costly video cameras to capture scenes from multiple angles, the widespread availability of affordable high-performance editing baysall combine to support remarkable creative freedom and opportunity.
But with this freedom comes a variety of storage-related challenges:
>> UHD (4K resolution and beyond) videos, higher frame rates and more audio channels entail exponentially larger file sizes;
>> Organizations increasingly demand transcoded versions of digital assets to share across multiple platforms for efficiencies and cross-channel monetization;
>> Constant demand for real-time video from 24×7 news outlets and the Internet is shrinking editing windows and driving rapid turnaround of content;
>> Globally-dispersed production teams require immediate, remote access to digital assets to enable collaboration on video shoots and editing.

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