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As every budget is now becoming an IT budget alone, and analytics becoming the foremost CIO spending preferences, analytics modernization has become need of the hour. Using this phenomenon enhances the business capabilities of the companies to take a competitive lead in the market. This also empowers their cloud BI capabilities to deliver strategic advantage. For the companies that have opportunities to choose hybrid cloud deployment options, Analytics modernization is like a window of opportunity to monetize while building robust data management architecture.

Modernizing Business Intelligence

Todays existing business intelligence environments are capable to provide analytical reporting yet they can't scale to new patterns with large volumes of data to deliver insights. The major analytics challenges in the way to meet the increasing demand of access to information on an industrial scale is the obsolete traditional design framework that prevents enterprises to process unstructured data or sensor data in real time. Strategic business policy planning to enable real-time analytics is an essential step for companies to stay ahead in a competitive environment where the amount of data being collected is outpacing their ability to leverage it.

Modernizing Analytical Architecture

Any analytics strategy is equally good as gold as the data that fuels it. Analytical architecture comprises of cluster of data available to the business organizations for performing analysis and other business operations. Analytical architecture modernization ensures that the designed architecture utilizes the best available technology to optimize analytical effectiveness and operational efficiency. Leading to the new era of Enterprise Data Warehouse, this has also overcome the limitation of decentralized storage silos that made use of punch cards and scratch. Keeping a balanced two-way system needs the organization's teams to garner insightful information and come forth with decisions that

Modernizing Business Analytics

SAS and Vast Edge work on a unified approach to deliver modernized analytic architecture that strives to meet their customer challenges. Our collaborative venture tends to solve problems related to effective big data management and real-time decision support through analytics discovery, and deployment via end-to-end solutions. Businesses can flourish in a more effective way by learning about the industry's best practices to deliver new levels of business value.

Vast Edge Analytics Modernization Assessment

Involving the process of assessment has a vast scope in enhancing the structure of the deliverables while modernizing business analytics architecture. The outcomes of an assessment include:

  • Key findings: Identifies the crucial business requirements, strengths, limitations and priorities for business analytics in the current environment.
  • Gap analysis: Indicates critical data, personnel gaps, and process gaps between the current and the desired state within business application areas.
  • Recommendations: Offers a variable-term road map focusing on analytics infrastructure, data management, and high-level deployment architecture.
  • Best practices: Outlines a set of recommendations that cloud help maximize investment value in business analytics and IT infrastructure
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