OBIEE to Autonomous Analytics Cloud (OAC) Migration Services

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Why Migrate to Oracle Analytics Cloud?

Have you been experiencing performance and OBIEE environment management issues? Are you looking to integrate your business intelligence platform with the autonomous data warehouse? Do you have a need to make your BI dashboards interactive allowing you to change metrics data and feed it back to the applications? Are you interested in reducing your TCO? If your answer to any of these is yes, then OAC and ADW is the perfect solution to optimize your business and lower your total cost of ownership. Oracle Analytics Cloud Service is an analytic platform that offers Self-service analytics, Big data analysis, Business model layer, Machine learning, Data visualization, Business intelligence, Predictive analytics and reporting.

Why Vast Edge?

Vast Edge has 20+ years of experience using OAC for data integration, seamlessly connecting disparate systems and applications to enable efficient data sharing and analysis. Our extensive experience spans integration with major cloud platforms including Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as with prominent enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as SAP and Oracle ERP.


Vast Edge has also facilitated integrations with leading business software solutions including NetSuite, Sage, QuickBooks, HubSpot, Shopify, Salesforce, Adobe, Google AdWords, and Facebook Ads, among others.
Through our expertise, Vast Edge has successfully implemented role-based access and security protocols, ensuring that sensitive data is safeguarded and accessible only to authorized personnel. Additionally, we have facilitated seamless user authentication processes by integrating single sign-on functionality with popular platforms such as Office 365 and Google Workspace, streamlining user access and enhancing overall productivity.

Data Connectivity

Vast Edge can assist businesses in setting up and managing connections to various data sources, including out-of-the-box connectors and JDBC for legacy systems.
We provide expertise in securely managing and sharing connections within the organization, ensuring proper access controls and governance.

Data Preparation

Vast Edge helps businesses in designing and implementing data preparation workflows within OAC, including data ingestion, profiling, and cleansing.
We offer guidance on selecting and applying appropriate algorithms to ensure data quality and consistency.

Data Flow

Vast Edge can optimize data transformation and aggregation processes within OAC, leveraging their expertise in scalable data process.
We assist in integrating and running machine learning models at scale to derive valuable insights from the data.

Data Modeling

Vast Edge can collaborate with businesses to develop semantic models that provide a unified and governed view of business-critical data.
We can enable self-service data modeling capabilities for business users, empowering them to create and share data models efficiently.

Data Visualization

Vast Edge can help businesses create engaging and meaningful data visualizations using OAC's capabilities, ensuring that complex ideas are easily understandable.
We provide guidance on best practices for data visualization and dashboard design to maximize the impact of analytics insights

Data Discovery

Vast Edge can facilitate collaboration among subject matter experts and business users within OAC, enabling them to blend intelligent analysis and machine learning insights effectively.
We assist in leveraging OAC's data discovery features to uncover hidden patterns and trends in the data.

Data Collaboration

Vast Edge can help businesses streamline data sharing and collaboration processes within OAC, reducing the reliance on manual spreadsheet-based workflows.
We implement data-level security controls to ensure that sensitive information is protected while enabling seamless collaboration among team members.

Data Access

Vast Edge can optimize data access and delivery mechanisms within OAC, enabling businesses to monitor ongoing performance and make informed decisions from anywhere, at any time.
We leverage OAC's mobile apps and intelligent recommendation features to enhance data exploration and analysis capabilities for users.

Data-Driven Applications

Vast Edge can assist application developers in leveraging OAC's interfaces to extend, customize, and embed rich analytic experiences within their applications.
We provide technical expertise and support to ensure seamless integration between OAC and other business applications.

Migration Steps and Best Practices

Vast Edge recognizes that standard migration utility only takes care of RPD & web catalog & Application Roles. Therefore, to migrate users & SAML SSO, we either Configure Microsoft Active Directory Bridge in IDCS and Setup SAML SSO between Oracle Analytics Cloud | IDCS and Active Directory Federation Services(ADFS) or Integrate Federated SAML SSO Between Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), Identity Management Cloud (IDCS) and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Our Oracle cloud experts at Vast Edge make the best use of migration utility to easily migrate your OBIEE environment to Oracle Cloud analytics platform. Depending upon the version of OBIEE, companies can either download the entire snapshot of BAR file and include dashboards (the catalogue files), data models (rpd file extensions - your repositories), and the roles. For the older OBIEE versions, we create jar export file by employing utility. This jar export file contains the dashboards and the data models (rpd files). When the businesses import this jar file, the dashboards and data model repositories are imported after they enter the password at the time of upload ensuring the data security.

As a global Oracle Cloud service provider, Vast Edge provides solutions and services needed to accelerate customer's time to value and success in the cloud by moving their entire network infrastructure, applications, and data system to cloud computing efficiently. Vast Edge was also mentioned on Forbes by Oracle for successfully migrating customers from other clouds and on-prem to Oracle cloud.

Post OBIEE Migration Activities

Vast Edge has developed proven tools and methods to expedite migrations and make them seamless using on-prem installers to transfer any size data files, data sync tools for anytime cutover, and GUI tools to monitor the migrations checklist

  • The most important step here is to check for access rules and the database connectivity as your data sources will now change or will have to be re-established to on-prem or cloud database. It's always advisable to keep the data source as close as possible to the OAC environment for better performance. In the case of on-prem ERP systems such as EBS, SAP, JDE, Peoplesoft, you can always use the data sync utility that comes with OAC to synchronize your data on the cloud.
  • Setup Virus scanners to make sure your data is clean and not infected as you will be schedule auto report deliveries to employees, customers, vendors, and partners or even sending newsletters by embedding role-based personalized analytics results.
  • Vast Edge enables automated report deliveries by setting up email servers for your OAC account.
  • Vast Edge installs Oracle Analytics Developer Client Tools to edit your data models, manage your catalogues that were uploaded and to establish connections to cloud databases or on-premise databases.

Vast Edge is an expert in OBIEE Migrations to OAC and has full access to Oracle knowledge hub & direct access to Oracle solution engineers. Since 2016, Vast Edge has been one of the first partners to embrace Oracle cloud and was recognized by Oracle as one of the top System Integrators at Jan 2019 Seattle event and invited to the panel with other big 4 companies such as Accenture, Deloitte, and KPMG.

Vast Edge Analytics Consulting Services

Vast Edge offers comprehensive solutions to assist companies in managing and reducing the operating costs and overheads linked to maintaining software environments. Through the deployment of advanced tooling, automation, and lifecycle management strategies, Vast Edge empowers organizations to streamline their operations and allocate resources more efficiently which enables companies to redirect their focus towards their core business objectives while allowing their skilled technical teams to concentrate on enhancing applications.
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