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Why Autonomous Database and Vast Edge Services?

Have you ever experienced data loss, increased down times, ever challenging performance issues, never ending technical issues, and always increasing maintenance costs? If your answer to any of these is a yes, then it's time for you to start evaluating Oracle autonomous database. As the name implies, autonomous database by Oracle automagically manages your database journey from install, configure, patching, backup, monitoring, compression, enhanced security, failover across data centers, exadata performance, and finally indexing. With 99.995 percent uptime, Oracle Autonomous drastically reduces your recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) to meet high SLA's. You can further get 99.995 percent SLA by adding active data guard across regions for mission critical applications. This RAC clustering feature enables redundancy across 6 data centers (3 in each region) and data is encrypted at REST as well as while in transit using wallet encryption keys. ADB allows independent scaling of compute or storage and other parameters such as memory, IO bandwidth, concurrency scale linearly with CPU without impacting live running transactions.

Vast Edge is certified in Oracle autonomous database, is a velocity partner, approved Oracle managed services provider, and a cloud select partner. Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing Oracle consulting services with customer satisfaction and happiness as their highest priority. Vast Edge was also recognized by Oracle as one of the top performing Oracle cloud partners and has a team of over 70 certified Oracle professionals to assist with cloud migrations, integrations, analytics, application development, and ongoing maintenance.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Services (AWD)

In a nutshell, Oracle ADW is self-driving and comes with upto 80% data compression, intelligent machine learning algorithms, parallel query execution, and connectors to various ERP applications, databases in addition to the self-management features mentioned above. Although 1 OCPU (2 vcores) of ADW costs $1200 per month at flex rates, Vast Edge has been able to get its customers on ADW for $540 a month for a 3 year term (16 vcores max at this price point). Click here to get more information on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Vast Edge has deployed AWD for some large and SMB customers with Oracle Analytics tools connected to provide lightning fast results. Some of these deployments also included integrating on premise applications such as EBS using remote data connectors deployed in weblogic and SAP integration by utilizing Oracle Data Sync product.

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud Services (ATP)

`When it comes to databases, Oracle ATP has created a sensation in the cloud computing industry. As we are all aware, Oracle has always been the number one database in the industry for performance and secure data management. Even some of the largest competitors of Oracle such as Amazon and SAP run on Oracle databases. There are around 65,000 customers running SAP products on Oracle database as MS SQL server could not scale and SAP HANA was newer, insanely expensive, and took for ever to implement. Oracle ATP in addition to the above mentioned features, provides self tuning of indexes on the fly based on the queries being executed by the application/users. This helps you save time and get better optimized performance all the time with no manual work required. Click here to get more information on Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

Vast Edge has done a few ATP deployments and migrations from non autonomous Oracle and MYSQL databases. There's also an option to migrate non Oracle databases such as postgreSQL and mongoDB to Oracle database that requires some additional efforts.

Low Code Application Development with Oracle Autonomous Database

For those who are not aware, Oracle provides an APEX engine for application development with Oracle Autonomous database. Most importantly, this app dev engine comes for free and does not require you to know much coding. Even the queries are written automatically when you select the tables with an option to modify them. Oracle APEX also comes with option to integrate chatbots, generate graphical reports, and integrate office 365 for email automation.

Vast Edge has done several Oracle APEX migrations to Oracle cloud with a few of them on Oracle Autonomous database. Although both APEX and Weblogic cloud will be certified by Oracle in June 2019, Vast Edge has tested these deployments to be working okay in the development and test environments.

Vast Edge - an approved Oracle pre release partner

Vast Edge is also an approved Oracle partner to get access to Oracle cloud products before they are made generally available to the end customers. Hence, this is one of the value adds where we can assist and advise the customers to leverage better solutions and reduce risks. These joint research and development efforts with Oracle have also given us the ability to deploy solutions faster using pre existing scripts and configurations. Call us to schedule a free consultation on Oracle Autonomous Database and related Oracle cloud products!

Oracle Autonomous Database and APEX - Sample Architecture

This is a sample architecture of Oracle Database and APEX low code application development engine. This architecture adds Tomcat engine in the front to make the solution more scalable. Although APEX can also be hosted on it's own server, we have not seen any performance improvement. The other option is for you to add apache httpd web server to better control url rewriting and connection pools.

Vast Edge has pre built templates to automatically deploy this architecture in minutes. This includes pre tested versions of APEX, ORDS, Database, HTTPD, and Tomcat with compression and url re-writing pre enabled. Other options such as real time messaging across platforms such as IOS, android, and web app, Angular/Node.js, and Office 365 integrations can be added upon request.


Why is Autonomous Database Security Important ?

Autonomous undoubtedly solves one of the most pressing and ever increasing issue of continuous threat by hackers. As we all know, some one or the other is being hacked and data is being stolen every moment. The table on the right shows some of the biggest data breached in the history of United States of America in the last 7 years. In addition to data encryption at rest and in transit, Autonomous Database reduces manual intervention by resources to continuously touch the database for maintenance, troubleshooting and performance tuning. This drastically reduces the chances of database being hacked. In addition to this, Oracle cloud firewall provides security features to stop SQL Injections.


Vast Edge takes special measures to prevent security threats by migrating customers to autonomous database, adding strict governance policies, and adding firewall rules to prevent indirect data attacks such as those caused by SQL Injections.

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