Oracle Cloud at Customer Migration Services

What And Why Oracle Cloud @ Customer?

Oracle Cloud@Customer is a private on-premise secure and powerful cloud that you can get by paying less than 5% of the total cost. SMBs then have to pay based on usage every month at the same price as you would pay on the public cloud.
More importantly, the cloud at the customer is fully managed by Oracle including hardware and software upgrades. Customers enjoy faster on-premise speeds, easy connectivity to other on-prem apps residing on separate hardware, and secure connectivity to clouds (if required). Other features include:

The exact same SLAs, APIs, and tools available in Oracle's public cloud for a truly consistent experience

Support for Oracle Fusion SaaS applications such as ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX in your data centerp.

Everything, including the control plane, is located in your data centers for tight control over data sovereignty and governance.

Flexible configurations and consumption-based pricing for all infrastructure and platform cloud services lower your costs.

Cloud-native services such as Container Engine for Kubernetes, Docker, and Bare Metal servers so you can easily create modern applications.

Immediate availability of new capabilities and security updates in your data center once they are available for OCI.

Low-latency interaction with your on-premises applications and databases

Why Vast Edge For Oracle Cloud At Customer?

Oracle has recognized Vast Edge as one of the top service providers to assist with cloud at-customer deployments. Vast Edge has over 100 certified Oracle resources and is an accredited cloud solutions provider. We have been providing IT services for over 17 years.
Vast Edge was recently mentioned in Forbes and interviewed by Gartner. Since 2016, Vast Edge has successfully completed over 50 Oracle cloud deployments and migrations. Some recent Oracle Cloud@Customer project initiatives include migration from Gen1 Cloud@Customer to Gen2 Cloud@Customer in addition to 2 Exadata cloud migrations completed in 2019 and 2020.


    Vast Edge deploys a multitenant DB service for migrating non-CDB to PDB leveraging the virtualization of DB layer. Our cloud experts also automate multiple tasks using a one-time up-gradation strategy. Vast Edge allows SMBs to leverage all of the features of the public cloud with a minimal downtime migration strategy while deploying GoldenGate services simultaneously. Other benefits include:

    > Data Pump Conventional Export/Import
    > Data Pump Transportable Tablespace.
    > RMAN Transportable Tablespace with Data Pump.
    > RMAN CONVERT Transportable Tablespace with Data Pump.
    > RMAN Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespace Backup Sets.
    > Data Pump Full Transportable.
    > Unplugging/Plugging (non-CDB).
    > Remote Cloning (non-CDB).
    > SQL Developer and SQL*Loader to Migrate Selected Objects.
    > SQL Developer and INSERT Statements to Migrate Selected Objects.


    Vast Edge provisions for dynamic scalability for enterprises database leveraging hybrid servers, best in class performance, and enterprise-grade security. We ensure that database performance meets the capabilities of that of an on-prem system. On top of that, Oracle's maximum availability architecture ensures the highest level of reliability in a consolidated database environment.
    Leveraging Oracle Database clustering capabilities, Vast Edge increases the availability of your databases while integrating features like rolling, patching, and scalability across multiple physical servers or virtual machines. The multitenant feature of DB encapsulates multiple databases under a single container DB with a single backup, disaster recovery configuration, and clustering configuration.

    > Simplified administration enables enterprises to focus on the availability of DB and business apps.
    > Security capabilities enhance Exadata DB machine to further mitigate security vulnerabilities.
    > Delivers proper configuration to harden systems against failures.
    > Deploys multiple layers of isolation to reduce the impact of failures and enhance fault tolerance.


    Vast Edge deploys a fully managed autonomous DB in Oracle Cloud@Customer that helps SMBs in maintaining data sovereignty and security. We further eliminate manual tasks like database and infrastructure management & maintenance. Vast Edge integrates a self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing DB management system for SMBs. By adding real-time resource workload, we orchestrate pay-per-use subscription pricing to reduce operational costs by up to 80%.

    > One-time subscription i.e. you can use the database with no charges.
    > Offers per-sec billing for a minimum usage period of one minute.
    > Instant provisioning i.e. releases bill for a minimum of 48 hours.
    > Manual or auto CPU scaling for minimal downtime.

Oracle Cloud at Customer Networking

Oracle cloud@customer networking allows you to manage and scale networks and connects securely to customized and isolated virtual cloud networks for hassle-free cloud deployments. Vast Edge's custom plan allows enterprises to save cost on cloud migration while leveraging advanced traffic management, and maximum uptime for apps and websites. The connectivity solution across physical and virtual networks lets customers move significant volumes of data such as live video streaming, video conferencing, and gaming at very low costs.
Vast Edge provides enhanced and flexible cloud networking delivering the best-in-class cloud user experience. You can save up to 80% on free inbound data transfer and 10 TB of outbound data transfer at no additional cost. In addition, SMBs can leverage a 100Gbps network for HPC cluster while encapsulating high throughput and low latency.

Oracle Cloud At Customer Integrations

Vast Edge leverage REST API for Oracle Integration in Cloud@Customer to automate business processes and integrate applications. These REST APIs apply to all of your Oracle Integration instances. It doesn't matter which edition you're using, what features you have, or who manages your cloud environment. You'll find all the resources you need in this REST API for Oracle Integration.
For securely accessing data on a server, Vast Edge offers parallel libraries along with JSON and S3 congruous XML REST API. Besides, altering the script or performing administrative tasks, Vast Edge integrates a command-line tool for secure access.

Oracle Cloud At Customer Services

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

Vast Edge OAC configuration in Cloud@Customer encapsulates self-service visualization, enterprise reporting and advanced analytics to provide proactive insights. Vast Edge further empowers SMBs in data visualization, powerful data preparation and self-learning analytics to deliver proactive insights. Oracle's comprehensive analytics assists in unifying several data sources and aids in realizing the true power of data analytics. It offers

  • A unified & centralized hub for data analytics.
  • Automatic visualization of all of your data.
  • Easy, self-service data loading and blending.
  • One-click support for advanced analytics.
  • Dozens of data connectors for both Oracle and non-Oracle sources.
  • Smart, proactive analytics capabilities offering meaningful insights.

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

Vast Edge brings together all the capabilities of App Integration, Process Automation, Visual Application Building and Integration Analytics into a single unified cloud service leveraging OIC in Cloud@Customer. We further enable enterprises to natively discover and invoke integration flows from processes in OIC and vice versa.


Quickly connect to 1000s of SaaS or on-premises Applications seamlessly through 50+ native app adapters or technology adapters.


Rapidly create and host engaging business apps with a visual development environment right from the comfort of your browser.


Bring agility to your business with an easy, visual, low-code platform that simplifies day-to-day tasks.


Stream processing for anomaly detection, reacting to Fast Data. Super-scalable with Apache Spark and Kafka.

Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP)

When it comes to databases, Oracle ATP has created a sensation in the cloud computing industry. As we are all aware, Oracle has always been the number one database in the industry for performance and secure data management. Even some of the largest competitors of Oracle such as Amazon and SAP run on Oracle databases.
Vast Edge's Oracle Cloud@Customer offers ATP database services to eliminate the complexity of the operation, enhance security and ensure high-performance databases. Vast Edge automates provisioning, configuring, tuning, scaling, patching, encrypting, and repairing of databases. We are offering both ATP services i.e. in Oracle public cloud and Cloud@Customer. Key benefits include:

  • Fault-tolerant and high available DB deployment in minutes.
  • Auto-scaling of computing resources to meet performance and throughput requirements without any downtime.
  • Fixes H/W and S/W faults by continuously monitoring and predicting failures.
  • Eliminates site downtime by maintaining a real-time remote copy of a production database .
  • Automatically switching from primary to remote copy using Autonomous Data Guard.

Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)

Oracle ADW is self-driving, intelligent ML algorithms backed, parallel query execution capable database, and comes with up to 80% data compression. Although 1 OCPU (2 cores) of ADW costs $1200 per month at flex rates, Vast Edge has been able to get its customers on ADW for $540 a month for a 3-year term (16 cores max at this price point).
Vast Edge has deployed AWD for some large and SMB customers with Oracle Analytics tools connected to provide lightning-fast results. Some of these deployments also included integrating on-premise applications such as EBS using remote data connectors deployed in WebLogic and SAP integration by utilizing Oracle Data Sync products. Vast Edge's ADW integration in Oracle Cloud@Customer helps SMBs to eliminate the complexities of operating a data warehouse, securing data, and developing data-driven apps.


Memory Guard is an Oracle RAC environment feature to monitor the cluster nodes and prevent node stress caused by the lack of memory.


Everything in ADW is Compressed using HCC (facts and dimensions). 3.5 to 5 times compression as compared to Amazon RDS.


Oracle cluster health advisor continuously monitors Real Application Clusters(RAC) databases for performance and availability issues.


ADW has the ability to scale up /scale down with automated steps.


Vast Edge's Compute integration in Oracle Cloud@Customer is available on-demand which provisions for scalability required for enterprise workloads. Vast Edge orchestrates Compute from traditional back-office to modern cloud-native applications. We further leverage Compute to ensure secure and elastic capabilities in the cloud. It ranges from Virtual Machines and Bare Metal servers to HPC and GPU.

  • Protection for data and applications by combining layers of security across the network.
  • Physical hardware and web-facing layers that are aligned to hardened operational procedures.
  • Enables high performance and consistency across enterprise, cloud-native, and HPC workloads.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Vast Edge's WAF configuration in Oracle Cloud@Customer orchestrates enhanced security leveraging global security service that protects apps from malicious and unwanted internet traffic. It further protects SMBs from any internet-facing endpoint, providing consistent rule enforcement across customer apps.
Vast Edge's WAF solutions ensure safety following standard protocols including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection and other OWASP-defined vulnerabilities. Our cloud experts further leverage the Security Operations Centre (SOC) to monitor the internet threat landscape acting as an extension of your IT infrastructure.

Security List

Oracle Cloud@Customer offers a security list service, leveraging a virtual firewall for instance, with ingress and egress rules that control traffic at the packet level.

  • Allow TCP traffic that makes it easy for SMBs to create a new cloud network and public subnet, and launch a Linux instance.
  • Allow ICMP traffic that enables instances to receive Path MTU Discovery fragmentation messages.
  • Ease out cloud complexities for instances to receive connectivity error messages.
  • Allows instances to manage high traffic across geographical locations.

Microsoft 365 Plans & Pricing (Business, Max 300 Users)

Vast Edge inculcates all of the public cloud capabilities on-premises, with competitive pricing, on a consumption-based commitment. Vast Edge's custom deployment includes features like racks physically secured and managed by us, customer's racks, customer's data center power and cooling, customer's floor space, customer's data center personnel, & physical access cage.

Product Price (OCPU/Hour)
Oracle Database Exadata Cloud - Database OCPU USD $1.6801
Oracle Database Exadata Cloud - Database OCPU - BYOL USD $0.3226
Exadata Cloud at Customer - Autonomous Transaction Processing - Database OCPU USD $1.6801
Exadata Cloud at Customer - Autonomous Transaction Processing - Database OCPU - BYOL USD $0.3226

Database OCPUs

Product Price (OCPU/Hour)
Oracle Database Exadata Cloud - Database OCPU USD $1.6801
Oracle Database Exadata Cloud - Database OCPU - BYOL USD $0.3226
Exadata Cloud at Customer - Autonomous Transaction Processing - Database OCPU USD $1.6801
Exadata Cloud at Customer - Autonomous Transaction Processing - Database OCPU - BYOL USD $0.3226
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