Oracle - Product Lifecycle

Agile Product Lifecycle Management

Products and requirements are growing more complex than ever. Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management helps businesses innovate profitably, with broadest and most comprehensive solution to efficiently centralize product data, streamline processes, and launch quality products faster.

Accelerate product innovation Maximize profitability Manage the enterprise product record Improve product design, launch, and support Optimize the global product network

Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process

Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process (Agile PLM for Process) enables process-oriented consumer packaged goods and food and beverage companies to simultaneously reduce costs, mitigate risk, accelerate time to market, and improve worker productivity all while boosting the bottom line contribution that products make to overall profitability.

Accelerate product development and introduction Improves sales and margins, reduces innovation costs, and enhances productivity Gain a single version of truth for all product and supplier data improve global visibility, compliance, quality and safety Easily manage experimental formulations enhance compliance and quality, improve labeling, and reduce costs Collaborate with suppliers effectively manage sourcing relationships and data exchange across multitiered supplier network Agile Product Quality Management for Process makes quality information and issues visible to all of the stakeholders in product lifecycle from product development through end-of-life and enables a corporate culture of quality


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