SPARC Servers

Best systems for mission-critical computing

Oracle redefines the economics of enterprise computing with a comprehensive refresh and expansion of its SPARC server portfolio, providing customers with the industry's best value and leading price/performance. Customers can expect fast deployments and reduced risk through tight integration with Oracle Database, middleware, business applications, and supported Oracle Optimized Solutions.

  • World's fastest database and enterprise Java servers with record performance for a wide range of enterprise applications.
  • Up to 10X performance improvement over previous generation systems.
  • 5-10x or better price/performance compared to competitive systems.
  • Massive, near-linear scalability from 1 to 32 CPUs.
  • Unmatched 100% SPARC/Solaris binary compatibility protects customers' software investments.

Oracle's SPARC servers offer industry-leading price/performance, along with the highest levels of availability and security required for mission-critical applications. Comprehensive virtualization and systems management capabilities are built-in at no additional cost.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Oracle VM Server for SPARC provides highly efficient, enterprise-class virtualization capabilities for supported Oracle SPARC servers. It leverages the built-in SPARC hypervisor to subdivide a platform's resources (CPUs, memory, network, and storage) by creating partitions called logical (or virtual) domains. Each logical domain can run an independent operating system. Oracle VM Server for SPARC provides the flexibility to deploy multiple Oracle Solaris operating systems simultaneously on a single platform, allowing the creation of up to 128 virtual servers on one system to take advantage of the massive thread scale offered by supported Oracle SPARC servers.


  • Create multiple independent logical domains quickly and easily using the built-in hypervisor.

  • Leverage advanced Oracle Solaris technologies, such as ZFS cloning and snapshots, to speed deployment and dramatically reduce disk-capacity requirements.

  • Utilize redundant virtual networks and disks to create more highly available domains.

  • Dynamically re-configure computing resources to meet business demands.

  • Perform domain migration from system to system securely and quickly with very little latency.


  • Greatly increased utilization of resources.
  • Flexibility in provisioning and deployment of services.
  • More uniform management interfaces.
  • Higher level of service for mission-critical applications.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Oracle's SPARC servers and Oracle VM Server for SPARC together provide a robust and scalable solution for modern enterprise needs, ensuring optimal performance, security, and cost-efficiency for mission-critical applications.

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