Optimized data center storage solutions

Oracle Storage enables enterprises to simplify IT environments so they can operate more efficiently, more cost effectively, and be more responsive to dynamic business needs. Our best-of-breed storage products and application-engineered storage solutions are co-developed with Oracle software to run faster, more efficiently, and offer unsurpassed capabilities for heterogeneous data centers.

SAN Storage

Oracle"s SAN storage delivers predictable performance for dynamic, multi-application workloads and provides linear, independent scalability of performance and capacity, with multiple storage tiers integrated within a single system. Oracle"s next-generation SAN architecture eclipses traditional solutions and eliminates isolated storage islands with low utilization. With patented Quality-of-Service (QoS) capabilities, unique integration with Oracle software, and best-of-breed general purpose capabilities, Oracle"s SAN storage systems enable to bring new levels of efficiency, performance, manageability, and cost savings to business data center.

Pillar Axiom Storage System

Oracle"s Pillar Axiom 600 storage system is a next-generation SAN solution that delivers industry-leading efficiency, modularity, and ease of management. Pillar Axiom Storage System modular architecture eliminates need to change storage platforms as business needs increase, enabling to start small and then independently scale both capacity and performance. Pillar Axiom 600 allows to confidently consolidate SAN-based storage by leveraging patented QoS capabilities that prioritize data access across system and ensure that all applications get service levels they require when they require them. With predefined application profiles, simplified management, and straightforward modular deployment, Pillar Axiom 600 accelerates application deployments and lowers storage costs.

NAS Storage

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances deliver enterprise-class network-attached storage (NAS) capabilities to reduce cost, complexity, and capacity. Application-engineered storage systems provide unique Oracle software integration, high performance, and superior efficiency. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances offer a robust data storage platform that complements the high-throughput requirements of Oracle engineered systems, Oracle SuperCluster, Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, and Oracle servers. They provide immediate space, management, and cost benefits for customers using NAS for demanding mixed-load-workloads enterprise applications, virtualization, storage consolidation, test and development, business intelligence/data warehousing, and data protection.

Tape Storage

As the volume and value of data grows beyond online resources and backup windows, Oracle"s proven StorageTek tape and library solutions help to manage complexity, control costs, and deliver on service-level agreements. With world"s highest capacity and highest performance drives, including world"s first exabyte storage system, enterprise tape libraries that provide 24×7 availability, and most scalable, integrated tiered storage environment,torageTek systems enable educing backup windows, maximizing archive access, and lowering total cost of ownership.

Flash Storage

Oracle"s Sun Flash storage enables to accelerate enterprise database applications, improve business response times and increase productivity while reducing power and space. Combined with a broad range of blade, rackmount, and scalable servers, along with highly optimized engineered solutions, Sun Flash storage products deliver world record performance by reducing storage latencies and increasing I/O throughput as much as 20x. This can reduce database I/O service times by up to 15x, accelerate applications by up to 2x-5x, and improve ROI.

Storage Software

Oracle"s storage software provides robust, policy-based storage administration that increases productivity. Company"s best-in-class analytics improves system uptime, and hierarchical storage management maximizes application performance, increases efficiency, and lowers costs. Oracle"s comprehensive storage software suite helps maximize storage ef?ciency, optimize performance, simplify management, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Storage Networking

Oracle"s storage networking solutions offer enterprise customers some of the fastest, most cost-efficient HBAs (host bus adapters), switches, and directors on the market today. Oracle"s storage networking offers enterprise customers superior connectivity with some of the industry"s fastest and most cost-effective adapters, switches, directors, and routers.


Unmatched scalability, performance, and reliability for cloud storage Optimized metropolitan and global data center connectivity FCoE, fibre channel, SAS, RAID, and SCSI connectivity Unsurpassed performance and support for virtualized environments


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