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Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service, also known as PaaS, is a classified cloud technology that presents a platform for computing environment and permits developers to create application services which are hosted over the internet in the cloud and accessed through web browsers by the users. PaaS orchestrates the provision for management of application monitoring.

Significance of PaaS

Platform as a Service provides a platform for simplified and user pointed framework that helps them to develop software applications using service tools. For advanced versions, it does not require any expertise at client end for hosting the infrastructure service options.
These services arrive to the users with pre-configured packages and customization options on the basis of pay-as-you-go module which also ensures meeting the clients' requirements. PaaS has the following benefits over other pre-existing cloud services.


  • >> Supports application management and infrastructure services for customers
  • >>Constant updates to existing features and introduction of upgraded new features
  • >> Possible solutions to develop applications via one click software using browsers
  • >> Flexible point and click controls to let non-experts easily discover new functionalities
  • >>Rise in scale of economy and cut costs through shared underlying architecture

Overall, PaaS provides an architecture along with a whole infrastructure for application development that involves storage and network management with software support. It is the best choice for developing web applications for mobiles and PCs.

What we offer?

Vast Edge has been leading in assisting businesses to optimize their processes and unlock capital saving opportunities with secure enterprise network. We provide sophisticated networking and web technology solutions to our clients across the globe in partnership with the leading technology experts and vendors like NetSuite, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and Symantec. Our services span your whole cloud infrastructure needs and tackle the hindering barriers by virtue of designed products like:

CA Cloud Technology

CA AppLogic is a turnkey SaaS platform that empowers enterprises to rapidly design, and deploy applications with better lifecycle management. AppLogic is a cloud technology solution that helps businesses deliver services faster and effectively, ensuring low risk method for enhancing agility.

Oracle Cloud Platform

Accelerate business transformation with Oracle Cloud Platform that caters the needs of business developers and IT professionals with its unmatched comprehensive portfolio of platform services. This allows stakeholders to increase productivity by integrating their existing IT assets with next-generation cloud services.

Salesforce AppCloud

Salesforce Platform has evolved to lead the revolution of Enterprise mobility by launching App Cloud as a new one-solution for creating, running, and optimizing beautiful applications that engage your customers through the Salesforce technology. Connect all the back office data and automate your managerial procedures with Salesforce AppCloud to fuel success.

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