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Check Point GAiA is a unified cutting-edge secure operating system for all Check Point Appliances, open servers and virtualized gateways. GAiA combines the best features from IPSO and Secure Platform into a single unified OS providing greater efficiency and robust performance. With the support of the full suite of Software Blades, customers will benefit from improved connection capacity and full breadth and power of Check Point security technologies by adopting GAiA.


Web-Based User Interface with Search Navigation

This interface integrates all management functions into a Web-based dashboard that is accessible via most popular Web browsers Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Built-in search navigation delivers instant results on commands and properties. For CLI-inclined users, a Shell-Emulator pop-up window is only a single click away.

Full Software Blade Support

Pre-packaged solutions provide turn-key security for various business deployment scenarios. Software Blades can also be individually selected to build customized solution to meet specific security needs. Supported security Blades include:

  • Firewall
  • IPS
  • IPsec VPN
  • Identity Awareness
  • Advanced Networking & Clustering
  • Mobile Access
  • Application Control
  • DLP
  • URL Filtering
  • Anti-Bot
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Spam & Email Security

High Connection Capacity

Utilizing efficiency of a 64-bit operating system, GAiA is capable of boosting connection capacity of existing Check Point Appliances.

Role-Based Administrative Access

Segregation of duty is part of a good security policy and it improves operating efficiency. Role-based administrative access gives GAiA customers ability and granularity to customize their security management policies that are particular to their business needs. User authentication and authorization are based on Industry Standard RADIUS and TACACS+ protocols, specific levels of access can be granted based on each individual role and responsibility building a stronger security environment.

Intelligent Software Updates

Update times have been reduced to only a few seconds and post-update testing is performed automatically. Notification emails are sent about recommended updates and update statuses. Updates can be scheduled for automatic download and install during off-peak hours where impact to business and network resources is minimum.

Native IPv4 and IPv6 Support

As the number of available IPv4 addresses diminishes, it is becoming more and more important to ensure that business network is Ready for IPv6. Check Point GAiA is designed to allow easy interoperability with this new version of Internet Protocol.

ClusterXL or VRRP Clusters

Both ClusterXL and VRRP are fully supported by GAiA, and GAiA is available to all Check Point Appliances, open servers and virtualized environments. There are no more trade-off decisions between required network protocols and preferred security platforms/functions.

Manageable Dynamic Routing Suite

Eleven dynamic routing and multicasting protocols are supported by GAiA providing flexible and uninterrupted network performance. All can be easily managed according to specific business preference from Web UI or from command line interface.

Full Compatibility with IPSO and SPLAT CLI Commands

Transitioning to GAiA is a breeze for security administrators. Same powerful command line interface (CLI) commands from IPSO and SPLAT are seamlessly integrated into GAiA. Additional new commands and capabilities are also added to GAiA CLI making a powerful CLI interface even more intuitive to use.

Combining the Best Features of IPSO & SecurePlatform

  • Secure platform for all Check Point Gateways and Management, open servers and virtualized gateways.
  • Support the full-range of Software Blades on all Check Point Appliances, including IP Series.
  • Full compatibility with IPSO and SPLAT command line interface.

Increase Operational Efficiency with Wide Range of Features

  • Feature-rich and intuitive Web-UI to configure and manage entire gateway.
  • Role-based administration allowing segregation of duties among users with different privilege.
  • New Software Update Tool puts system updates on autopilot.
  • Replication of security gateway settings or image to others in minutes.
  • Fast and efficient installation, backup and recovery.

A Secure Platform for the Most Demanding Environments

  • Full integration of IPv6 network security utilizing Check Point advanced technologies (CoreXL, SecureXL, ClusterXL and VRRP).
  • High connection capacity with 64-bit operating system providing up to 70 million concurrent connections.
  • Advanced routing options including ClusterXL and VRRP clustering, 5 dynamic routing protocols and 6 multicasting protocols.
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