Check Point GAiA

Check Point GAiA is a unified, cutting-edge secure operating system designed for Check Point Appliances, open servers, and virtualized gateways. It integrates the best features of IPSO and Secure Platform into a single OS, enhancing efficiency and performance. GAiA supports the full suite of Software Blades, providing improved connection capacity and comprehensive security technologies.

Key Features

  • Web-Based User Interface with Search Navigation: Accessible via popular web browsers, the dashboard integrates all management functions. A built-in search navigation feature delivers instant results on commands and properties. For CLI users, a Shell-Emulator pop-up window is readily available.

  • Full Software Blade Support: Pre-packaged solutions and customizable options cater to various security needs, including Firewall, IPS, VPN, Identity Awareness, and more.

  • High Connection Capacity: Leveraging a 64-bit operating system, GAiA boosts connection capacity for existing Check Point Appliances.

  • Role-Based Administrative Access: Enhances security by providing customized access levels based on roles and responsibilities. Authentication and authorization are based on industry-standard protocols like RADIUS and TACACS+.

  • Intelligent Software Updates: Updates are executed within seconds with automatic post-update testing. Notification emails inform users about recommended updates, which can be scheduled for off-peak hours.

  • Native IPv4 and IPv6 Support: Ensures interoperability with IPv6, preparing networks for the transition from IPv4.

  • ClusterXL or VRRP Clusters: Fully supports ClusterXL and VRRP, eliminating trade-offs between network protocols and security functions.

  • Manageable Dynamic Routing Suite: Supports eleven dynamic routing and multicasting protocols for flexible network performance management.

  • Full Compatibility with IPSO and SPLAT CLI Commands: Seamlessly integrates powerful CLI commands from IPSO and SPLAT, with additional capabilities for an intuitive interface.


    Combining the Best Features of IPSO & SecurePlatform

    • Secure platform for all Check Point Gateways and Management, open servers and virtualized gateways.
    • Support the full-range of Software Blades on all Check Point Appliances, including IP Series.
    • Full compatibility with IPSO and SPLAT command line interface.

    Increase Operational Efficiency with Wide Range of Features

    • Feature-rich and intuitive Web-UI to configure and manage entire gateway.
    • Role-based administration allowing segregation of duties among users with different privilege.
    • New Software Update Tool puts system updates on autopilot.
    • Replication of security gateway settings or image to others in minutes.
    • Fast and efficient installation, backup and recovery.

    A Secure Platform for the Most Demanding Environments

    • Full integration of IPv6 network security utilizing Check Point advanced technologies (CoreXL, SecureXL, ClusterXL and VRRP).
    • High connection capacity with 64-bit operating system providing up to 70 million concurrent connections.
    • Advanced routing options including ClusterXL and VRRP clustering, 5 dynamic routing protocols and 6 multicasting protocols.
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