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Citrix XenDesktop enables mobile workstyles by empowering IT to deliver Windows desktops and apps as mobile services. Users can self-select apps from an easy-to-use ã³´oreä ´hat is securely accessible from tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs and thin clients. Only XenDesktop delivers a native touch-optimized experience with HDX high-definition performance over mobile networks. XenDesktop is built on new Avalon platform that offers simple management, fast deployment, support visibility, and a cloud-ready architecture.

Citrix XenDesktop is an award winning solution for virtual desktop delivery and apps on demand. XenDesktop delivers virtual apps and desktops on a single unified platform, providing self-service access for users and simplified management for IT. XenDesktop makes app selection instant and trouble-free æ µsers choose apps from an easy to use app store that is securely accessible from any device, including BYO tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs and thin clients. XenDesktop offers IT simple management, fast deployment, support visibility and a cloud-ready architecture. XenDesktop helps business:

  • Enable mobile workstyles to increase workforce productivity and drive innovation throughout business
  • Securely mobilize Windows apps so they are touch-enabled and fast over mobile networks
  • Reduce computing costs with cloud-style centralized delivery, management and security

Windows apps and desktops anywhere delivered with XenDesktop delivery technology

Users across the enterprise have varying performance, personalization and mobility requirements. Some require offline mobility of laptops, others need simplicity and standardization, while still others need a high-performance, fully personalized desktop, or simple access to a Windows app from their iPad or Android tablet. XenDesktop meets all these requirements in a single solution with its unique delivery technology. With XenDesktop, IT can deliver every type of virtual desktop or app, hosted or local, optimized to meet performance, security and mobility requirements of each individual user while optimizing cost of deployment and ongoing management.

Right workspace - complete virtual desktops or just apps

Some users enjoy a full desktop workspace with applications, data, shortcuts, wallpaper, and multi-tasking windows available across big screens or even multiple displays. However, this isnâ´ what all users need all of that time. In many cases, all they need is an app on their tablet or smartphone to quickly edit a file or complete a task.

Choose flexibility and cost to suit business needs

There is no one-size-fits-all virtualization technology for desktop virtualization. Depending on the needs of the user and goals of IT, a wide range of technologies may be leveraged to get the customization and persistence some users may need as well as the locked down highly managed environments suitable for others. In either case, you never want to pay more for infrastructure or ongoing management than you have to

Run in the cloud or take it to go

While the goal of many leveraging virtualization is to centrally manage and host desktops and apps in the datacenter, there are cases where users must be able to view and modify documents or data when disconnected from any network. In these cases, Citrix XenDesktop permits administrators to stream and synchronize an entire managed desktop OS down to a local computer leveraging

XenClient hypervisor

technology where it may be secured as a complete encrypted file system with powerful policy enforcement.

Seamless profile management and cloud-based folder redirection

Critical to the scale and management of a virtual environment is to separate and isolate user profiles and data away from the OS. Citrix XenDesktop contains a powerful profile management tool that manages profiles independently from OS and delivers required profile data on-demand keeping login times lighting fast. Citrix XenDesktop also uses real-time synchronization of user files from Citrix ShareFile, an on-premise or cloud-hosted cloud storage service that keeps user files out of the VM once again speeding logins and saving valuable storage resources.

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