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Power Systems is at the forefront of delivering solutions to gain faster insights from analyzing both structured information and unstructured big data including video, images and content from sensors, social and mobile devices. To draw insights and make better decisions, businesses need the secure, flexible and open platform of Power Systems plus solutions and software that supports continuous data load, runs multiple concurrent queries, delivers analytics in real-time and contains a massive IO bandwidth

IBM Systems Management Solutions for Power Servers

The IBM Systems Director Express, Standard, and Enterprise Editions for Power servers each provide an integrated set of tools to help IT organizations address concerns associated with managing both physical and virtual server infrastructures Reducing time required to monitor and repair systems for higher availability, deploy and optimize systems for increased efficiency, and to plan and document infrastructure to better understand current capabilities and future capacity need.

  • Automatically discover AIX, IBM i, or Linux physical and virtual server systems and dependencies
  • Administer servers and associated storage, networks, and energy to maintain service availability by quickly identifying and resolving issues.
  • Integrated management of heterogeneous virtualization environments across Power Systems (including multiple HMCs), System x, System z and third-party x86 servers with a common interface.
  • Optimize the use of virtual servers for higher levels of server consolidation
  • Automate data center operations by implementing cloud-ready virtual infrastructures.
  • Deploy new workloads faster and more reliably with virtual image management and system pools.
  • Automatically identify and update server OS and firmware levels to ensure consistent deployment.
  • Understand application and middleware dependencies and infrastructure changes that can impact service availability.
  • Generate current and historical reports of system status for troubleshooting and system planning.
  • Analyze trends of server resource usage to plan for future capacity needs.


  • Optimize virtualization to more quickly respond to changing business requirements
  • Visualize and monitor physical and virtual servers at the platform, system, and enterprise level.
  • Increase operational efficiency by unifying essential management of servers, storage, networks, applications and energy with a consistent look and feel.
  • Reduce energy costs and usage through monitoring and analysis.
  • Easy integration with enterprise service management tool from IBM Tivoli as well as third-party providers.

IT staffs today have more flexibility in deploying new and expanded business workloads due to proven technologies like virtualization. However, virtualization alone, without effective systems management tools and processes can increase the workload on an already-overburdened IT staff, inhibiting their ability to deliver innovative services and drive business growth. To address todays challenges and tomorrows opportunities, businesses need to ensure high availability, security, and quality of existing services, while meeting customer expectations for new services that are delivered in the shortest possible time.

IBM offers comprehensive solutions that improve service delivery by providing a consolidated view of physical and virtual resources running any workload combinations on AIX, Linux, and IBM i operating environments. Enterprise service management solutions for AIX workloads helps more closely link managing IT operations with meeting business requirements.

IBM offers IBM Systems Director Editions for Power Servers web-based, point and click management solutions designed to reduce time required to monitor and repair enterprise systems for higher availability, deploy and optimize systems for increased efficiency, and to plan and document infrastructure to better understand current capabilities and future capacity needs.

IBM System Director Editions provide choices to select the package of automated management solutions that best fits business needs.

IBM Systems Director Express Edition provides a foundation for systems management and integrated tools needed for monitoring, system configuration, and the update capabilities IT administrators need to remotely manage Power servers.

IBM Systems Director Standard Edition includes the Express Edition functions and adds advanced deployment, monitoring, energy management, and network control features under the same console.

IBM Systems Director Enterprise Edition includes all functions of the Standard Edition and enables superior performance and availability management and automated resource deployment and availability management required for a flexible and agile infrastructure.

AIX Enterprise Edition complements Systems Director by linking platform management of AIX workloads with enterprise service management by including all features of Systems Director Enterprise Edition, the Workload Partitions (WPAR) Manager, and shared storage pools through PowerVM.

IBM Power HA is designed to protect business applications from outages of virtually any kind, helping to ensure round-the-clock operations availability for business critical applications.

Power SC ensures security and compliance with common industry security standards.

IBM PureFlex System

IBM PureFlex System provides compute, storage and networking resources in one environment that is both efficient and easy to manage. IBM Flex System components provide an open ecosystem of advanced networking, storage, and virtualization technologies with flexibility for a variety of workloads.


Integration by Design
Deeply integrated compute, storage, and networking resources that can be deployed in hours instead of days.

Built-in Expertise
Automated management and deployment expertise for physical and virtual resources allowing focus on innovation.

Simplified Experience
Optimized flexible configurations to accelerate purchase, deployment and time to value for solution.

IBM PureFlex System Express
Express combines advanced

IBM hardware and systems management software and integrates them in an optimized configuration, which is simple to acquire and deploy in fast time adding value solution. PureFlex System Express configuration is designed for small and medium businesses and is the most affordable and flexible PureFlex System entry point.

IBM PureFlex System Standard
IBM PureFlex System Standard combines advanced IBM hardware and software along with patterns of expertise and integrates them into an optimized configuration that is simple to acquire and deploy to give fast time to value solution. PureFlex System Standard configuration is optimized for application servers with supporting storage and networking and is designed to support key ISV solutions.

IBM PureFlex System Enterprise
IBM PureFlex System Enterprise combines advanced IBM hardwareand systems management software and integrates them in an optimized configuration that is simple to acquire and deploy to give fast time to value solution. Enterprise configuration is optimized for scalable cloud deployments and has built-in redundancy for highly reliable and resilient operation to support critical applications and cloud services.

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