NetSuite ERP Recurring Revenue Management

Maximize the Potential of Your Recurring Revenue Streams

A predictable, recurring revenue stream can make or break a company in today's economy - but to manage it effectively, sales, service and finance must collaborate and work seamlessly.
NetSuite's recurring revenue management solution integrates all of your front- and back-office processes for your subscription-based business. You'll always have a complete, real-time view of your customers and their interactions. Improve customer retention and watch your business grow as existing customers renew and new customers get acquired.


Align the Organization

Unify all stakeholders with one system, from sales and service reps to finance managers and executives.

Improve Customer Acquisition

Attract subscribers by offering tailored subscriptions with the right pricing to meet their specific needs.

Streamline the Process

Take control of recurring processes by automating billing cycles and renewal periods.

Timely Information and Insight

Improve business performance with real-time access to customer churn and other subscription-based metrics.


Flexible Pricing Management

Package and offer the subscription you want based on the type of rates and duration needed.

Subscription Renewal Intelligence

Schedule renewals automatically or set reminders in advance to pursue upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Powerful Billing Logic

Automatically generate and dispatch invoices at recurring intervals on time.

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