NetSuite Demand Planning and ERP Software

NetSuite ERP Demand Planning

NetSuite demand planning capabilities enable best-in-class inventory management and lean business operations. Purchasing and inventory managers can calculate demand based on historical data, sales forecasts, average trends and seasonal fluctuations. NetSuite demand planning gives you full flexibility and control in setting timeframes, preferred stock levels and other parameters, while offering built-in functionality to help you streamline and automate select tasks. Close the loop by generating supply plans, creating and executing purchase and work orders seamlessly.

Demand Planning Engine

Utilize advanced algorithms to calculate demand projections. This includes analyzing historical data, sales forecasts, average trends, and seasonal fluctuations to generate accurate demand forecasts.

Gross Requirements Inquiry

Model expected sales and purchase orders to visualize their impact on future inventory levels. This helps in making informed decisions about inventory management and procurement strategies.

Supply Chain Intelligence with MRP

Leverage Material Requirements Planning (MRP) parameters to calculate a supply plan. This includes forecast consumption, lot sizing methods, and planning time fences to generate recommended purchase and work orders. Additionally, the system provides alerts for rescheduling, cancellations, and changes in demand or supply.

Distribution Resource Planning

Plan inventory levels across multiple locations, including retail outlets, distribution centers, and production facilities. The software facilitates the transfer of stock between these locations to ensure timely fulfillment of orders and optimal inventory levels.

Available to Promise

Gain real-time visibility into item availability. This allows businesses to determine projected ship dates for fulfilling customer orders accurately. By integrating inventory data with order management, businesses can provide reliable delivery estimates to customers.

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